Corker Predicts Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed to SCOTUS

U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) said he thinks Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

The Hill reported on Corker’s statement Wednesday. Corker said on Tuesday evening that he is confident Senate Republicans will have enough votes to confirm Kavanaugh by “no later than Saturday.”

Corker also accused Democrats of having “overplayed their hand” in leveling accusations of sexual misconduct and assault by several women and demanding an FBI investigation.

The Senate had previously been scheduled to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination but the Republican majority on Friday agreed to a demand from some members to delay the vote by one week to give the FBI more time to investigate the accusations.

“Cloture may be filed tomorrow … it feels to me like the FBI reports could come in as early as tomorrow, maybe Thursday … my guess is we’re going to vote no later than Saturday,” Corker said in an interview. He said he had spoken to his colleagues about the matter.

Corker is retiring from the Senate. Running for his seat are U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) and Democratic former Governor Phil Bredesen. Blackburn has been criticizing her opponent for staying silent on whether he would support Kavanaugh.

Blackburn said recently, “Tennesseans are very clear: they want their next senator to confirm good constitutionalist judges and justices, and they support Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Phil Bredesen, under Chuck Schumer’s direction, has stayed neutral as long as he can. He won’t tell Tennesseans how he’d vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination because his past record of shredding evidence of sexual harassment is too shameful and embarrassing to take a stand. And Chuck Schumer, who has bought and paid for Phil Bredesen’s campaign won’t let him support Judge Kavanaugh. Eighty-five days is more than enough, Phil Bredesen should be honest with Tennesseans – that’s what leaders do.”

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One Thought to “Corker Predicts Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed to SCOTUS”

  1. Shirley H Greer

    Which group has been the loudest defenders of Judge Kavanaugh…MOMS. Mothers who have sacrificed to bring their sons into the world, to nurture, educate, and raise them to be good students, brothers, husbands, fathers and responsible citizens. If a good man who has lived his adult live in the public eye without a complaint can be destroyed for political reasons without any evidence, then we’ve reached a dangerous moment in American History. Ritual defamation is the latest and vilest campaign of the Democrat Party. This is even a more painful method of public torture and execution.