Marsha Blackburn Warns Gun Enthusiasts about Phil Bredesen

CHRISTIANA, Tennessee —”There are clear differences between me and Phil Bredesen,” Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07)., the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate, told a crowd of about 200 supporters who gathered at the Outpost Armory here in Christiana on Monday.

Blackburn reminded everyone that 22 days remain before the election.

“Chuck Schumer has said his number one recruit is Phil Bredesen.

Tennesseans, Blackburn went on to say, want constitutional judges “who will not legislate from the bench.”

Bredesen, she added, will get things wrong every time when it comes to picking judges.

“We saw what happened with his (Brett) Kavanaugh decision. It took him 88 days after the vote was called. Then what did he say? I would have voted yes,” Blackburn said.

“After he put his finger in the wind and saw where it was blowing he made his decision. I will get these decisions right every single time.”

The National Rifle Association has endorsed Blackburn and given her an A rating. Bredesen, meanwhile, has a D rating, Blackburn said.

Campaign workers for U.S. Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen hope to sway rural and moderate Republicans into switching sides and voting for him, according to the undercover Project Veritas videos released last week.

Signal Mountain resident R.C. Helton told The Tennessee Star he knows a lot of rural folks. Based on what they tell him, Helton said Bredesen won’t succeed.

Helton came to the Outpost Armory Monday in Christiana to hear Bredesen’s Republican opponent Marsha Blackburn.

“I can tell you the folks in the rural communities, from my conversations with many people, they are very pro-Second Amendment and limited government,” Helton said.

“From what I heard from Congresswoman Blackburn today, she has indicated she is as well. I don’t think the people I know will buy what Bredesen says about being a moderate. I have no fear Bredesen will get this election.”

Dave Conover of Murfreesboro, who also came to hear Blackburn speak, said members of the mainstream media don’t do enough, if anything, to tie Bredesen to U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York.

“More than likely the mainstream media tries to keep that hidden because of a liberal bias,” Conover said.

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