The Tennessee Star Report Interview: TN GOP Chair Scott Golden Weighs in on How Chuck Schumer is Helping Phil Bredesen

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On Monday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – the duo talked to TN GOP Chair, Scott Golden about the Bredesen campaign, who’s funding it, and what side Bredesen will really be on if elected to the US Senate.

The interview began with a discussion of The Tennessee Star story on the Tennessee Democratic Party’s influx of $1 million for Chuck Schumer’s Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.  They further discussed how Bredesen is running on the message that he’s not aligned with the Democratic party, although his staffers have been paid through the Democratic Party of Tennessee via Washington, D.C. and say otherwise in the recent undercover Project Veritas video.

Gill:  Scott, good to have you with us.

Golden:  Steve, thank you, thank you for having me.

Gill:  A couple of big stories this morning that we’ve been talking a little bit about that I know have captured your interest.  While the Bredesen campaign has been claiming that their gonna, if Phil Bredesen’s elected to the US Senate he’s going to go work with President Trump and work  across the aisle with Republicans and be a moderate centrist Senator representing Tennessee values.  And that he’s not aligned with Chuck Schumer and those crazy-wacko Democrats in the Senate at all.  We find, we’ve got a new story up at today that Phil Bredesen is benefiting from a million dollar dump into the Tennessee Democratic party to pay for sixty one Bredesen campaign workers including some of those who were featured in that Project Veritas video saying that Phil Bredesen lied when he said how he would have voted on Brett Kavanaugh.  What impact do you think this has on the Tennessee Senate Race?

Golden:  Well I think it’s just further evidence of what we have been saying all along.  Which is, this race comes down to which side do you want to control the Senate in Washington.  And governor Bredesen you know, has tried everything he possibly can over the last year to say, you know, don’t associate me with those people.  And every layer of the onion that you peel out is, you find that his campaign is being basically run by Chuck Schumer, Washington, I suspect some of these sixty one or probably Hillary operatives, twenty sixteen.  You’ll find should Phil Bredesen go to Washington his first vote will be for Chuck Schumer and he will be against everything that Donald Trump is for.

(Inaudible cross talk)

Gill:  Chuck Schumer’s already spent about six million dollars running a commercial attacking Marsha Blackburn for a vote sponsoring opioid legislation that Chuck Schumer voted for.  That every Democrat in the Senate every Democrat in the House voted for and that Barack Obama signed into law.  He spent six million there.  Another million getting paid into the Democratic State Party to fund his campaign staff because apparently, they can’t raise enough money in the Bredesen campaign.  He didn’t want to write a check.  He’s depending upon Chuck Schumer to write the checks to fund his campaign.

Golden went on to explain most recently Bloomberg’s indirect involvement in the Bredesen campaign and how the Kavanaugh hearings crystallized what’s truly happening in Washington, D.C.  He advocated for average American people who are trying to live their lives and pay their taxes and the need for them to understand that you are either on Side A or Side B.  Gill weighed in about the fundraising being done for Bredesen by Bloomberg and Schumer and how they aren’t looking for a true Senator for Tennessee.  Golden interjected that all this is and will continue to be about is the twenty/twenty elections.   He concluded that the Kavanaugh hearings were nothing but a chance to raise Hollywood money and collect Democrat activists in Iowa and New Hampshire.  The men continued to talk about Bloomberg’s racist comments at the Aspen Institute:

Gill: You mention Michael Bloomberg.  Just last week, you had Phil Bredesen in New York at Michael Bloomberg’s home raising some of that New York Michael Bloomberg money. And now we learn that Michael Bloomberg, last week went to the Aspen Institute in Colorado, gave a speech and pointed out that ninety-five percent of the murders in America are committed by fifteen to twenty-five year old African Americans, young black men.  And Michael Bloomberg’s solution is, we should ban guns from minorities.  That’s what he told the Aspen Institute.  Now the Aspen Institute is saying that they’ve been asked by Bloomberg not to release the video of his comments.  They’re going to try and cover up for him.  But there were plenty of people there.  It’s quoted, it’s not being denied.  Michael Bloomberg wants to deny second amendment rights to minorities, which I guess includes Hispanics and Asians but he’s really wanting to target blacks.  Will the Tennessee Republican party demand that Phil Bredesen return Michael Bloomberg’s money and condemn him as a racist?

Golden:  I haven’t seen that story but that is absolutely breathtaking if that’s your attitude towards gun problems in this country.  We all know that it’s not the guns, it’s the people behind the guns.  And ultimately what it really speaks to is liberal mayors of these cities, like Michael Bloomberg that have literally destroyed any chance of hope for people that are trapped in these situations then you know guns are a part of that.  You know, think about the New York City under Mayor Giuliani that went from you know a seedy underbelly to a Time Square that looks more like Disneyland and then all of a sudden you get Bloomberg in there for a couple years and you can’t get a sixteen-ounce coke anywhere because that becomes the priority.  (Gill laughs)  Because that becomes the priority right?  I mean Rom Emanuel in Chicago, I’m still not even sure if they can pay their bills.  San Francisco,  you know Nanci Pelosi’s home city, is this homeless population I keep reading about is just out of control.  But I mean this is what happens when you put liberal policies in place.  And that’s exactly what Phil Bredesen wants to deliver to Tennessee.

As the discussion wrapped up, Gill and Golden were dumbfounded by the double-standard for Democrats and noted that if a Republican would have made such a statement in regards to the second amendment being revoked from minorities only, it would be a huge story in the media.  Gill went on to comment about how the local media did not cover any of the Project Veritas videos here in Tennessee.  Golden rounded out the interview with his prediction that the media will be ridiculous for the next three weeks.  He then thanked the team at The Tennessee Star for providing good, unbiased news.

Listen to the full segment:


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Julie Carr is the Deputy Managing Editor of The Tennessee Star








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