Commentary: To All the Disillusioned Bredesen Supporters, Illinois Awaits

by Marshall Towe


One of the enduring beauties of America is our freedom of movement. Citizens easily migrate between States, unregulated, for things such as schooling, employment, retirement or just better weather. After reading the November 8th, 2018 article in The Tennessee Star by Chris Butler chronicling many Bredesen supporters taking to social media with threats of leaving Tennessee, there is a clear message to be conveyed: Illinois wants you!

For years now, hundreds of people per day immigrate to Tennessee, one of the fastest growing States, while Chicago, in Cook County, in the State of Illinois have topped the list of most population lost in each the these category for years.

For those Bredesen supporters upset with the election result and the direction of Tennessee, nothing can beat a debt-ridden Illinois, where its $225 billion debt is tops in the country, with the added benefit of a bond rating one notch above junk. Tennessee, with its constitutionally mandated balanced budget and State Government with the fiscal responsibility to manage its budget to an annual surplus while accumulating a rainy day fund, is not for you.

It is a guarantee that Chicago will welcome and embrace you with open arms, don’t mind the recent outbreak of assaults and car-jackings and the average 700 murders and over 3,000 shootings per year. For those minor inconveniences, you get a sanctuary City, failing public schools, the USA’s highest sales tax, highest per gallon gasoline tax and second highest property taxes. Chicago even taxes the bags you put your groceries in. A GREAT DEAL FOR THOSE CLAMORING FOR SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE POLICES, BURDENSOME TAXES, A FULLY DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED LEGISLATURE AND A FAILING GOVERNMENT.

Illinois’ Democratic controlled State legislature, after going two years without even passing a State budget, completed a 60% hike in the State income tax in 2016. Now the newly elected Democrat Governor will seek to fulfill his campaign promise of instituting an even higher progressive income tax along the lines of New York and California. For the progressive, Tennessee clearly cannot compete with this lunacy with its zero State income tax.

While Nashville’s recent Democratic mayoral scandal resulted in embarrassment, a plea deal and a resignation, Illinois can offer the Bredesen progressives far more corruption. It has the distinction of being the only State to ever have two of its Governors in federal prison at the same time, not to mention the several other recent Governors that have been indicted. Illinois was also was the first State to have a political married couple, in husband and US Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr, and wife and Chicago Councilwoman Sandi Jackson, indicted and convicted at the same time for tax evasion and fraud. Add this to the routine indictment and conviction of Chicago alderman, State and US Congressmen, heads of the Chicago Public Schools as well as racism scandals at the Chicago Water Department, a generational political patronage structure and this Progressive Democratic controlled State is for you.

Without any doubt Tennessee’s Republican super majority in legislature will ensure its ongoing success and continue to make this State a prime destination for those seeking refuge and protection from oppressive taxes, intrusive government regulation and low growth.

As a recent immigrant to the Nashville area, leaving behind a lifetime of the terrible and corrupt policies in Chicago and Illinois, there can be no clearer difference than in the quality of life. Tennessee offers lower cost of living, limited government, a massively lower tax burden, not to mention higher State GDP and population growth, lower unemployment, less crime, far better weather and friendly neighbors.

The good news for those Bredesen supporters is that failing States like Illinois offer everything they are looking for. Illinois Governor-elect JB Pritzker, the wealthiest man ever to be elected Governor in the US, has pledged massive tax increases on income and property and even an innovative tax on every a mile driven. Of course that comes with a slew of new and unfunded government programs and the expansion of sanctuary city policies, all at the expense of its middle class citizens. No need to worry about the debt crisis of course, there will always be a tax increase to be had somewhere.

The beauty of America is our freedoms and our vast array of diverse communities in which to live. Clearly, Tennessee is working in a way that is attracting a tremendously growing population that embraces its policies and quality of life. At the completion of the 2020 census Tennessee stands to gain at least one seat in Congress while Illinois could lose as many as two due to its declining population. Illinoisan’s are voting with their feet making plenty of room for those disenchanted Bredesen supporters seeking refuge from success.

So to all those quoted disenchanted Bredesen supporters in Mr. Butler’s article, who “never had any expectations for Tennessee” while threatening to “leave Tennessee now” for a “more enlightened environment” take it from a happily relocated cultural, economic and political refugee and a proud and enthusiastic Marsha Blackburn, Mark Green, Bill Lee and State of Tennessee supporter – IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM JOIN THEM – ILLINOIS AWAITS AND IT OFFERS EVERYTHING YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!

– – –

Marshall Towe is technology and energy executive and entrepreneur that grew up in the Chicagoland area in the 1970’s and recently moved to Franklin TN with his wife to enjoy the good life.





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4 Thoughts to “Commentary: To All the Disillusioned Bredesen Supporters, Illinois Awaits”

  1. Randall Beardsley

    Brace yourselves Tenneseeans! Everyone I know from my OLD home state of Illinois is fed up, and planning to retire elsewhere. Missing fromthis article is the doubling of income tax in 2011. Real estate taxes are in the stratosphere now, and hey’re talking about raising them again. Tax the “rich”. (Meaning anyone with a job in Illinois)

  2. Randall

    I hear Honduras and Guatemala have openings.

  3. Silence Dogood

    The truth is sweet for those who have ears to listen. The rest can move to Illinois, California, or New York. Please move.

  4. tballard

    For the progressives looking to leave Tennessee, there are just so many choices: Illinois as mentioned above, but also California and New York. If you like income re-distribution, sanctuary cities and laws governing every aspect of your lives, those are definitely the places for you.