On WKRN’s This Week With Bob Mueller, Steve Gill Says ‘Phil Bredesen Is Not A Centrist’

Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill  was a guest on WKRN’s This Week With Bob Mueller and chatted with Bob about how Phil Bredesen would vote if elected to the Senate and how contrary to popular belief, he was not a “centrist.”

Gill commented, “I don’t believe Phil Bredesen at all.  I want Dr. Ford’s team to polygraph him on this because I don’t believe that if he was actually there he would cast his vote.  Only one Democrat Joe Manchin is thinking about.  I don’t think that you would have Phil Bredesen go against the whole grain of the Democratic party if he was actually there.  And I think the real test is not what people believe Phil Bredesen would do in this case, it’s hogwash, but it’s what he would do in the next one.”

Gill questioned whether people are paying attention to the news as Phil Bredesen has planned to head to New York City to meet with Michael  Bloomberg who will help raise him a lot of money and wondered how folks can believe, that if he becomes Senator, will actually vote for their Tennessee values.

“He’s donated half a million dollars to the most liberal extremists in the US Congress. Tom Steyr who’s running a hundred-million-dollar campaign to impeach Donald Trump has donated to Phil Bredesen, not because he’s going to be a centrist. And Chuck Schumer has put 3.5 to 4 million dollars attacking Marsha Blackburn to try and get Phil Bredesen there attacking Marsha on an opioid bill that Chuck Schumer voted for and passed unanimously in the House and Senate.  Phil is not a “centrist“, reiterated Gill.

As the conversation continued, Gill was easily convinced that Phil Bredesen would go on to follow Chuck Schumer and do whatever Schumer tells him to do.  The guests deliberated in closing about how the real votes will come from women and in specific suburban women.   Mueller referenced the hearings as a “circus”, while Gill agreed but noted how Dr. Ford was treated with respect and how Judge Kavanaugh was instead subject to a smear campaign.   In closing, Gill believes the next nominee round will be worse than Kavanaugh’s.

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One Thought to “On WKRN’s This Week With Bob Mueller, Steve Gill Says ‘Phil Bredesen Is Not A Centrist’”

  1. William R. Delzell

    That’s right. He’s not a centrist; he’s Blackburn/Republican lite!