‘I Stand In Solidarity’: Karen Monahan Tosses Support Behind Juanita Broaddrick

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by Chris White


A woman accusing Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison of assaulting her when the two were in a relationship has come out in support of Juanita Broaddrick, who accused former President Bill Clinton of assault in the 1990s.

Karen Monahan, an activist who claims the Democrat assaulted her during a years-long relationship, tweeted support Sunday morning after Broaddrick demanded an “immediate FBI investigation against @keithellison for his assaults.”

“I am so sorry for what you went through. Thank you for being a voice for women around the country,” Monahan wrote in a Twitter post Sunday morning. “I stand in solidarity with you and survivors all around the world.”

Investigations into Monahan’s accusations are ongoing. Minnesota Democrats’ self-described “independent” investigation into domestic abuse allegations against Ellison is being handled by the party attorney’s legal partner.

Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee and nominee for Minnesota attorney general, has repeatedly denied the accusations. Minneapolis lawyer Susan Ellingstad took over the investigation from the state party’s attorney following Ellison’s primary victory in August. .

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin told the AP they hired Ellingstad to make sure the investigation “wouldn’t be colored by people with associations with the party.”

Broaddrick, meanwhile, has been making the rounds in the media as she continues to harangue Democrats she believes are using the so-called MeToo Movement as a political weapon to harm Republicans.

“Ellison is leading the Democratic party right now,” she told The Daily Caller in a Sept. 27 interview. “He should be kicked out of office. Karen Monahan has 10 times the evidence that Dr. Ford does. Where is her hearing?”

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