Tennessee Star Report-Knoxville Edition: Steve Gill Proposes a Solution to the Migrant Mob Headed for the U.S. Border

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report: Knoxville Edition – broadcast on on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville – Star News Digital Media National Political Editor Steve Gill talked about his solution to the mob that is approaching the United States border.  After reviewing the current violence over the past weekend in Chicago, he suggested that the migrants might want to know about the violence here before fleeing their less than violent countries in comparison.  He proposed that perhaps those wishing to enter the United States, would have to live in Chicago.

Gill continued:

Now I have come up with the solution to what we do about this “mob” that is marching towards the United States.  The take our jobs, take our stuff, caravan that is continuing to move through Mexico with police escorts, with assistance, with funding to help them along their way.  To continue that move towards the United States despite the fact that President Trump, the Department of Homeland Security, and the military are saying they will not enter the United States.

This is an invasion.  Good clue as to when an invasion is taking place is if people are waving the flags of a foreign country, singing their national anthem as they’re marching towards your border.  That’s not an immigration, that’s not a desire to become American.  That’s an invasion.  And it should be treated as such.

Now, here’s the solution.  I mean we could put troops on the border.  We could build a higher fence. Which we should do all those things.  We can build the wall.  All those are good things.  We can absolutely shut down the border with Mexico so that no goods no services, no people at all are coming across from Mexico and then Mexico would step up and stop this migration across their land.  I mean they’re not doing anything to stop it.  They’re encouraging it, their funding it, again their giving them police escorts.

So how do we get Mexico to stop it?  Well you shut down the border completely.  And after they see that their economy’s about to go into the complete tank and that we will not allow their population to migrate to the US, they’ll do something about these southerners that are coming into their country.  Or we could do it even easier.

Over the weekend, just this weekend forty three were shot, five fatally in Chicago just this weekend.  Now you got a lot of these migrants that are saying they’re that leaving the violence of El Salvador of Honduras, and Guatemala, of Mexico and that they’re coming here because it’s safer here than there.

Do they know about Chicago?  I think if we tell all these folks, we could do maybe an air drop of pamphlets and tell them, “If you cross the border, you have to live in Chicago.”  And they’re going to realize that El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, even the most dangerous areas of Mexico are much safer than Chicago.  They’ll turn around and scatter back like crazy.

Just tell them the truth.  If you come here, you’ve got to live in Chicago.


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2 Thoughts to “Tennessee Star Report-Knoxville Edition: Steve Gill Proposes a Solution to the Migrant Mob Headed for the U.S. Border”

  1. Joe

    Inform the mass mob that if they cross the border they will be receiving an identity. They will be fingerprinted, DNA, photoed, blood sampled, and every possible way to identify you. Then you will be detained and informed you will never ever gain citizenship. So cross that border. Then ship them back. 500 to a plane 14 trips to send back 7000.

  2. Bill Hunter

    I enjoy your morning program very much.