Tennessee Star Report Exclusive Interview: Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas Discusses Mobs and Mid-Terms

On Friday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked with Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas about the final four days before the mid-term elections and whether or not the Republicans will keep control of the Senate.  Cotton expressed that a Democrat win would confirm a reliable vote for a liberal agenda.  He was confident that a vote for Marsha Blackburn would ensure a vote for Tennesseans.

Gill:  On our newsmakers line, Senator Tom Cotton, Senator from Arkansas is an Army veteran, after 9/11 he put his professional career on hold to go serve as an infantry officer, served also with the old guard, if you’ve ever been to Arlington, the tomb of the unknown soldier, just an amazing honor to be put in that position.  And Senator good to have you with us and thank you for all you do.

Cotton: Thank you, it’s great to be on with you and it was great to be back in Tennessee yesterday and especially back in Clarkesville and Fort Campbell with the Screaming Eagles.

Gill: Yeah it’s a little bit easier to visit there as a Senator rather then as a having to work there.  (Laughter)

Cotton: (Chuckles) They roll out the red carpet a little bit more for Senator Cotton then they did for young Lieutenant Cotton, most importantly they’re very grateful for Marsha Blackburn and the support that she’s given to the Screaming Eagles and whole Fort Campbell community for these last sixteen years as their congresswoman, and I know she’s going to be back in the United States Senate as well.  That’s one reason I was so happy to be with Marsha yesterday.

Gill:  As we see the final five days of this crazy election season, four days remaining before we get the results, do the Republicans keep control, expand control of the Senate you’ve got a lot of these races that are too close to call at this point?

Cotton:   Well we’re definitely going to win control of the Senate.  I think we’ll expand our majority actually.  You know the Democrats have been making an aggressive play in states like Tennessee, just look what Phil Bredesen’s had, he’s had Chuck Schumer and Mike Bloomberg’s money flooding into the state.  Because they know he’ll be a reliable vote for a liberal agenda.  For more gun control, for open borders, for higher taxes and for slashing military spending.  Marsha Blackburn is going to stand with Tennessee voters, that’s why they need to stand with her for the next four days.

Gill went on to talk about the approaching caravan/mob and how it’s changed the complexion of the discussion and their plans to file a lawsuit to try and force their way into the border using the courts.  He expressed how this changes warfare into lawfare and that invading forces just need to send in lawyers instead of troops.  Cotton concurred and replied by stating that they could of gone to the Embassy but didn’t and that they’ve already violated the sovereignty of Mexico with a highly organized caravan.  He stated that they are indeed using the courts against us and that President Trump cannot allow this to continue.

Gill:  How do you see this playing out?  Again, they are now realizing there is a lot of distance to cover if they want to try to have this foreign interference in our mid term elections.  They’re having to put people on buses and on trucks, I guess trains, planes, and automobiles. If they’re not here before the election Tuesday, do they have any really impact after the election?

Cotton:  Well, yeah, actually when I was at Fort Campbell, it was hard enough to get forty well-trained…  (Inaudible talk) from Mexico’s southern border to the northern border.  Which just goes to show you how highly organized and choreographed the whole thing is.  These buses and trains just don’t show up out of nowhere.  They just don’t get water and food out of nowhere.  This is a highly choreographed and organized effort to undermine our national sovereignty.  One reason the President is highlighting the threat though right now, is to deter a future caravan, things are already forming.   Because if we send a signal, that all you have to do is march across Mexico in a pr stunt, present yourself with a few magic words, olly olly oxen free in the United States, the next caravan will (Inaudible talk).

Gill joked that Phil Bredesen would be part of the “olly olly oxen income-free caucus” which would allow future caravans without any effort to stop nor prevent them from moving forward.  He was concerned that they’ve been able to move so far through Mexico and added that  President Trump had a legitimate concern about bad hombres being in the mix and how the media has denounced it even though Homeland Security, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico has confirmed their existence in the caravan.

Cotton: (Inaudible talk) Couple hundred individuals with gang associations, criminal pasts, drug dealers, and so forth.  This is why it’s so important that we take more security seriously and that we defend our sovereignty. And i know that Phil Bredesen called the caravan something like a stunt, or make believe, or a pr gimmick, or what have you.  I’m sure that’s not the way Tennessean’s see it.  I know that’s not the our candidates see it, they see it as a very serious matter.  If we don’t take it seriously and show the world that we will protect our sovereignty and defend our borders then all we’re going to do is invite the next caravan and the next caravan and all the silent caravans that move not in large masses, but one by one every single day trying to get in this country and take advantage of our laws and take advantage of all the opportunities that we offer our citizens.  Not foreigners, but our citizens.

Gill:  Senator Tom Cotton, there’s a news report out this morning that Heather Nauert, the former Fox News, Kirby Couch ommentator and now press spokesman over at the State Department is apparently Donald Trumps pick to be the UN Ambassador replacing Nikki Haley.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

Cotton responded to Gill’s question stating that he thought Heather has done a good job working with Mike Pompeo and the State Department and has served President Trump well.  He was confident that whomever they choose will serve the country well and reiterated that we have a lot of work to do.

Leahy then asked Cotton if he believes Phil Bredesen will not support Chuck Schumer and whether Bredesen’s claim was credible.

Cotton responded by stating he knows that there is zero credibility and that all that matters is to make Chuck Schumer the leader of the Senate and that’s why Schumer and Bloomberg have poured money into the Tennessee race.  He was certain that Tennessee voters are going to “repudiate their choice and choose a Tennessean whose represented them well in Washington for several years, which is Blackburn.”

The men concluded the conversation by discussing Maxine Waters and if elected how it will be a negative agenda promising payback time towards the banking and financial services industry.  Cotton agreed that it if the extreme Democrats take over the committees that it will pose a serious problem and why it’s crucial people get out and vote on Tuesday.


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