Tennessee Star Report-Knoxville Edition: Obama, You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Growth is About You


On Wednesday’s Tennessee Star Report: Knoxville Edition– broadcast on WETR 92.3 FM – Star News Digital Media National Political Editor Steve Gill questioned why migrants and immigrants would want to come to a country that is not so great because of Trump (according to the Democrats).  He suggested that perhaps Venezuela would be a more geographically desirable location for those seeking a better life.

Gill observed the rally turnout for Trump in Nowhere Nevada versus Obama’s populated rally spot of Reno, of which he drew seven thousand less people than Trumps rally in Elko.

Gill continued:

And as we ponder big thoughts, big things. Like if America is the racist, horrible place, that the left, Democrats running for office around the country, want us to believe, if were just so disgusting and deplorable, why do we have seven to ten thousand people walking across thousands of miles to come here?  Again it’s been a question we’ve posed before.  Why do folks try to swim through shark infested waters from Cuba to Miami if we are just such an awful place?  I mean they could get right to Venezuela that has the socialism the left tells us they think is the right path.

Why aren’t these migrants, why aren’t these illegal immigrants marching towards Venezuela?  Why aren’t the Cubans swimming through the Caribbean to Venezuela.  Why are all these poor dispossessed people all over the world not going to these countries that are so much better than us, if you believe what the Democrats say about us?

I’d also like to ask  why is it that we’re told by Barack Obama and the Obama team and all these left wing Democrats, what a horrible awful job Donald Trump is doing?   And yet you’ve got Barack Obama now giving speeches trying to claim credit for the economy that Donald Trump has created.  He’s out giving speeches, not drawing great crowds,  I think he drew about three thousand people to a Barack Obama rally in Reno, Nevada while President Trump drew about ten thousand to Elko, Nevada.  I’ve never heard of Elko, Nevada, it’s in the middle of nowhere.  And yet ten thousand people turned out to hear Donald Trump while only three thousand in Reno, much bigger, turned out to hear Barack Obama try to claim credit to what Donald Trump has done.

Again if the economy is so bad, if President Trump is such a bad President why is Barack Obama trying to claim credit for what is going on, for whats happening?  The lowest unemployment rate among African Americans in decades.  The lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics ever.  Some of the lowest unemployment rates we’ve seen for women in decades.  The economy is moving in the right direction, and yet the Democrats try to disavow it disclaim it except when they trying to claim credit for it.  Because Obama, Obama’s the one who did it!

I mean, President Obama goes out and gives a speech and talked about himself, mentioned himself ninety two times in a single speech.  No wonder people tune it out. And then you’ve got Hillary Clinton talking about maybe running for President again.  Third times the charm I guess.

Anyway those are some of the big thoughts that are just worthy of thinking about and we’ll share more including great memes at Tennessee Star on Facebook and Gill Report on Facebook and we’ll be back tomorrow with more of the Tennessee Star Gill Report.

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