Nashville’s ‘La Raza Renata’ Endorses Phil Bredesen, Tweets in Spanish ‘Blackburn Me Da Heartburn’

Renata Soto, the immediate past chairman of the George Soros-supported national group formerly known as La Raza and founder of Nashville’s Conexion Americas, has endorsed Democrat Phil Bredesen for Senate, claiming in a Spanish language tweet that Republican nominee U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) gives her heartburn.

Soto is the immediate past chairman of the board of the Trump-bashing group now known as UnidosUS (the new name adopted by the George Soros-funded National Council of LaRaza in July 2017), and founder and head of Conexion Americas, the Nashville affiliate of UnidosUS. She was one of the featured speakers at the February kickoff of the Transit for Nashville campaign to support the passage of the tax increasing transit plan on the May 1 referendum in Nashville, The Tennessee Star reported at the time.

Soto is also the leader of the Nashville “Indivisible” anti-Trump campaign, and a close ally of disgraced former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean and former gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd have been huge fans of Soto’s.

The same day the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed President Trump’s executive authority to restrict entry into the U.S. from designated countries, “La Raza Randy” Boyd’s collaborator Soto rallied opposition, The Star said.

She spoke to a group organized by Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), rallying against the court’s decision and in support of the “NoMuslimBanEver”-“NoBanNoWall” campaign.

Dean and Boyd both considered Soto’s Conexion Americas organization a worthy investment, The Star reported in July. Democrat Dean used the government’s money while mega-millionaire Republican Boyd used his personal wealth to help Conexion’s legal and illegal alien clients. The same year that Metro Nashville Public Schools completed its construction in Conexion’s Casa Azafran community center for pre-K classrooms, Boyd and his wife donated $250,000 to expand the commercial kitchen.

Under Dean’s guidance, Conexion Americas’ Casa Azafran became a Metro voting site. At the time, Conexion’s founder and director, Soto, was serving as vice-chair of the National Council of La Raza board.

Boyd earned his moniker “La Raza Randy” because of his multiple connections to Soto. Boyd founded his education non-profit Complete Tennessee, including Soto as one of his board members.

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