Reagan Biographer Craig Shirley: ‘Soft Resistance’ at Border to Migrant Army Best Strategy for Trump

On Monday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – the team spoke with Craig Shirley this morning about the current caravan of illegals approaching the Arizona and California borders and the pre-scripted narrative the MSM will take on the immigrants arrival at the border which appears, in their opinion to be conveniently timed right before the mid-term elections.

Leahy:  Craig you are an expert on public relations from a conservative perspective and we have this situation now with this, how do you describe it, as anything other than an army of seven thousand Hondurans, now they’re adding Mexicans. They’re moving in a caravan up to the border, probably around Arizona and California, they are going to arrive just conveniently like a day before mid term elections.  What in your view should President Trump do to deal with this?

Shirley:  First of all stop calling it a caravan.  A caravan connotes something like it’s fun, like a circus and you know petting zoo’s and stuff like this.  This is a mob and he needs to call it a mob of illegals prepared to break the law.  That’s what he needs to call it.  I’ve been saying that over over and over.  And everybody in the Republican party and on the right should be saying this is a mob preparing to break the law.  And we need to defend ourselves.

Gill:  It’s an invasion force of primarily military age males.

Shirley:  Yes, exactly, I don’t see women and children in those clips on TV.  I see a lot of trouble makers is what I see.  Maybe start finding out their arrest records getting that information out to the American people.  Make sure everybody understands what’s at stake here.  This is not the invasion of a mob of illegals who are coming to this country.  They’re not coming for opportunity, they’re not coming for political asylum, they’re coming for the free stuff.  They’re coming for the free welfare and the free medical benefits and the free goodies that state and local government hands out.  That’s the only reason they’re coming.

Gill went on to compare the current mob as the trail of “take our stuff.”  They went on to discuss the visual implications of the mob and how the Mexican police are not stopping them and how this could benefit the Republicans in the mid term elections.  Shirley pointed out that it will not resonate well with voters and that the Soros PR team has this mob ill timed.  They continued the point about whether or not there will be a hidden Trump vote that’s not showing up in recent polls because due to political correctness and how folks don’t want to be thought bad of.  Shirley believe that there is a hidden reservoir of conservative strength averaging by about four percent points.

Leahy: Here’s the scenario that I see Craig, possibly unveiling day before the mid term elections Monday, November 5th you’ll see that day.  Seven thousand, of these Honduran migrants, probably more by then, probably nine thousand, ten thousand because they’re adding Mexicans as go move through Mexico.  They’ll put the women and children up front, the very few women and children there.  There will be some kind of potential confrontation. Somebody may get hurt.  How do you think the mainstream media would report such a scenario?

Shirley: Oh, we know how they’ll report. It will be all anti American reporting, pro illegal immigrant reporting.  The US military or the border police or there jack footed thugs, their cruel, their racists, whatever, we can write the script ourselves right now!  The good people will be the illegals who are trying to invade our country and take advantage of the generosity of this country.  That’s how the mainstream media is going to report it.  They’ve already written their scripts.  They don’t even need to write them on the day it happens, they’ve already written their scripts. But the American people, you and I, Michael, we all know, your listeners know otherwise, is that this is nothing more than law breakers.  You might as well take the inmates of Sing Sing and put them on the border for all you got as far as the people trying to invade our country.  Their still law breakers.

The men went on to mention again the visual of Honduran flags in the TV clips and how they are singing the Honduran anthem.   They joked that the Soros PR team will be handing the immigrants American flags as they approach closer to the border to present a different perspective to viewers coupled by a calculated concept that would push women and children forward to create a confrontation with the Military and police.  Shirley was concerned that this type of scenario would not look good and that he would recommend the opposition greet the people with a soft resistance and turn them away with instructions on how to legally apply to the country.

Gill: They can also get that paid for by Dunkin Donuts would probably sponsor it.  (Laughter) They could put banner ads out there.  President Trump has threatened, Craig, to pull all US funding for Guatemala, and Honduras, and Mexico if they don’t stop this invasion.  Should the President go ahead and pull the plug on any funding for Guatemala and Honduras right now to make it clear, I mean what I’m saying?  Mexico clearly thinks he means what he’s saying, they haven’t stopped it.  But if the money is absolutely pulled and the American taxpayers don’t send one dime ever into Guatemala or Honduras for the rest of time, that will send a message to other countries that might be reluctant to enforce their laws.

Shirley: All these countries are deeply deeply crook anyway.  Why we’re sending them one dime in foreign aid is beyond me anyway.  Because none of it gets through to the people.  None of it goes for the projects it’s intended. It all goes to line the pockets of corrupt government officials and military officials. And why were sending, I mean he ought to make that the centerpiece of a campaign.  Why are we sending foreign aid to countries that steal it anyway, they just rip it off.

Leah and Shirley closed the interview discussing Shirley’s latest book, “Reagan Rising 1976 to 1980 the Decisive Years” and the latter, “Citizen Newt, the Making of a Reagan Conservative”.  Shirley went on to describe his current project in which he biographies George Washington’s mother who was a single mother, raising five children, and managing the plantation in a 1730 America when it was a difficult time for women to exist in a patriarchal culture.  The book is said to release September of next year.

In addition to the biography, he noted that he’s also working on two new Reagan books, one on the 1984 campaign and the other, to set straight the ideology of Reagan called, “The Search for Reagan.”  Lastly, in the works, is an additional book regarding Harry Truman and the commission to investigate corruption in the war department of 1944.

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