Tennessee Star Report Exclusive Interview – Ann Coulter on the 14th Amendment: ‘An Executive Order Absolutely Works’ to End Birthright Citizenship

On Thursday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Steve Gill spoke to good friend Ann Coulter about the 14th amendment and it’s current interpretation.  Coulter and Gill discussed the birthing centers in southern California and the need to create a federal law rather than an executive order, as Trump will not be President forever.

Gill: Ok, this 14th amendment that Paul Ryan is saying well he believes in reading the words of the Constitution.  And yet he apparently hasn’t read the 14th amendment because it makes it pretty clear that unless your here legally, it wasn’t intended that the 14th amendment would apply, it was intended to give a guarantee of citizenship status to the well slaves that America had just freed through a Civil War. How do you think this will play out?  Does it go through the courts, does it go through Congress, does an executive order work?

Coulter: Yes, an executive order absolutely works because no Supreme Court and no Congressional law has ever found that the children born to illegal aliens are United States citizens.  That’s all smoke and mirrors from dicta in a Justice Brennan footnote in 1982.

Gill:  And for the non lawyers listening, dicta means it’s not part of the case so it doesn’t have any real legal impact in terms of the Supreme Court ruling.

Coulter continued her point about how Democrats never cared about slavery or about black people.  Ironically it’s always been the Republicans throughout history that were interested in pushing for equal rights of the African Americans.  She went on to state that Democrats have been using the civil rights amendments and laws as tools to promote abortion, transgender, illegal aliens which was not the purpose of these amendments.  Coulter reiterated that the amendments were to ensure African Americans were treated as citizens with full Constitutional Rights.

Coulter: Sixteen years after the 14th amendment was passed, referring to those subject to the jurisdiction of the state in which they reside, all about and all of those amendments passed, as the supreme court has pointed out over and over again, this was all about slavery, all about slavery, it was all about giving freed blacks their full constitutional rights.

Sixteen years later an Indian went to the supreme court, John Elk, and said, “Hey I was born here, I’m a citizen!”  And they said nope, this is only about freed blacks.  About half a century later congress passed a law granting Indians American citizenship.  Why would they have to pass that law if anyone born here is a automatically a United States citizen?  Yeah, it’s a good question.  Because it doesn’t mean that anyone born here is a United States citizen.

There is a Supreme Court case that found that a legal immigrant, someone who was born here, his parents were domiciled here, a Chinese man, he had a business.  His parents went back to China, he goes back to visit them, tries to come back to the country, and here he is working, paying taxes, completely domiciled, born here, and his parents where here illegally of course.  They tried not to let him in, saying no sorry you’re not a US citizen, it went to the supreme court and the supreme court said, no if you’re born to legal immigrants domiciled here, working here, paying taxes here the whole nine yards, yes that makes you a citizen.

That doesn’t mean you can fly in from China, to a birthing hospital in southern California you know there’s these birthing hospitals all just happen to be in L.A., all over southern California.  The women fly in nine months pregnant, stay at nice hotels, go shopping out in Palm Springs, down on Rodeo Drive,  drop the baby so that their kids are all American citizens.  No, that was never ever found by any supreme court.  No congress has deliberated and said, if your here as a tourist or an illegal alien you can snub your nose at us and say, “Ha ha ha border patrol, I slipped passed you!”  No it’s crazy.

Gill: And it’s an economic deal…(Cross talk)

Coulter: It isn’t a game of red rover with the border patrol, of course this is untrue.  And that’s why yeah, a Federal law would be better because Trump isn’t going to be President forever.   It would be nice if these idiots would well, pass funding for a wall, though Trump doesn’t need it.  And also pass a law to get the Democrats to vote against it.  I think that would be about an 80/20 issue with the public.  Why don’t Republicans want to be on the record forcing the Democrats to vote against popular measures? They should pass a federal law saying that children of people who are not here legally or tourists, are not US citizens.  But until they get around to that, which could be the second Tuesday after never, yes of course Trump can say, look, I’m the commander in chief, I control the executive branch, this is a practice that has been followed of treating the children of illegals as if they are citizens, that has no basis in law, I’m going to end this ridiculous unconstitutional practice.

Gill went on to point out the lefts accusation that Trump is trying to change the constitution but is instead enforcing it.  He explained the difference between status of citizenship based on legality and not geographic location.  He went on to ask Coulter where one could purchase her new book called, “Resistance is Futile: How the Trump Hating Left Lost it’s Collective Mind.”

Listen to the full segment:

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