Sen. Lamar Alexander Tells Tennessee Star Report Vote on Kavanaugh Will Be Held This Week

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – the men talked with Senator Lamar Alexander about getting the vote finalized after a seventh FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh is completed so that they can confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

“Well, Senator McConnell is determined to have the vote this week so we’ll get the FBI look at Judge Kavanaugh over the last 26 years.  We’ll see if it says what it said before.  We’ll have a day or two to read it, and then we’ll vote.  And so yes, I believe a vote will be this week sometime, maybe Friday or Saturday, but it will be this week,” Alexander said.

At the beginning of the segment, Alexander commented in dismay regarding the issue of fairness and how the destruction of Kavanaugh’s reputation, which was excellent up until only ten days ago, has effected the nominee.

“What people are overlooking is Judge Kavanaugh has been subjected to six background checks over the last 26 years in connection with the various federal positions he has.  And those background checks are extensive. The FBI goes in and says do you know Steve Gill? What do you think about Steve Gill? And ask a hundred questions about Steve Gill.  I mean they ask questions like, “Does he live beyond his means? I know when i was going through the process, one of my friends answered, “Well don’t we all!”  And but there are all sorts of questions and it picks up all sorts of rumors, all sorts of hearsay.  So, what’s different today is suddenly all this stuff is in the social media within seconds and people tend to believe it.”  

He went on to reflect upon the most serious epidemic opioid crisis the country has seen, and said that this problem needs to be handled in every community, family and doctors’ office.  He urged that we need to work to create a non-addictive pain medicine alternative.  

“We’ve got proposals from 72 different senators, everything from stopping fentanyl at the border from coming through the mail, this is stuff that is fifty times more powerful than opioid pills.  There’s been a 70 percent increase in deaths from fentanyl to trying to find a non addictive pain medicine.  You know there are lots of people that listen to you right now who live with pain.  And they need something.  And we need to find something that’s not addicting.”  

Alexander concluded with his take on the recent revision to the NAFTA deal, and how the dynamics have changed with Canada and Mexico.  He stressed that he was looking for the deal to get rid of the steel and aluminum tariffs between both countries.  He was encouraged by President Trump’s ability to bring North and South Korea together and that perhaps folks should start watching their TV with split screens in order to see the real picture.

Listen to the full segment:

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