Bredesen Smirks: ‘A Few Thousand Very Poor People Coming to Our Border Is Not a Threat to Our National Security’

When asked Wednesday about the illegal alien army marching toward America, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen laughed, saying, “A few thousand very poor people coming to our border is not a threat to our, is not a threat to our security.”

The video of Bredesen’s remarks available to watch here.

Bredesen’s opponent, U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) is not amused.

She said in a statement, “These comments demonstrate how out of touch Phil Bredesen is with the Tennesseans he seeks to represent. There is a right way to come to this country, and there is a wrong way to come to this country. This mob, which the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed includes gang members, individuals with criminal histories, and people from the Middle East, is seeking to enter our country the wrong way. Phil Bredesen would like to roll out the welcome mat for them, hand them a state-issued, taxpayer funded driving certificates, and get them to work for his campaign. This is a clear difference between the two of us. I will continue to fight against illegal immigration, by ensuring existing immigration laws are followed, building the wall, stopping sanctuary cities, penalizing elected officials who refuse to follow federal law, and deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes.”

The Washington Examiner confirmed the migrant army is composed of criminals from various nations:

The Department of Homeland Security on Thursday defended claims by President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence that violent criminals are a component of the Honduran caravan making its way through Mexico toward the U.S., after reporters at the White House questioned how they know that.

‘@DHSgov can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories,’ DHS spokesman Tyler Houlton wrote in a series of tweets Tuesday evening.

‘Citizens of countries outside Central America, including countries in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and elsewhere are currently traveling through Mexico toward the U.S.,’ he said.

Garren Shipley, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said, “Phil Bredesen might not be concerned about an influx of gang members and other dangerous people into the country, but President Trump and Marsha Blackburn are. Tennesseans want secure borders. Based on Phil Bredesen’s comments today, it’s clear that he doesn’t.”

Steve Gill, Tennessee Star Political Editor, also was not amused by Bredesen’s reaction.

“Phil Bredesen is not concerned about the much more than a few thousand primarily military age males marching towards our border with every intention of illegally entering our country, by force as they demonstrated on the southern border of Mexico. But most Tennesseans are smart enough to know better. The horrific tragedy of 9-11 was caused by a mere 19 people committed to killing thousands of us; can Phil say with any degree of certainty that there are not 19 amongst the 14,000 in the marching mob that wouldn’t wish us harm either individually or on a massive scale? If we presented him with a bowl of M&Ms and told him only a handful are poisoned would he grab a fistful and eat them?”

“Bredesen is clearly not serious about the security and safety of our country,” Gill added, “which should disqualify him from serious consideration as a potential U.S. Senator. And exactly how many of these impoverished illegal aliens are he and his family planning to personally financially support and put up in their own expensive homes as he expects the American taxpayers to do?”

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.







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16 Thoughts to “Bredesen Smirks: ‘A Few Thousand Very Poor People Coming to Our Border Is Not a Threat to Our National Security’”

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  2. George Paine

    Wonder if City of Forest Hills will give Phil a variance so he can operate a refugee camp in his multi-million dollar plantation?

    1. Elizabeth Bayrd

      GOOD ONE!!

  3. Patsy Williams

    Smirking about a subject important to many of us is the perfect way to get elected lol. Keep it up!

  4. Ron

    They need to move in with him! If he’s wants to adopt, got thru the channels and adopt the whole mob!

  5. Russell

    Hope there is not enough stupid people in Tennessee to elect this-sshat

  6. Carol Bryant

    From his comment, this is not a man willing to vote to fund a border wall.

    1. Melissa Brooks

      There are millions of Americans who would help fund the border wall. I would gladly send $1 for every member of my immediate and extended family. How much is the added security of a border wall worth to the members of your family?

  7. Phyllis Bailiff

    First of all we do not know these people so therefore we do not know that they are all poor. We do not know if they are all nice people or some of them very bad. So we have to protect our own country by all means available. We have enough problems taking care of our citizens as it is. Does he want to check each single person? No. Even if he did we still could not be sure. Why take a chance with our own country? Let’s take better care of our citizens with health, food and other issues we have instead of letting more people in when we are doing a terrible job of taking care of our own.

  8. SickoftheBS

    So, did he open his doors and invite them to come stay with him?

  9. paulJ

    I am gaining more confidence that the GOP is going to hold seats in Nevada and Arizona. As well as pick-up seats in North Dakota, Indiana, and potentially Florida, Montana and if there is a red wave in Michigan and New Jersey, etc.
    But Marsha! has always worried me. She is such a lightweight. I’ve thought from the jump holding this seat depends on using advertising attacking Bredesen as a tool of Schumer is the only route to holding this seat. The more Tennesseans directly see Blackburn, the harder it was going to be to keep the seat. I really wish Mark Green was running for US Senate instead of replacing Blackburn. He would be as comfortably in the lead for that race as Bill Lee is for Governor. For that matter, Bill Lee would be ahead of Bredesen by 10-20 points like he is vs. Dean. Marsha is the definition of an empty (pant)suit. I just hope the attacks on Bredesen can carry her to a point or two victory but its going to be much closer than it should be.

  10. Habu

    Hey numnuts, how many are you going to house in the multiple homes you own?

    1. Terry

      My sentiments exactly. Let them all live with him and all the other people who are not opposed to them coming here!~

  11. Pete

    Either he is a liar! Or he has no clue! You pick…

  12. Rick

    You leaving our state would be no big deal either.