Phil Bredesen Continues to Deny Migrant Army Marching Through Mexico is a National Security Threat

Democratic former Governor Phil Bredesen is still saying an invasion of thousands of migrants marching through Mexico from Honduras who have declared their intent to illegally enter the United States is not a threat to national security.

“A caravan of a few thousand poor people without weapons, working their way slowly toward the southern border of the strongest country in the world, is not some huge national emergency like suddenly Russia decided to threaten us with nuclear weapons or something,” WKRN reported during an event at Nissan Stadium Saturday. “Let’s just keep this stuff in context, let’s just handle it in a smart way,” said Bredesen.

The Washington Examiner recently reported that the migrant army making its way toward the United States through Mexico is includes a number of multi-national criminals, quoting the Department of Homeland Security, The Tennessee Star reported last week.

“@DHSgov can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories,” DHS spokesman Tyler Houlton wrote in a series of tweets.

Bredesen’s opponent in the Senate race, U.S. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) released a campaign video last Friday calling him out on the illegal migrant army. The video is available here.

Blackburn’s campaign said, “Phil Bredesen is dangerously wrong on immigration and out of touch with Tennesseans. Marsha Blackburn is 100% supportive of securing our border. As our Senator, she will work with President Trump to build the wall and stop the caravan.”

The Tennessean reported the event at Nissan Stadium highlighted his ties to the Predators and the Titans, which the newspaper said came to Nashville when he was mayor.

The Nashville Predators have close ties to Bredesen and other liberals, The Star has reported in the past.

Predators Chairman Tom Cigarran, a Republican in name only, is backing the former governor as thanks for his help.

In April 2018, during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Predators introduced Bredesen on the ice as an honored guest at the taxpayer-subsidized Bridgestone Arena, The Star reported, noting that “As mayor, and then later as governor, Bredesen helped funnel millions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize the Predators franchise.”

Cigarran is a Never Trumper who has worked against Blackburn, The Washington Examiner said.

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  1. TeeCee

    Hey possum, how many of the migrants are you going to house in your private residence?
    What’s that………none you say! Hmmmmmm!

  2. Bob

    If it were up to Phil, they would all live in Antioch.