Jerry Brown Blames Those Who Deny Global Warming for Deadly Wildfires

by Michael Bastasch


California Gov. Jerry Brown said “those who deny” man-made global warming are “definitely contributing” to the deadly, devastating wildfires forcing thousands of residents out of their homes.

Brown made the comments during a Sunday press conference where he warned that global warming created a “new abnormal” for the state, including fueling deadly wildfires. The Democrat said better forest management was only a partial solution to the problem.

“Managing the forests in every way we can does not stop climate change, and those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years,” Brown said.

“The chickens are coming home to roost. This is real here,” Brown said before saying he wanted people to “pull together” to tackle the problem.

Three major fires scorched more than 200,000 acres, mostly in Northern California, since Thursday, according to Cal Fire. Firefighters only contained about one-quarter of raging infernos, which left at least 31 dead.

The 111,000-acre Camp Fire became the most destructive in state history, destroying more than 6,800 structures and displacing tens of thousands of people. The fire spread quickly due to bone-dry conditions and fast-moving Santa Ana winds.

Brown’s comments come after President Donald Trump said he’d pull federal funding if California did not “remedy” its wildfire problems. Trump blamed “poor” forest management for increasingly large fires.

“There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor,” Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

“Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!” Trump tweeted.

Trump’s tweet sparked outrage among Democrats, but wildfire experts do say decades of mismanagement on federal and state lands increased fire risks in recent decades. Development into fire prone areas have also played a role in fires becoming larger and more destructive.

Virtually all California wildfires are man-made, according to an August analysis by U.S. Geological Survey expert Jon Keeley. The explosion of development into wildfire-prone areas is increasing the risks of ignitions from engines, power lines and lawn mowers, Keeley said.

Utility PG&E may be to blame for the deadly blaze, CBS Sacramento reported Friday night. State officials blamed PG&E power lines, conductors and power poles earlier this year for 12 deadly Northern California fires that raged in 2017.

However, Brown vetoed bipartisan legislation requiring utilities to do more to mitigate wildfire risks near power lines and electricity infrastructure. Instead, Brown signed a bill in September that would allow PG&E, the state’s largest utility, to bill ratepayers for legal liabilities for wildfires in 2017.

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25 Thoughts to “Jerry Brown Blames Those Who Deny Global Warming for Deadly Wildfires”

  1. Tracy

    Believing junk science again!!

  2. Jaydonone1

    He still still doesn’t get the fact that we honestly don’t care what he thinks. LMAO!!

  3. Jaydonone1

    Moonbeam needs to find a nice quiet retirement community & rock on..

  4. Simplynotred

    Sure Jerry!
    We should blame you mothers DNA for your Stupid Politics with this kind of reasoning.
    It’s you’re mothers fault that you spent money on Sanctuary Cities instead of Clearing out the underbrush in California Forest. Global Warming caused fires. Yeah and the Moon caused the traffic accidents in the Northern Hemisphere, while the Sun caused them in the Southern Hemisphere.

    What a complete fool!

    Blame your mothers DNA!

  5. David

    Moonbeam, you are dispeckble at best, and dangerously deadly at worse. Liberal policies are the real culprit, NOT conservatives who wanted to remove and/or address the tender that lead to the recent deadly fires.

    You have time and funding for illegal aliens, people who have absolutely no right to be in the US, denying your legal law abiding US citizens living in California services vital to the state welfare.

    Suck it up, own it. Trump is more man by accident than you are on purpose. Your priorities are a mess. Go away, far away where you can do no more harm.

  6. Lee Welter

    The “Goldwater Rule” prevents a psychiatric diagnosis without a valid assessment, but a “5150 hold” permits a mandatory assessment of someone who is a danger to himself or others. This man seems to be a candidate.

  7. Ed C

    Moonbeam is upset that more people are on to the man-made climate scam.

  8. Ana Maus

    And we blame you, for putting the illegals ahead of the safety of Americans. You claim there was no money to remove dead trees left by the bug epidemic that kill many, but you did have money to give illegals free health care, free education and free everything, to keep them voting for your party.You

  9. Dennis Vermeer

    Talk about placing the blame on someone else’s shoulders, That is exactly what MoonBeam did.. He allowed our forests to become over grown, because of the Friggen SPOTTED OWL, and all of the activists and tree huggers.. Oh My Gosh, We need a REAL PERSON to run our State, But Now we have The Same Song Same Verse With the Incoming Governor, He isn’t any better.. Plus HE wants OPEN BORDERS, WAKE UP PEPOLE, WE ARE IN FOR A LONG RIDE ON THE SHORT BUS FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS….

    1. Myrapatalolo

      But not only did moon shine head allow the preservation of the spotted owl he vetoed a bill 2 years ago that would have eradicated 129 million dead trees which was the cause of some much combustion and how the camp fire got so wild and out of control so quickly. The blood is on his girlie hands and his turtle wax shined, big, bald head.

  10. Michele Brewer

    He really should be in jail. He is no Winston Churchill. What about the pics and videos of the blue beams coming down and starting the fires. Are we supposed to just forget the fact that we saw this?? But…alas….no problem! Rothschild will build a castle there, before the fires are done smouldering. Yeah….he’s a great leader…sic.

  11. SJVwarrior

    It’s not climate change moron its push poor management like many who live there have been saying. Are we getting the message that when the dems are in control things go to sh!t.

  12. Mark

    Yeah and he is the Dumbass governor sitting on his ass not doing his job. And the Dumbass ppl that keep voting him back in office. Just like your other politicians you keep voting in office. Palosi brown and that other ugly ass woman.

  13. Pat Finley

    The only globe that is warming is on his shoulders.

  14. Bowie

    I thought it was attributed to a campfire that went out of control.

    1. Cliff Reams

      No. That’s just what they NAMED this fire. The cause was a blown electrical conductor owned by the utility company.

  15. K Roe Buy

    I hear he’s writing an autobiographical novel. It’s a pop-up book entitled: ‘Confessions of a Nincompoop for Hire (If You’re Good at Something, Never do it for Free)’. . .

  16. teri

    PG&E Partners with CAL FIRE to Combat Bark Beetles and the dead trees , “In some communities, bark beetles have killed 85 percent of the trees. Then you have the tree huggers complaining if trees are treated or removed what about the natural environment !! Hey tree huggers the forestry department along with pg&e worked together for years to ensure not only the natural environment but the safety of all those who live near these sites until you idiots ! who protest removal of trees and the use of pesticides to combat the situation and controlled burn sites so after all the years of fighting BOOM ! fires rage , lives lost and the opening these remote areas for more logging like we use too and actually spraying to kill off the bark beetles these fires would not be so out of control ! SO who do I blame POLITICS ! and those who think they know all ! Not global warming BUT POLITICAL THUGS AS THE ONE PICTURED ABOVE !!

    1. mike grunewald

      great comment moon beam is about the dumbest

    2. Habu

      You are 100% correct.
      Forbidding the harvesting of dead & infected trees is pure insanity. A little known fact is after the lumber companies have finished the cut they are required to plant replacements of the specie that was removed.
      Either we (humans) take proper management of the forests or “Mother Earth” will.
      The difference is “Mother Earth” usually reacts in a much more devastating fashion.
      Interesting that moonbeam claims global warming with many scientists now claiming that the earth is entering a potential “mini ice age”.

  17. Tommy Jefferson 23 Counties in North California want thei4 own state..X X

  18. Jim Forsythe

    Jerry is just an idiot! The climate has been changing back and forth since the Earth was created.

    1. lee

      Absolutely! There are NO words to describe this Governor. Should have his own show, “As the World Burns.” Every year same song 110th verse. Sadly!

      1. CCW

        What is really sad is that Fly Over Country through FEMA will pay 70% of damages to recover from those fires, with Cal paying 30% balance. Same thing with the Oroville Dam rebuild in Northern Cal. So, how much would we here in Lamar Land have to pay to just have the Sacremento Clowns STFU!