Steve Cohen Takes Personal Jabs at Marsha Blackburn on Al Sharpton Show

U.S. Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) went on MSNBC recently to personally disparage U.S. Senate Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn as someone who lacks the capacity to think for herself.

During his appearance, Cohen also stressed the importance of honor and integrity with Sharpton, of all people.

Sharpton hosted Cohen on his MSNBC talk show PoliticsNation.

Cohen, who has knocked Republicans for supposedly mistreating women, recently said Blackburn should jump off the Harahan Bridge in Memphis.

Rep. Cohen said Blackburn’s Democratic opponent Phil Bredesen, is “light years beyond” her.

“Blackburn would put us back into an anti-diluvian period,” Cohen said.

“She described herself from one of her first ads as proudly a knuckle-dragging creature from the past. She has total fealty to Trump and no individual unique thoughts that will help us in our country.”

As The Tennessee Star reported, the Brett Kavanaugh U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearings prompted Cohen to take to the floor of the House of Representatives. While there he delivered a fiery speech against Republicans and their supposed problems with the #MeToo Movement and respecting women.

During his PoliticsNation appearance, Cohen called now U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh “a flawed candidate who perjured himself before the United States Congress.”

Sharpton — who helped a teenage girl falsely accuse a man of rape 30 years ago, according to — mentioned how the Kavanaugh nomination and allegations of sexual assault could help turn out more female voters to elect Democrats.

The allegations against Kavanaugh, though, were uncorroborated.

“Are we going to see a right-wing backlash, or are we going to see women and others become so outraged with the confirmation it will increase the already predicted blue wave?” Sharpton asked.

Cohen said Democrats can get out their voter base. Cohen then took an opportunity to personally malign President Donald Trump.

“Democrats have to work hard to emphasize jobs, health care, education, and cleaning up a culture of corruption in Washington, D.C. and the need to do that in the Senate and the need to do that in the House and have oversight of this president who has been a total con job his whole life,” Cohen said.

Speaking of integrity, this past summer Cohen told now-disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok he deserved a Purple Heart.

Cohen assured viewers he’ll do his part to get out the Democratic base in Memphis.

“I’ll be on the radio, and I’ll be on in the churches,” Cohen told Sharpton.

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6 Thoughts to “Steve Cohen Takes Personal Jabs at Marsha Blackburn on Al Sharpton Show”

  1. […] As reported last week, Cohen has knocked Republicans for supposedly mistreating women during the confirmation hearings for now U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. […]

  2. Josh Read

    Rev Twanna Brawley and Congressman Steve Cocaine the adulterous Twitter Flirting denier are just the two perfect guys to be discussing support of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. Makes you wonder if we’ve reached the bottom yet.

  3. Mark

    I guess you guys didn’t watch the debate! She showed zero policy ideas and was only a talking point machine. She is totally dishonest and without anything intelligent to say.

  4. Rooster

    Luckily, most of us in the Memphis area know who Cohen is. Therefore, his words don’t carry much weight. We all know he is, at best, a con artist. He usually says anything that will get him elected and then does nothing. Not that that’s a bad thing. I don’t think he has ever had a good idea so I would be far more scared if he were trying to do anything.

  5. TeeCee

    Dumb & dumber!

  6. Rick

    Now there are two mental giants! I don’t know if their combined IQ could even be measured. Do the scales go that low?