Will Relocate HQ to Nashville

  •, which sells parts and accessories for Glock handguns will relocate its headquarters from California to Nashville. founder and CEO Lenny Magill told The Tennessee Star Monday that he and other company officials plan to set up shop in Music City in the fall of 2019, roughly one year from now.

The current headquarters is in San Diego.

“We have 100 employees here in San Diego, and we will at some point have 100 people in Nashville as well,” Magill said.

“Some of our employees will not move from San Diego. We have about 80 positions that we will fill in Nashville.”

Magill said he and other company officials are making the move because they had to get away from California’s high-tax rates.

“We looked at Texas. We looked at Atlanta in depth. Those were the areas we really looked at. We even thought about Nevada, but we chose Nashville for a couple of reasons. We looked at those areas because of the low taxes in those areas,” Magill said.

“These are gun-friendly states, and we wanted to be a little more centrally located for shipping and handling. That is what Nashville really had going for it, as far as location. It is a destination town already. We feel we could benefit from that.”

According to The Nashville Post, describes itself as the United States’ largest online retailer of Glock-specific OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and aftermarket performance parts that allow users to customize their Glock handguns. will relocate to 1930 Air Lane Drive.

The location will have a retail showroom and a manufacturing operation.

Magill told The Post the retail showroom “will feature — in addition to Glock handguns, parts, accessories, logo clothing and hats — several indoor shooting rooms that will allow for one-on-one instruction and the chance to shoot at multiple targets in multiple directions.”

The manufacturing operation, The Post went on to say, will consist of 12 CNC machines that make aftermarket performance parts for Glock handguns, he said.

The company is not affiliated with Glock Inc., The Post reported.

Magill told The Star that California’s economic development and other business interests did nothing to encourage him to stay.

“They didn’t do a thing,” Magill said.

“People in Nashville are super-friendly and super nice. People tend to be a tad friendlier there.”

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7 Thoughts to “ Will Relocate HQ to Nashville”

  1. Rod Winfree

    Talked to one of the employees yesterday (10/20/2020) about getting custom work on one of my pistols and he told me that they are hoping to open up some time this coming spring(2021). I too am looking forward from them to opening soon.

  2. Craig Israels

    When is the Nashville store supposed to open.

  3. Mark Huskey

    Ready to make my pilgrimage!

  4. David Bagdasarian

    Been a Florida on line customer for several years. Now that I’m in Ala only a few miles from his store, can’t wait to visit!

  5. Mark Belk

    Lenny, the people in Nashville and the whole South are a lot friendlier! Y’all come on over!

    1. Heidi

      Sounds like it’s time to take a weekend trip since we live just outside of Montgomery, AL. Can’t wait.

  6. piper

    I hate it that Lenny is having to leave his home, but really glad to see him coming to Tennessee.