Pro-Trump PAC Releases Ad Blasting Phil Bredesen

Members of a Pro-Donald Trump Super PAC have released an ad warning that Democrat Phil Bredesen will help raise federal taxes and assist liberal politicians if Tennessee voters make him a U.S. senator.

In the ad, The Committee to Defend the President also described Bredesen’s commitments to Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The PAC previously described how Bredesen donated to U.S. Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker of New Jersey.

As for the ad, it tells the state’s voters that “Tennessee’s future is prosperous and protected” especially with a booming economy and a secure border.

“Liberal Phil Bredesen would undo it all, raising taxes and leaving us undefended,” according to the ad.

“It’s not surprising. Bredesen has been supporting D.C. liberals for years, giving hundreds of thousands to bankroll their campaigns, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

The ad concludes by warning voters not to let Bredesen “rewind all of Trump’s accomplishments.”

As the PAC already reported, Bredesen gave vast sums of his wealth to the most left-wing Democrats in America, including Obama, Clinton, and U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis.

According to the PAC’s research, Bredesen donated exactly $460,691.11 to Democratic Party interests from 1987 through 2014.

PAC Committee spokeswoman Amanda Head called Bredesen “a left-wing Democrat” with a long history of donations to other far-left Democrats.

Bredesen, for instance, donated extensively to Bill Clinton and Al Gore and other Democratic Party interests in Virginia, Florida Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio, records show.

Bredesen also donated $63,700 to the Democratic National Committee, according to the Committee to Defend the President.

He also made the following donations, according to the PAC’s other findings:

• Cory Booker for Senate: $500

• Karl Dean (in 2017): $2,500

• Hillary for America: $2,700

• Hillary Victory Fund: $33,400

• Obama for America: $5,000

• Obama Victory Fund 2012: $30,000

• A 1988 Democratic Victory Luncheon (when the party’s presidential nominee that year was Michael Dukakis): $500

Bredesen gave $1,000 to current Democrat U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, in his failed 1996 campaign to get the seat he eventually won in 2006.

The Committee to Defend the President identifies itself as a “pro-Trump super PAC and a Blackburn supporter from the start.”

According to a press release, which The Tennessee Star reported, members of the PAC will file an estimated independent expenditure report detailing their involvement in the Tennessee race.

“In total, the Committee has invested more than $912,000 to oppose Phil Bredesen’s candidacy, including $400,000 in TV advertising buys, $300,000 in a comprehensive digital program, and $160,000 in an aggressive door-to-door campaign, among other expenditures,” the press release said.

“This is all on top of $175,000 in non-IE spending, which covers polling data, opposition research, and other critical items—and having raised more than $50,000 in new contributions for the Blackburn campaign, as well as a max-out $10,000 direct contribution.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]







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