Tennessee Pastors Receive White House Briefing and Meet with Vice President Mike Pence

A group of over 100 Tennessee Pastors, including the President of the Tennessee Pastors Network Dale Walker, attended a White House briefing earlier this week.

“It is a wonderful blessing that we have President Trump and an Administration that truly cares about the Christian faith community and recognizes the critical role that churches and pastors serve in their communities,” Walker said of the meeting. “Churches and Pastors have a tremendous opportunity that we must seize while the door is open to Christian faith in this troubled nation.” The Pastors from Tennessee received briefings from directors of the Center for Faith-Based Initiatives and from several other Federal officials regarding national and international issues.

Walker said the meeting broke out into “Real Church” after Surgoinsville, TN Pastor Brian Burchfield, led the group of Pastors and Administration officials in signing “Amazing Grace” before offering praise and worship. Burchfield noted that “I have served the LORD in singing and ministry all my life and I was honored and blessed to serve and worship the LORD in this spirit-filled event at the White House.”

Burchfield went through a lot just to get to the briefing. He is a cancer survivor and wanted to save the “Lords” money. so he traveled to Washington by a Greyhound bus. The bus broke down and passengers sat on the side of the road near Roanoke for three hours waiting for another bus to arrive. Burchfield finally arrived in the D.C. Tuesday morning at 4:30 AM after a delay of over 8 hours. With only a few hours sleep, he traveled to the White House Pastors Briefing where he led the singing and worship.

A video of that praise and worship during the event has already been viewed over 1.3 million times since its posting.

Vice President Pence met with and encouraged the Pastors to remain engaged in their efforts engage strengthen the faith and cultural foundations of our country. Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was recently released from a Turkish prison, also joined the group and reminded those in attendance of the persecuted Christians around the world.








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