On Todd Starnes Show, Steve Gill Talks About ‘Fibber Phil’ Bredesen’s True Intentions Uncovered in Project Veritas Video

Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill was a guest on the Todd Starnes Show this week and chatted with Todd about “Fibber” Phil Bredesen’s false intent of voting for Kavanaugh in order to win the Senate race here in Tennessee.  They continued the discussion regarding Project Verata’s recent visit to the Bredesen campaign headquarters and uncovering his campaign staff’s admission to Bredesen’s true feelings about Trump and the found and unknown intention of running as a “one and done” Senator in order to put Schumer and the Democrats into power.

Gill continued,  “I wanted at the time to put one of those dog shock collars around Phil Bredesen’s neck and have him on a polygraph and ask him about his announcement that he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a justice to the supreme court.  I don’t think he would have taken that lie detector test and been held to that standard.

“Thankfully, Project Veritas went out with an undercover reporter and caught on video tape, staffers at the Bredesen headquarters talking about the fact that ‘No he didn’t mean that, it’s just politics, he’s just saying that.  He’ll be a hundred percent with the Democrats.  He hates Trump.’  I mean, it’s literally four and a half minutes of exposing the truth that we’ve been talking about Phil Bredesen but putting it into the mouths of his own campaign staffers.  And the whole four minute video and the transcript is at TennesseeStar.com thanks to the folks at Project Veritas.”

The conversation continued about how “Fibber” Phil contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Hillary’s campaign in 2016 and his lack of condemnation as she technically called for a civil war.  He also noted that an even bigger issue uncovered by Project Veritas was that Bredesen has the intention of being a “one and done” Senator so that he can support Chuck Schumer, block President Trump, and then leave.

“You know we’ve played with ‘Phillary,’ because this is a guy that gave forty-four thousand dollars to elect Hillary Clinton who of course was preaching lack of civility yesterday.  Phil Bredesen hasn’t condemned that.  He’s also been called ‘Phony Phil’ by some.  But at The Tennessee Star we’ve decided to stick with ‘Fibber Phil ‘ although based on this video tape, I think it’s more than fibs when your out there saying affirmatively, you would have voted for Brett Kavanaugh when everybody on your staff knows its not true.  And to breakdown some breaking news for you Todd, one of the other things that is said in this video tape by one of the staffers as their trying to explain why oh Phil’s going to go be a good Democrat.

“One hundred percent aligned with Schumer and the rest of the loony tunes we’ve seen on parade.  One of the things that one of these staffer said was ‘He’s not going to run for re-election, so he can do whatever he wants basically after he gets elected.’

“Well the fact that Phil Bredesen is apparently running as a one-and-done Senator isn’t something that has broken into the news here.  He hasn’t talked about it, he hasn’t said it.  But apparently inside the Bredesen headquarters they know that he’s just going to run, get the job if he’s successful, put Chuck  Schumer in charge of the Spartacus Bookers’ and the Elizabeth Warrens and the rest of the people on parade last week.  Put them in charge, block President Trump and then he’s going to get the heck out of dodge.”

In addition to the news that Phil Bredesen’s intention to be a one term Senator, Gill discussed Taylor Swift’s recent endorsement for Bredesen and how that actually played out in favor of Marsha Blackburn.  Another revelation that came from the Project Veritas video proved that the campaign has actually realized there is a gap in the race for Tennessee’s Senate seat and therefore Bredesen, created a calculated attempt of winning over moderate Republicans, said that he would vote for Kavanaugh.

“Well so far, Marsha’s been able just to “shake it off” with the Taylor Swift endorsement.  Taylor Swift goes and performs and receives an award at the American Music Awards and they receive there like, lowest ratings they’ve had in years about 29% below, so it’s not necessarily playing as she plays in the political game.  But what’s interesting is in this video tape again at TenneseeeStar.com thanks to Project Veritas, and I think Sean Hannity’s going to be covering this tonight as well on Fox News.

“One of the things that one of these staffers points out is that they’ve seen a gap growing between Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen, and that Phil was saying he would have voted for Kavanaugh to try and close that gap feeling like he’s not going to loose the Democrats who will vote for any Democrat, but he might pull some of those moderate Republicans over and fool them just past election day.  So their seeing internal polls apparently at the Bredesen campaign that shows Marsha not only moving into a lead but apparently widening the lead which is why he felt he had to come out and do this bogus claim that he would have voted to confirm Kavanaugh.”

As the show came to a close, Steve Gill was disturbed by the the left’s continuous call for violence, and most recently how Mt. Juliet resident and ex-Senator, Mae Beavers was harassed for having a Trump bumper sticker on her car.  He compared the left for their recent calls to violence both by Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and most recently by Hillary Clinton as by definition, acts of terrorism.  He went on to define the term terrorism as defined by Websters dictionary and Dictionary.com:

Definition of Terrorism by Merriam-Webster: 1 : the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion. 2 : violent and intimidating gang activity street terrorism

Definition of Terrorism by Dictionary.com:  1 : the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.  2: the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.  3 : a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

In closing Gill was certain that the Democrats are practicing terrorism in broad view and that they should be put on the “no fly list.”

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