Commentary: The Left and the Rule of Lawlessness

by Thaddeus McCotter


Even as the U.S. Senate appears ready to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Left has already moved on to the next phase of its battle to destroy the rule of law in America: declaring the Supreme Court illegitimate and, thus, that it has no power over them.

Per the Left, an uncorroborated allegation against an individual and their rightfully indignant defense against it render said person unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. In Kavanaugh’s case, whether he is a guilty “gang rapist” or an innocent but “angry partisan,” the Left and some NeverTrumpers believe that no 5-4 decision in which Kavanaugh is part of the majority need be heeded.

You can see this in Senator Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vt.) remarks that the (expected) Kavanaugh confirmation will—magically—“politicize” the court (a risible claim for many reasons, beginning with the court’s history); and, of course, Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), proving again the Left accuses its targets of what the Left is doing: “I have never seen a nominee for any position behave in that manner. Judge Kavanaugh used as much political rhetoric as my Republican colleagues—and what’s more, he went on the attack.”

As with the bogus Steele dossier that was laundered by the Clinton campaign through the Obama Administration to give it the color of “evidence” that could be used to smear Donald Trump and ultimately to delegitimize a duly elected president of the United States, these and other Democratic senators’ opinions were put into the committee’s official record of the proceedings to “justify” the Left’s refusal to follow Supreme Court decisions with which it will disagree.

The Left’s (and some NeverTrumpers) rationalizations for sedition are well underway:

These are but a smattering of those who would usher in the rule of lawlessness and our free republic into anarchy and worse all for their regressive ideology and deluded self-anointed status as our betters. Yet, as you brag about having the seditious courage of your convictions, at least have the decency not to blame Kavanaugh, Trump or anybody . . . blame yourselves.

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The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the “John Batchelor Show.”











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