Pro-Trump PAC Releases Another Ad Going After Phil Bredesen

A pro-Donald Trump Super PAC released another ad this week warning that Democrat Phil Bredesen will help reverse President Donald Trump’s agenda.

The PAC, known as the Committee to Defend the President, released an ad a few weeks ago warning Bredesen will help raise federal taxes. The ad also said Bredesen will assist liberal politicians if Tennessee voters make him a U.S. senator.

In an emailed statement, PAC Chairman Ted Harvey told The Tennessee Star it’s vital that Tennesseans know about Bredesen, whom he called “Phony Phil.”

“While he campaigns as a moderate Democrat, Bredesen will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Democratic establishment—anti-Trump Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi,” Harvey said.

“As Bredesen’s long history of donations to liberal Democrats shows, not to mention his radical positions on issues like abortion and gun rights, he will toe the party line when it comes to impeaching President Trump. Don’t get it twisted: Impeachment is Phony Phil’s—and the Democrats’—ideal scenario.”

The ad warns Tennessee voters to think about the future and to realize that Bredesen, if a U.S. senator, will rubber stamp Chuck Schumer’s agenda.

As the PAC already reported, Bredesen gave vast sums of his wealth to the most left-wing Democrats in America, including Obama, Clinton, and U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis.

According to the PAC’s research, Bredesen donated exactly $460,691.11 to Democratic Party interests from 1987 through 2014.

PAC Committee spokeswoman Amanda Head previously called Bredesen “a left-wing Democrat” with a long history of donations to other far-left Democrats.

Bredesen, for instance, donated extensively to Bill Clinton and Al Gore and other Democratic Party interests in Virginia, Florida Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio, records show.

Bredesen also donated $63,700 to the Democratic National Committee, according to the Committee to Defend the President.

He also made the following donations, according to the PAC’s other findings:

• Cory “Spartacus” Booker for Senate: $500

• Karl Dean (in 2017): $2,500

• Hillary for America: $2,700

• Hillary Victory Fund: $33,400

• Obama for America: $5,000

• Obama Victory Fund 2012: $30,000

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