Dan Bongino Claims Explosive Devices Sent to CNN and Democratic Politicians Were Amateur on Purpose

by Nick Givas


Fox News commentator Dan Bongino said the explosive devices sent to CNN’s New York bureau and various Democratic politicians were “intentionally amateurish” on Fox & Friends Thursday.

“Let me just get this out, because there’s no easy way to explain this. When you’re this amateur and these devices are amateurish at best, they show all the hallmarks of someone who had absolutely no idea what they were doing,” Bongino said.

“One of the things you see in incidents like this in the past is that when you’re so amateur the bomber typically blows himself up, or there will be some kind of a signal they let out,” he continued.

Anyone who has experience in this has seen that before. But you don’t see this. No one called the cops, no one obviously busted this guy or woman in advance. So, you have these two contrasting bits of information.

Bongino said it was odd to see the bombs find their way to their targets, but fail to detonate. He deduced that the bomber knew what he or she was doing and never planned for the devices to go off.

“It’s so rookie and amateurish. But then on the other hand, they were delivered and didn’t detonate, showing some degree of precision, which says to me that they were intentionally amateurish, he said. It was someone who knew what they were doing and chose to not have them go off. In other words, to terrorize — still is going to terrorize people, no doubt about that. But there’s something about this that makes absolutely no sense.”

You can’t be amateurish but then have these devices — all of them not go off and then nothing happen beforehand.

Watch the full interview:

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