Commentary: Two Women Unravel Christine Blasey Ford’s Story

by CHQ Staff


In her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her sometime during the time both were in high school, claimed that the alleged attack knocked her off kilter for four years and that she began to recover memories of the assault during couples therapy sessions that took place in 2012.

We’ve already documented in our article, “Researcher Uncovers Christine Blasey Ford’s ‘Hidden’ 80’s-Era High School Social Life” Christine Blasey Fords dark relationship with alcohol and the commoditization of sex at Holton Arms, her elite all-girls school in suburban Washington, DC.

Now Blasey Ford’s claim that the alleged attack knocked her off kilter for four years has also been debunked by a college friend of hers who tweeted that Blasey Ford continued her partying ways into college.

Denise C. McAllister @McAllisterDen wrote at the beginning of a twitter thread, “Republicans need to stop saying Ford was credible but Kavanaugh is innocent. She cannot be credible with zero evidence. A quivering voice doesn’t equal credibility. Allegation is not proof. Stop being manipulated by a woman’s emotions. You’d think men had learned this by now.”

McAllister further tweeted, “Christine Blasey Ford was a classmate of mine at UNC. We graduated in 1988. I want to ask Christine if she remembers partying at Trolls, drinking at He’s Not Here. Hooking up with guys at Henderson Street. Eating at Time Out. Remember those days, Christine? Tell us about them.”

And, “Why do I ask Christine if she partied and slept around? Not to say she deserved to be assaulted because of her own behavior. No, I ask because when you have no evidence, character matters regarding truth. We’re examining Kavanaugh’s character. We need to examine her’s. Period.”

And later, “…Even her emotions didn’t ring true. I don’t know why people don’t see it. But we do live in an age when people are unable to determine the difference between fantasy and reality. We’re entertaining ourselves into stupidity.”

And most recently, “Ford changed the date of the assault from mid-80s when she was at Chapel Hill to early 80s when Kavanaugh was in high school and [Mark] Judge worked at Safeway. I think she slipped when she said the assault affected her grades at UNC. More likely the alleged assault happened then.”

McAllister then directed her Twitter followers to this Twitter thread by @ProfMJCleveland Prof. Margot Cleveland:

THREAD:  Let me ask you something.  If a woman came forward and said that she was sexually assaulted in the summer of 1982 when she was 15 by one boy, with a second in the room egging her on, and to corroborate her claim she pointed to small portions of notes from a therapist 1/

2/ which said that she described a “rape attempt” in her LATE teens that involved 4 boys AND in her first text describing the attempted rape, the women said it happened in the mid-80s, what would you think?  That the notes did NOT corroborate her account.  (Supporting image here) But Ford has tricked…

3/ everyone into ignoring the differences in dates (82 is not MID-80s) and age (15 is not LATE-teens) and to assume that Ford was telling her therapist about the supposed Kavanaugh attempt.  BUT in her handwritten note before the polygraph she crossed out “early” before 80s. WHY? (Supporting image here)

4/ Well Ford testified she later figured out that it was summer of 1982 b/c she knew she wasn’t driving at the time and always drove once she got her license.  (BUT how since she doesn’t know how she got home?) BUT why would she go into detail with therapist and convey late-teens (Supporting image here)

5/  And two things bothered me about Ford’s testimony (well more than two but two things the connect up to this point).  Ford DWELLED on the Safeway connection and Mark Ford.  So much so that she raised it in a portion that made no sense and was forced.  She was asked if her note (Supporting image here)

6/ to Feinstein was accurate & corrected two things and then said oh, but look, I ran into Mark Judge at Safeway about 6 – 8 weeks AFTER attack and you can look at when he worked there to narrow down the date of the attack.  Now that made no sense to me.  Had a couple threads on

7/ that earlier.  HOW would that narrow it down.  She KNEW (supposedly) it was in summer of 82 and Mark Judge would have presumably worked at the store for some time so how would you know which day she ran into him.  And then 6 – 8 weeks back?  Come on, that doesn’t help AT. ALL.

8/ Since w/o an actual date no one can figure anything out any better than early summer which is what she had seemed to say.  And then she bothered to tell that whole story about going in a separate door than her mom.  Why?  So mom couldn’t confirm.  AND she mentioned Safeway

9/ not once as a way to figure out the date BUT 5 TIMES!  And 2 Dems picked up on her point too.  WHY?  Not too narrow the time frame down–wouldn’t really do that.  BUT to seem to corroborate her testimony that the attack happened in 1982 when she was 15, by 1 boy & 1 bystander. 9/ not once as a way to figure out the date BUT 5 TIMES!  And 2 Dems picked up on her point too.  WHY?  Not too narrow the time frame down–wouldn’t really do that.  BUT to seem to corroborate her testimony that the attack happened in 1982 when she was 15, by 1 boy & 1 bystander. (Supporting image here)

10/ AND not in the mid-80s when she was in her late teens by 4 boys as the actual therapist’s records say!  And how would Ford know that tying Mark Judge to working at the grocery store would set time in summer of 1982? (Supporting image here)

11/  His book said so!  So now everyone is focused on Safeway and when Mark Judge worked there.  And when it comes back 3 weeks in July or August of 1982, everyone will be walking 6-8 weeks backwards from there and ignoring conflict in therapist’s records.  Don’t believe me? (Supporting image here) Look

12/ how Ford’s Safeway testimony has been reported: Judge’s book validates Ford’s timeline!  BUT Ford’s attorneys refused to turn over therapist’s records which record what Ford told therapist and that was attack in mid-80s when in her late teens & 4 boys! (Supporting image here)

13/ And that timeline makes more sense with what Ford said in her testimony:  That the worst part was the first 4 years after the attack.  And what did she mention then?  Her time at college!  NOT her junior and senior years in high school!!  (Supporting image here) Which brings me to the second point

14/ that connects up and that bothered me.  Ford had gone to her therapist’s office to get copies of her records BEFORE contacting the Washington Post to see if what she said was recorded in there.  But Ford said she was only concerned re Kavanaugh in early July & texted Washing.

15/ post on July 6 when she PHYSICALLY had copies of her records after going to office to get.  Why?  To see what the records said!  But what else is in the records, we don’t know.  What we do know that is in there is much different than her current claim.  (Supporting document here) Records say: late teen

16/ by 4 boys.  Ford says: 15 by 1 boy & 1 bystander.  Apparently, that’s close enough for government work, when you’re a Democrat!  But no one is really focusing on this disparate but instead asking if Safeway had one or two doors in 1982! (It had 2-I’ve confirmed w/ sources).

17/ Ford’s been Gaslighting America!  “Oh, look Safeway, Mark Judge worked there in 1982 and that was 6 – 8 weeks after Kavanaugh attempted to rape me…”  And the hounds are chasing the red herring and accepting as fact that attack she spoke of in therapy occurred in 1982 even

18/ though the therapist’s notes do NOT support her claim.   FBI needs to find out when Ford picked up docs at therapists and then GET. THE. DAMN. THERAPIST’S. RECORDS.














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