Commentary: Democrats Must Pay for Treating Americans Like Addle Brained Idiots

by Jeffrey A. Rendall


How dumb do they think we are?

Plenty, if you’re human and have been paying attention of late. The “they” in the question above refers to members of the Democrat Party, a conglomeration of self-interested politicians and leftist interest groups h–l-bent on the destruction of American decorum and time-honored traditions (such as the presumption of innocence and due process). If you listened to Democrats Brett Kavanaugh’s uncorroborated high school behavior is not only grounds for denying him a seat on the United States Supreme Court, he should also be tossed in the pokey for perjury.

If a person carrying a grudge from everyone’s past were to come forward making histrionic claims (about something one did almost four decades ago) it’s safe to say no one would be eligible for consideration in the Democrats’ minds…unless you’re a member of their party of course. A host of Democrats past and present have pending weighty accusations against them yet nothing seems to bother Democrat supporters when it comes time to vote.

That’s the price they pay for defending Teddy Kennedy and big Bubba Bill Clinton (among others) all those years ago. Perhaps the same could now be argued for Republicans and Donald Trump, though Trump’s in-office deportment has been nothing short of boy scout-worthy (at least pertaining to treatment of the fairer sex).

Now that it appears the Kavanaugh matter is practically concluded it’s time to examine how the Democrats’ collective hissy fit and hideous character assassination ploy might play out with the electorate. Viewership statistics show America is tuned-in to every word of the Senate Judiciary Committee these days…but what do ordinary folks really think?

Democrats say women are turned off by the Republicans’ defense of white males and will therefore flock to the big blue meanie party next month on Election Day. But is that true? No chance, argues Julie Kelly at American Greatness. Kelly wrote this week, “A bungled political assassination attempt on Brett Kavanaugh will cost the Democrats more than a seat on the Supreme Court: The party might also have killed its edge with suburban women just weeks before the pivotal midterm elections. The near-unanimous reaction to this travesty among my fellow suburban moms is unlike anything I’ve seen in the Trump era.

“Until now, Democrats have been confident that women living in the suburbs would propel the much-vaunted ‘blue wave’ this fall because President Trump remains unpopular with this traditionally Republican constituency. Polling conducted over the summer indicated suburban women had a strong preference for Democratic candidates over their Republican opponents. Several vulnerable Republican-held congressional districts are located in suburban areas.

“But Democrats have overplayed their dirty hand, and women might exact their revenge in November. Republican women are outraged at Democrats and their media accomplices for what they’ve done to Brett Kavanaugh and his family. One poll taken right after Kavanaugh’s testimony showed 71 percent of Republican women believed Kavanaugh was telling the truth. In a Morning Consult poll released late Monday, 58 percent of Republican women described Dr. Christine Ford as ‘opportunistic.’ Republican women are the only voters whose support for Kavanaugh’s nomination has increased post-hearing.”

Yes, Kelly was only talking about Republican women in her piece, but since every political guru or pundit says conservative/moderate females are the key to this year’s midterms — especially in those so-called “swing” districts that went for Hillary Clinton yet still sent a GOPer to the House of Representatives – any change in this group’s preferences is noteworthy and could be crucial. These are the two X chromosome beings who purportedly don’t like President Trump’s “tone” and unpresidential behavior.

According to the establishment’s “experts” these Republican women reportedly think Trump’s Twitter habit trumps all the positive things he’s done since his swearing in, like pushing tax and regulatory reform, clearing the federal government out of the way for vastly increased energy production, negotiating new and pro-American trade deals with Canada and Mexico, demanding NATO members pay their fair share for their own defense, defusing the tension on the Korean Peninsula, nominating Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Antonin Scalia, moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem… and the list goes on and on and on.

If you listen only to the media you’d think this one demographic group considers Trump a bully, an uncouth tyrant slob who must be obstructed at all costs. One of the means of accomplishing that goal would be to support Democrats – the same ones who ignore the legal system’s presumption of innocence and plan to vote down Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The problem is the Democrats’ strategy isn’t quite working the way they’d envisioned it (as the above survey indicates).

In her piece Kelly includes anecdotal snippets of conversations she’s had with women who fit the suburban Republican woman description (including some who refused to vote for Trump in 2016). To the last Kelly’s friends are offended that Democrats believe women are so blind and biased against men that they’d cast out Kavanaugh based on flimsy uncorroborated charges from generations ago. As has been mentioned a lot lately, these women have sons, brothers and husbands who could just as easily be in Kavanaugh’s shoes someday. Is that a fate anywoman wants for the males in their own hemisphere?

Most non-Democrat folks are empathetic creatures – and sympathy goes both ways. Even the most hardened pro-Kavanaugh conservative would admit Christine Blasey Ford seemed to be telling the truth about having experienced some sort of traumatic experience in her past. That’s what the TV commentators were talking about in calling her a “credible” witness. In Ford’s case, what Republicans and conservatives don’t accept is the knee-jerk presumption of guilt – because she can’t remember anything that would tie Kavanaugh to the assault.

Add the fact 53-year-old men should not be judged on alleged actions that occurred during their teen years and you’ve got a conundrum that isn’t difficult to solve. The now infamous FBI report the Democrats sought didn’t change the equation one bit – no one Ford named as a potential witness to the incident has any recollection of it or the people mentioned to be involved.

Democrats’ slobbering over how “brave” Ford was in coming forward only made their problem worse. Okay, we’ll concede – it takes a boatload of courage to be paraded before the public based on a story no one backs up or remotely remembers. Having Ford sit before the Judiciary Committee and admit she doesn’t know anything about what she’s talking about must’ve been truly gut-wrenching for the woman. You can’t help but feel for her – she was being used as tire tread by Democrats in their search and destroy vehicle. Democrats will soon toss her wilted body to the side when she’s worn out her usefulness too — wait and see.

That won’t be fun.

The crazy scenario surrounding this whole inquisition also made Ford appear airheaded and addlebrained. The fact she bolstered her tale with a polygraph test meant nothing, especially since she apparently knew in advance how to take one (and once even coached someone else on how to do it) and it was still chock full of inconsistencies.

Women with real life experience hear this superfluous Democrat noise and it’s only natural to ponder whether they’re being manipulated in a similar fashion to Blasey Ford. Why vote for a member of a party that’s so sure about being right on this subject when everyone else is scratching their heads in doubt or busy digging deeper for the truth?

If Republicans needed an issue to rouse their slumbering masses, they got one. Conservatives are furious over the Democrats’ character sliming, emotion that won’t fade before November 6. Rick Moran wrote at PJ Media, “[The] ‘blue wave’ is at ebb tide thanks to the extraordinary combination of Democrats overplaying their hand and the hysterical, unbalanced, and unfair tactics of their partisans. Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducted [a] poll, said, ‘The result of hearings, at least in short run, is the Republican base was awakened.’

“’While Democrats and Republicans are now equally enthusiastic about the midterms, the story is very different for key Democratic base groups and independents. While 82 percent of Democrats say the midterms are very important, that’s true of just 60 percent of people under 30, 61 percent of Latinos and 65 percent of independents.’

“This is even more significant than the ‘enthusiasm gap,’ which has now closed. These are the voters that Democrats are counting on to bring them a congressional majority. That they are significantly less turned on by the election is not surprising. Historically, these groups have failed to turn out for midterm elections, despite numerous predictions to the contrary.”

You mean young people aren’t flocking to the Democrat standard after party senators made a spectacle of underaged drinking and waxed over nicknames for farts? Again, how dumb do they think we are?

Conventional political wisdom suggests people care about kitchen table issues that impact voters the most. When it comes down to it, suburban Republican women – and everyone else – want to know how a potential change in political party leadership would impact their own lives. That’s where policies enter the picture.

They ask…will voting Democrat help the economy? No. Will voting Democrat make us more secure in our homes and abroad? No. Will voting Democrat help with pocketbook issues (like making the tax cuts permanent)? No. Will voting Democrat solve the illegal immigration crisis? No. Will voting Democrat offset President Trump’s worst traits (like Twitter) while allowing him room to continue on with the positive things that are happening all around us in America today? Emphatic no!

Democrats and the media are guilty of constantly dumbing down the voters to support the impression everyone in certain demographic categories or subgroups all think alike. The Blasey Ford/Kavanaugh matter is a perfect example of the phenomenon…they argue because all Judiciary Committee Republicans are white men with gray or graying hair it’s assumed they’re biased in favor of Kavanaugh and therefore incapable of reaching fair conclusions, right?

Meanwhile Democrats offer several women and “brown” senators quizzing the nominee about his past — and “average” women should instantly be wowed by topics brought up by a fellow female or a person who might’ve felt oppressed by the majority. Just like all women instinctively desire to defend a “woman’s right to choose” and traipse around with “Save Roe v. Wade” buttons permanently affixed to their clothing.

Again, people aren’t dumb. Many aren’t overly informed but they’re still smart enough to appreciate when they’re being maneuvered by con men (and women). If Kavanaugh were voted down the Democrats win – and the same thing would befall the next Trump nominee too.

The media is complicit in the Democrats’ deception, though they’d never cop to it. Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review, “Democratic senators who announced they would never vote for Kavanaugh under any circumstance keep getting asked if the FBI investigation they demanded will be ‘enough for them.’ Enough for what? To still vote no? I’m not criticizing the Democrats themselves — though I obviously could — I’m criticizing the people who interview these senators. Time and again, these journalists interview the Democrats as if they were open-minded about this investigation when in every breath they insist that the investigation will be illegitimate if it doesn’t prove what they want it to prove…

“On nearly every question and issue, the tenor of the press — shockingly — mirrors the tenor of the Democrats who insist that it falls to Kavanaugh to disprove these allegations. That is an understandable (albeit morally grotesque) position for partisan Democrats who’ve made it clear they will do whatever it takes, again, as Chuck Schumer admitted, to block Kavanaugh.

“But that’s not your job, you supposedly objective journalists. You should care every bit as much about disprovingthe allegations of Swetnick, Ramirez, and — yes — Ford as proving them. Your job — as you’ve said countless times, preening in your heroic martyr status in the age of Trump — is to report the facts…”

Facts don’t matter much in the post-Obama era where politically correct thought police disavow any opinions or lines of thought that aren’t compatible with the emerging wisdom from academia and elite cultural enclaves on both coasts. Conservative ideas (like innocence until proven guilty or the right to a fair hearing) aren’t welcome in these glitzy ruling class holes – and the media, as Goldberg pointed out, is far more preoccupied with viewer/reader-attracting sleaze elements than demonstrating the popular liberal narrative is not accurate.

Believe all survivors!” the leftist goons shouted at Senator Ted Cruz and wife Heidi as they exited a restaurant rather than endure further haranguing from activists on a mission. Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters said to make all Trump supporters feel unwelcome wherever they’re found. So far, the leftist frontline forces – and the media – are taking it all to heart.

So yes, Democrats really do think we’re that dumb. They’ve turned a once mundane but fair “advice and consent” process into a political sideshow that’s got men everywhere terrified of juvenile sins that might crop up now. We shouldn’t ever have to worry about what’s in a high school yearbook, should we? For this, Democrats must be made to pay at the ballot box.

















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One Thought to “Commentary: Democrats Must Pay for Treating Americans Like Addle Brained Idiots”

  1. Ralph

    If we are to believe Dr. Ford, at least in part, Sen. Diane Feinstein was entrusted with Dr. Ford’s letter in full confidence. Whether Sen. Feinstein’s office had deliberately leaked the document or not, it was still entrusted to that office’s care, and it failed to honor that confidence. Moreover, Sen. Feinstein withheld the information until the 11th hour, only after the Demonrats could not fault Justice Kavanaugh on his merit.

    Censure, if not expulsion, is called for. To wit:

    “The Senate has censured nine of its members between 1811 and 1990 for transgressions ranging from breach of confidentiality to fighting in the Senate chamber and more generally for “conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute.””

    And if not turning the confirmation hearings into a clown show, then what other conduct is required that would constitute “dishonor and disrepute”? Many of the Demonrat Senators could be censured on that basis alone.

    Are we that dumb? Well, perhaps not, but how does cowardly sound?