Phil Bredesen Supporters Threaten on Twitter to Leave Tennessee

Some of Phil Bredesen’s most ardent supporters are so furious over his election loss Tuesday they’re threatening to pack up and leave Tennessee forever, according to public posts they’ve made on social media.

According to those posts, some of them are sounding the alarm to progressive thinkers all around the country and warning them never to move to the Volunteer State.

Some of them were quite candid over their disgust with Marsha Blackburn and the people who voted for her.

If you voted for Blackburn, more than a few of them said, then your mother most likely works in a profession of ill repute — but that’s just the polite version of what they actually said.

Their exact quotes on the matter are unsuitable for print and do not meet The Tennessee Star’s content standards.

These angry people also like to use the F-word — a lot.

The Star, however, will only embed the family-friendly posts.

To politely paraphrase what Twitter user “thedarthsarah,” said in her (very) early morning tweet, she wants to leave the state — now.

Facebook user Mia Sagara, meanwhile, said she’s on her way out, because Bredesen lost.

“I’ve never had any kind of + expectations for TN, ever,” Sagara said.

“I’m definitely outa here before 2020.”

Facebook user Kendra Estes, meanwhile, said she wants to “thrive in a more enlightened part of the country.”

“In the meantime, I have to hold on to the hope that my place in the trenches will make a difference,” Estes said.

“I will not go quietly.”

Some of the vitriolic posts about Blackburn came from people who are apparent Taylor Swift groupies, who take everything the singer says as gospel.

Another angry Twitter user, SolPanozzo9, had no problem expressing herself the day after the election.

“Good morning to everyone!!!” SolPanozzo9 wrote.

“Except for those who voted for Marsha Blackburn.”

Singer Sheryl Crow, meanwhile, tweeted “Blackburn ran a disgusting and vindictive campaign, in the tradition of Trump.”

Nashville resident Jim Wohlgemuth, who affiliates himself with the leftist Veterans for Peace Chapter 089, said in a Facebook thread the people of Tennessee are too stupid to know what’s in their own best interests.

“We have to educate all the groups and organizations…we have to share…and then the Democrats have to run someone exciting…someone that will capture the imagination of the young and marginalized,” Wohlgemuth said.

“Tennessee has to have an Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or someone similar who can shake things up. But they have to be found now before January.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]





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32 Thoughts to “Phil Bredesen Supporters Threaten on Twitter to Leave Tennessee”

  1. Chris

    Don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the Good Lord split ya

  2. Richard McEnroe


  3. […] as schooling, employment, retirement or just better weather. After reading the November 8th, 2018 article in The Tennessee Star by Chris Butler chronicling many Bredesen supporters taking to social media […]

    1. Sara Anglin

      All I can say is: “get the hell gone”.



  5. Wayne Forkum

    Problem, liberals never follow through on the leaving.

  6. Dan

    I’m so sick of hearing the word marginalized that I could puke. There are no marginalized in Tennessee or the USA. The “marginalized” are those who’ve been indoctrinated with the anti-American demofascists’ inhuman spirit of victimology.

  7. Gail

    It would be nice to have all liberals and Dems leave Tennessee. It would be a better place.

  8. Bill

    There are 4 interstates leading out of the state, so there’s really no excuse. I suggest air travel, however, it’s much faster.

  9. Megan Barry

    I’m headed for Canada. Not stopping till I see polar bears.

    1. John Bumpus

      Promises, promises, promises . . .

  10. Dilligaf

    Please do so! I’ll even help ya pack lol

  11. Randall

    It’ll help Make America Great Again.

  12. Austin

    Let’s all push the panic button!

  13. Conservative Minded

    My wife and I just moved from California to Tennessee. Property values are one third the price in California, property taxes are less than 20% those in California, income taxes are non-existent here versus 9-11% there, gasoline is a dollar less per gallon here, plastic bags and straws have not been outlawed in Tennessee, just to name a few differences from a liberally versus conservatively managed state. Be careful what you wish for progressive thinkers.

  14. That’s not a “threat,” that’s a RELIEF! 😀

  15. Jim G

    I will be glad to help them pack, and I have a pick’em up truck!

  16. tballard

    “some of them are sounding the alarm to progressive thinkers all around the country and warning them never to move to the Volunteer State.”

    Good, our plan worked to perfection!

  17. lb they say “Delta is ready when you are”…do we need to start a Go Fund Me to help you?

  18. Kafir

    To those socialist libturds threatening to leave TN…don’t let the door hit you in the fat ass as you leave. Buh-bye…

  19. Sim

    Don’t bother to close the door behind you as you leave,

    We’ll be “SO HAPPY” you’re gone, we’ll gladly close the door.

    P.S. Don’t write or even come back to see us, If you really want to make us “HAPPY”.

    By By y’all.

  20. Bill Delzell

    Tennessee when I was growing up as a child was actually a welcoming place for several progressives from the 1940’s at least through the early 1990’s when the state elected the likes of Estes Kefauver, Albert Gore’s, Sr. and Jr., Ross Bass, Howard Barker’s Sr. and the Senate where they supported most civil rights laws and where most of them refused to sign the pro-segregationist Southern Manifesto of 1956. Tennessee even had some progressive Congressional representatives like the father of Howard Baker, Jr., Ross Bass who represented a white rural district, and so forth. While many of Tennessee’s neighboring states violently resisted civil rights laws, Tennessee quietly complied thanks to Governors like Frank Clement, Winfield Dunn, and others .and managed to attract out-of-state.
    businesses as a result.

    Tennessee had universities like Vanderbilt, Fisk, and the University of Tennessee systems during the 1960’s and 1970’s that allowed anti-war and other leftists a forum–something almost unheard of in other Bible Belt states.

    I hope that Blackburn’s and Lee’s election will not result in an exodus of progressive residents. That would be a shame if victories by the far right would scare off businesses, academicians, and other progressive types from Tennessee.

    Much of the blame falls on Blue-Dog Democrats like Bredesen who thought he could betray the Democratic Party’s progressive base and be a Marsha Blackburn-lite.

    1. Traditional Thinker

      Think again Bill D. It wasn’t that Bredesen wasn’t progressive enough, it was that he wasn’t conservative enough. The volunteer state as seen tuesday night, is predominately conservative, not liberally progressive. As is the case with the democrat party, they’re all progressive these days. You might stand a better chance if the majority was all blue dog democrats. But keep drinking that koolaide and stop wishing for a progressive tennessee if it means resembling California culture. We’re not interested at all.

  21. Bryan Tittle

    Sounds like Tennessee is facing some dramatic improvements. Most likely a raise in IQ, decrease in Meth use, and lower taxpayers liability to support those who are upset and leaving. Please keep us updated on the exodus to California. I may be looking for a good deal on Tennessee property.

  22. Alan

    Snowflakes crack me up! They throw a temper tantrum like a 5-year-old and threaten to run away from home. What do they think, we’ll all rescind our votes and send them to Bredesen like a do-over so they won’t run away? Morons!

  23. L.P. Barnett

    Sheryl, Taylor, all other leftists; Please leave immediately. And thank you for playing.

  24. Habu


  25. Bill

    Tennessee has to have an Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Hahahaha! To what? Dumb it down below the earths surface? I know this is what libs would like to happen so that those who would destroy the moral fiber of the state could walk right in without a fight and take over, but thankfully, for now that plan has been thwarted. That’s what makes tennessee a great place to live!

  26. Traditional Thinker

    Please leave, please. Load your stupid electric cars and move to California and live with all of your degenerate immoral occupants.You are not Tennesseans to begin with. You’re illegal aliens in a state that respects wholesome living. You want to change this culture that respects God, human life, and morality, and turn it into a decaying cesspool. You push LGBT, abortion, atheism, lawlessness, and anti constitutional thought. Tennessee spoke clearly Tuesday night when we said we don’t need nor want your kind in this great state. So once again, Sheryl Crow and everyone else, respect those who allowed you to profit in this great state and shut your filthy mouths, or leave.

    1. Diana.G.M

      Yes, if they want to leave Tennessee I could be probably best they do. Because it’s about them. With all the immoral, disgraceful thing’s we have had to live up to, sounds it’s a part of the life they have or like. California would be a great state for them and would welcome them. They need to step back and let our home state and people alone because we are not going anywhere. I hate the fact about abortion, gang’s, crime and homosexuals that has been taken our state down in disrespect. And for the star’s that like to make our money here, maybe they should stand with the little grown children..because if we have to pay for the shows that profit from, and feel they should have all say of who is the one’s to run our state..we don’t need them to profit from us..Because that is not profits of anything for’s about them!

  27. Tim

    For the people leaving. Please post when the giveaway of your stuff is and also because you hate the tax cut so badly advise where we need to pick up you money.
    Thanks in advance for leaving

  28. jack

    In The Most Famous words of Powers Booth in the movie Tombstone…………WELL BYE!!!!!!!