Tennessee Star Report Exclusive: Hogan Gidley, Deputy White House Press Secretary Talks Statistics, Voters, and Trump the Phenomenon

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – the team spoke with Hogan Gidley, Deputy White House Press Secretary, regarding the Democrats radical agenda and they’re continuous denial that they lost the 2016 elections.  The men went on to question how, with economy so strong ,and the President’s delivery on promises made, that the midterm election race could be so close.  They all agreed that a large component could most certainly be attributed to the media’s ninety percent negative coverage of the President’s accomplishments in the past two years.

Gill: And watching from the bunker in the white house Hogan Gidley is the Deputy White House Press Secretary who is on our newsmakers line this morning to give us a little assessment on election day.  Hogan good to have you with us!

Gidley:  Thanks so much for the time.  I do appreciate it.  I want to make it clear though, I’m not coming to you in my official capacity today, I’m coming to you on my time off.  I’m taking personal time just because I think this is so important that it takes me getting out of the White House coming to you from a different location to express my support for the candidates there in Tennessee and try and make sure we keep the house and expand our lead in the Senate.

Gill: One of the things Hogan, and this is Steve Gill by the way, that I think is, you’ve been around elections for a long time, you can tell just in the swagger or the attitude of a candidate in the final three or four days before an election, whether they think they’re winning, whether they’ve got that kind of swagger going or whether they’re moving ahead with a sense of panic.  As I watch the MSNBC’s and CNN’s they’ve got that panicked look in their eye, their seeing flashbacks to 2016.  And their pitching a conniption fit, a hissy fit, your a southern guy you get those terms, along with bless their heart.  We’re going to have to bless their heart tonight if their heads explode again tonight like they did in 2016.

Gidley went on to comment upon what Rush Limbaugh said at last nights Missouri rally about how the Democrats still can’t get over the fact that they lost in 2016.  He was certain that the people in DC have a certain way of life and don’t want anything disrupting it as Trump poses the thread to end their ‘gravy train’.  He added that the Democrats only interest is to protect their interest instead of the American people.  Gidley stressed that the enthusiasm gap which was in the Democrats favor is now turning back towards the Republicans because of Trump’s  success in such a short amount of time.

Gill: Hogan we’ve also seen the Democrats and their lackeys in the fake news media accomplish something that most of thought was impossible, thanks to the Kavanaugh smear, they brought the Rhinos and the Conservative Republicans and the Trump voters, they brought them together.  And yet in the last week or so you’ve seen folks like Speaker Paul Ryan trying to argue against the focus on the border.  The focus on the Kavanaugh smear campaign, the focus on this migrant mob coming north from Mexico and beyond.  They only want him to talk about the economics and he’s talking about both.  I think the president knows that America can walk and chew gum at the same time.  They can deal with two issues.

Gidley: Right and they want more than one thing fixed.  There’re a lot of problems ailing the American people.  That’s why Donald Trump got elected and he’s begun to fix those things systematically one at a time.  Tax cuts where chief among them.  Most of the people in the middle class were the one’s who got the tax cuts.  He restructured the entire corporate tax rate.  That hasn’t been done in thirty some odd years.  And we did that because America is now open for business. You see an incredible boom in the economy of this country. 4.5 million jobs created.  The unemployment rate, 3.7%.  It’s the lowest since 1969.  And it’s the fourth consecutive month that the unemployment rate has been below 4%t.  Incredible numbers out there.  But in the meantime, the President says, “That’s all well and good and we’ve got to do those things for the economy and the American people, but there’s also something else we have to do for the American people which is what I swore the oath of office to do and that’s protect the American people.”  And if Democrats think they’re going to win on a message of raising your taxes and opening our borders to people who come to this country illegally and unlawfully as opposed to protecting the hundreds of millions of Americans citizens, I think they have another thing coming at the end of the polls closing tonight.

Leahy joined the conversation by posing the question of how the experience of working with Sarah Sanders is.   Gidley responded by stating he’s worked for two Huckabee’s and has known Sanders since she was nineteen.  He was enthusiastic about how she is a incredible wife and mother and one of the most dynamic and effective Press Secretary’s he’s ever seen.  He believes the combination of Donald Trump and Sarah Sanders is a complimentary relationship because Trump is an outsider that likes to shake things up and she is a dedicated Trump supporter from the ‘Huckabee school of communications’.

Gill: Hogan you pointed out that you doubt that the American people tonight are going to vote to raise taxes, not secure our border, not continue to, the progress, the economic progress that this President and this administration is making. If they do take control of the house narrowly and we get Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi, and the cast of characters that come with that.  If they pick up more Governors races which most of the polls are showing they may do.  Does that give them a mandate to not secure our border, to push their socialist agenda, to raise taxes.  Do they get a mandate if they do win tonight?

Gidley: I don’t think it gives them a mandate.  Listen the President’s agenda is the President’s agenda regardless of who controls the governorships and regardless of who controls the House or the Senate. The President got in office to do those things like secure our borders.  And I think the American people at large understand that, that’s why they voted for him that’s why they want the wall, that’s why they want to end chain migration and visa lottery those types of things. And look, this isn’t a 50/50 issue in this country. A Harvard Harris poll had it 70/30 for a wall, 80/20 for closing all these loopholes I mentioned before.  And amongst the Hispanic American community, President Trump’s security of the border agenda is an 80/20 issue there.  It’s 80/20 in the African American community as well.  Because Hispanic Americans also understand they got in line and they did it the right way.  They moved to this country because they wanted to assimilate, they wanted to contribute, and they wanted to move to the best country, the best idea in the history of the planet.  They got that. They don’t want to see somebody coming in, you know in the dark of night, across a fictitious border with no wall and coming and getting in an easy way.  They understand what it took for them to get here.  They are, quite frankly offended at so many who would break the laws to get into this country.  And that’s kind of a universal concept I believe across the country.  Despite the fact the media doesn’t cover it that way.  Most Americans understand that.  Regardless of what happens in these elections, you know they could vote on various topics here and there, but the core of we’re a country and a nation of laws  with borders that need to be enforced I think people get that. And they’ll reject Democrats soundly if they were to take some of these seats and then push that radical agenda.

Leahy rounded out the interview by asking Gidley if he’s ever seen a President that has worked this hard.  Gidley joked that he and Sarah Sanders roll there eyes exhausted when the President wants to keep working.  He was amazed by Donald Trump’s sheer energy and quoted it as being a ‘phenomenon‘.  Gill interjected with the question of why the elections are close with all advantages of the economy and Trump voter enthusiasm?  Gidley believes that one large reason is because of the media’s effect of continuous negative coverage of the President’s accomplishments.  He stated, “Some how, some way the media doesn’t take victory for an answer.  They don’t like it because they don’t like him.  From the word go, from the word Donald Trump is the new President elect of the United States, they have been resisting him even though he’s making their lives better.”


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