Governor-Elect Bill Lee Launches New Website To Stay Connected With Tennesseans During Transition

The day after he was elected as the 50th Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee announced the launch of a new transition website.

The website,, “seeks to engage Tennesseans to help share ideas to help take our state from good to great,” alluding to the 2001 management book. Lee referenced the book as he made his final campaign stops on the Believe in Tennessee Tour.

Lee elaborated during his Believe in Tennessee tour that good can be the enemy of great by inhibiting the ability to move to the next level. Lee would say, “Tennessee should not just be better, but should lead the nation and show how to address the serious problems.”

Lee encourages sharing of ideas to “unleash the extraordinary problem-solving potential of Tennessee,” on the website’s landing page where Tennesseans have the opportunity to express “Your Ideas for Your Government.”  No doubt, Lee heard lots of ideas as he visited each of the 95 counties on several occasions over the course of the gubernatorial campaign via his and Maria’s used RV, not to mention the tractor tour.

Following an introduction to the Governor-Elect, the website features an overview of Lee’s priorities. The list includes topics familiar to those who followed the Lee for Governor campaign, including creating jobs and growing our economy including agriculture; education with a renewed focus on career, technical and agricultural education; safe neighborhoods; and rural communities.

Newer additions include a healthier Tennessee, the opioid epidemic, transportation and infrastructure, as well as an open and responsive government.

When it comes to infrastructure, it’s no surprise that Lee would apply a “business-minded approach” regarding management of infrastructure assets, with less focus on “flashy projects and more on fiscally responsible, long-term solutions.”

Embracing technology and promoting cost-effective alternatives, Lee has committed to work on reducing highway gridlock without new debt or raising taxes. Lee, who ran a clean campaign not disparaging his Republican primary or general election opponents, stayed the course by not mentioning Governor Bill Haslam’s fuel tax and fee increasing IMPROVE Act.

Under an open and responsive government, Lee “will get out of the bubble of Nashville to deliver State of the State addresses in all three Grand Divisions throughout his tenure,” offering Tennesseans a refreshing change to his predecessor who is probably remembered getting out of Nashville primarily for ribbon cuttings and promoting his IMPROVE Act.

Leading an overhaul of the open records and meetings acts caught the immediate attention of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government. TCOG Executive Director Deborah Fisher, after quoting Lee’s transition website on the topic, summarized some of the recent activities related to and issues with the open records laws in particular, including the numerous statutory exemptions to public access.

The transition website also features a “Join The Team” page, allowing interested parties to submit their resume and identify their area of interest from a list of 23 areas within the Administration, including the Governor’s Office itself.









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3 Thoughts to “Governor-Elect Bill Lee Launches New Website To Stay Connected With Tennesseans During Transition”

  1. william srmek

    Gov Lee. I have notices our state has many vehicles that are not made in Tennessee. There is no reason for this because EVERY car, van, suv, and pick–up our state uses is made right here. Our state motto is “Buy Tennessee First” but I don’t see our state government adhering to these principles. According to the auto seven permanent jobs are made for every vehicle sold. I know we have a bidding process but that is mostly you rub my back I will rub yours. I believe our state could negociate with the car companies directly instead of local dealers. President Trump did it why can’t you. I see way too many imported cars in our state garage.


    1. joyce beasley

      it is depressing to see our country go to the dogs. kids at 16 voting is crazy. palosi and her bunch have committed treason. just how far can they go before they are stopped. If they work for the people ,why cant the people fire her ? what can we do ? muslims have no reason to hold any office in the U.S. I am very upset I have great grand children who have to live here when im gone.they should have better opportunities than I had when I was growing up. we didn’t vote for Trump for him to be nice ,he has a job to do, let him do it.

  2. Mike Brumbelow

    Governor elect Lee, I’m a seventh generation Tennessean also. I’m Mike Brumbelow in Manchester. I was born in Memphis in 1951, lived in Hardeman, Montgomery, Warren and now Coffee County. Plus, I spent six years in the Navy and Naval Reserve with an honorable discharge. I’m writing you about my profession prior to retirement. I was a Powerhouse operator or boiler operator at Bridgestone/Firestone in Morrison near McMinnville. There is a shortage in this profession as the Navy doesn’t use boilers any longer so no one is being trained. From Memphis to Kingsport, many plants have openings for these jobs. And I fear that the training is terrible and these jobs have the capability of explosions and they have happened. How can I help you with this skilled labor job and is there anything I can do to better train folks for this position? The city of Memphis and Shelby County requires a test in order to obtain a license to operate a high pressure boiler. I actually had one of their 1st class steam engineer’s license and a 2nd class license from the city of New Orleans. Beside operating boilers, the powerhouse operator operates large compressed air systems, chiller and HVAC systems, cooling water and water treatment as well as pumps valves, etc. There have been boilers explosions in Springfield, Murfreesboro and compressed air explosion in LaVergne in the last few years. The Powerhouse operator is a great job but it has the potential to hurt or kill many folks. All hospitals, most factories, schools, colleges, etc have boilers and many have decades of operation behind them. Usually, a boiler inspector will check the boiler once a year. But no one checks the boiler operator. I think this is a very serious problem with possibly a deadly outcome. I’m so proud you were elected and you understand skilled labor and the need for training. Right now there isn’t any for a Powerhouse operator. If I can assist you in this process, please let me know. If it saves one life, it’s certainly worth it. Thank you for your time and I wish you all the luck in the world in your new administration.