Dr. Gina Loudon Commentary: I Am ‘Becky,’ and I’ll Vote How I Darn Well Please

by Dr. Gina Loudon, Ph.D.


Bitter liberals have found a scapegoat for their mediocre performance in the midterm elections: her name is “Becky,” and they can’t stand her. While the Democrats did take the majority in the House, they fell short of running the tables on election night.

Two years after a majority of white women voted for Donald Trump, liberals are furious that a constituency they once thought was firmly in their extremist camp would defy them yet again and deliver defeats for some of their favorite Democrats.

For instance, they’re struggling to understand how these women could dare vote against heroes in the fight against “the patriarchy” such as Beto O’Rourke in Texas and warriors against “white privilege” like Stacey Abrams in Georgia.

It’s simple, left-wing legal blogger Elie Mystal informs us: “White women gonna white.”

The Daily Show’s Tavon Free — a black man — can’t bear that “White women did what white women do” by voting Republican in 2018.

Self-described radical feminist Mona Eltahawy is sure it’s because white women are “foot soldiers of the patriarchy.” Rolling Stone’s Jamil Smith is upset that white women “again voted as if patriarchy would protect them.”

“White women vote for Republicans for the same reason that white men do: because they are racist,” The Guardian’s Moira Donegan wrote, asserting authoritatively that they find “racist sadism gratifying. It is fun for them.” Liberals wish all white women would be as self-loathing as Miss Donegan.

Liberals even have a slur for white women who don’t act the way they like.”Becky” is why Democrats didn’t win as many seats as they were supposed to. White women need to “get “their Becky situation in order,” according to an organizer of the Women’s March. Don’t worry, though. They assure us there’s nothing racist about singling women out by race and calling them “Beckies.” After all, you can’t be racist against white women.

If a prominent conservative were to publish just one screed like the ones above against any group that mostly supports Democrats, not only would it be the end of the author’s career, but the media would also insist that it necessitates a “national conversation.”
But white women? We’re fair game.

When we exercise our constitutional right to make our choice in the ballot booth, liberals find it perfectly acceptable to portray us as deluded, sadistic bimbos too blinded by our overbearing “patriarchal” husbands or our own bigotry to vote properly.

I wonder if liberals have stopped to think whether there might be other reasons that white women, especially married white women with kids, have resoundingly rejected their bullying and voted Republican.

Maybe we identify more strongly with our “evil white male” husbands and sons than the feminist “sisterhood” that thinks we’re “so gross it’s f***ing embarrassing.”

Maybe we’re not exactly champing at the bit to vote for a party that embraces people like Kyrsten Sinema, who thinks stay-at-home moms are “leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks.”

We’re not “voting against our own interests,” as Vogue’s Michelle Ruiz seems to think we are. We actually do want the government to enforce our laws and keep our communities safe. We actually like keeping more of the money we earn, and have seen real benefit from Republicans’ tax-cuts and the robust economy they’ve fostered.

The liberal fantasy that we are a monolithic voting bloc motivated solely by “women’s issues” is both demeaning and inaccurate. Just because we’re women did not mean we automatically wanted to destroy Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family over evidence-free accusations from high school. We believe in due process just as strongly as men, thank you very much.

Just because we’re women does not mean we all hold extremist pro-abortion views, either. Women have the same diversity of opinion about abortion as men — perhaps even more so, since it’s an issue that affects us so uniquely.

Just like Americans as a whole, only a very small minority of women support the “no restrictions, abortion-on-demand into the third trimester” demands of the radical feminist left. Like President Trump, most women also agree that tax dollars should not be used to fund abortions abroad.

We’re not voting “against our interests,” Michelle. We’re voting how we, as free-thinking individuals, decide is best.

The Democrat Party and the liberal media continue to demonize white women who don’t toe the liberal line with spiteful and unfair rhetoric. It shouldn’t surprise them that the targets of their vitriol continue to vote Republican in droves.
– – –

Dr. Gina Loudon, Ph.D. is a bestselling author, columnist, and frequent news commentator. She was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention and currently serves on the Donald J. Trump for President Media Advisory Board. 


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10 Thoughts to “Dr. Gina Loudon Commentary: I Am ‘Becky,’ and I’ll Vote How I Darn Well Please”

  1. […] politicians and liberal commentators regularly badger and shame the huge numbers of women who enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump in 2016, treating us as […]

  2. Ron Dickson

    Poor poor racist Democracts. You lost get over it. The Majority has rejected your racism

  3. David

    These people who lay the “racist” card on the table when things do not go their way are sick!!

    Could it be simply the candidate’s political views are wrong??

    Could it be the candidate they fielded is out of step with the vast majority of the constituents they wish to represent?

    Instead, they prefer to say white people are racist. The election of Barack Obama causes that accusation to fly in the face of reason. There simply are insufficient black people to elect a non-white (in appearance at least) without white voters.

    Socialism and communism are NOT what we in the US embrace. Socialism and communism cause common misery for all, and can only fail as it kills incentive to better one’s lot in life.

    I and the overwhelming majority of people care not what color your skin is, we DO care what your politics are. Dumascraps have twisted truth to the point they can not only tell the truth, they would believe any lie set before them. There is no basis for a “transgender” other than someone is gender confused, a mental disorder. Nature made us physically what we are, male of female. Less than .02% are born with physical issues which once investigated are simply mistakes in the genetic code that produced a physical deformity, such spina bifida, cleft palate and such but does not alter the mental status. The conscious state is learned. Parenting- or lack of- makes the difference.

  4. Benji Vulao

    ROFL. An article that does exactly what it claims everyone else (that the author conveniently stands in opposition to..) is doing. Generalization.

    And then it doesn’t even adequately explain the origin of the “Becky” nickname. Of course, that makes sense because Republicans never feel it necessary to put in the actual effort, content with connecting one third of the dots and, surprise, every picture looks like Ronald Reagan. Becky being, afterall, a racist and entitled loser.. this mindset makes even more sense.

  5. Becky Lindey

    It’s fascinating to see how someone who works on Trump’s media advisory board can spin the truth. My name is actually Becky and I am a democrat. The only patriarchy I see is in the current administration under Donald Trump. He has said racist things, he has been demeaning to women and he claims that those fleeing death in the caravan are dangerous people. The liberal party is the opposite of what Dr. Gina Louden claims. If you listen or read Reuters, considered one of the most truthful, albeit boring, news sources you’ll find that unfortunately the most racist, uncivil and unpatriotic things are being done by the Republicans. White males and white women have never been the targets of the Democrats, I I am married to one and I am one so I should know. We want more inclusiveness and equality to all our advantage. We are more alike than you might think!

    1. Edward


      I read your post, and your denial that democrats are promoting racism against white women. However, I did not see where you addressed any of the extremely racist and degrading quotes made by the liberals in the article against white women.

      As these quotes demean my highly educated wife and daughters I find it extremely offensive. They are accomplished conservative women and should be respected for having a diversity of opinion.

  6. Wrong Verb

    I find it interesting that the author goes to great lengths to tell us what she is not, yet never stops to tell us what she is. Nor does she offer any insight into why she is what she is. All I see is someone trying to rebel against cultural change, nothing more.

  7. Marsha

    Remember back when white males were the Democrat’s targets? They still are, but now it’s become acceptable to vilify and demonize white women, too. Who didn’t see that coming?

  8. Well said Thank You.
    We believe racism is wrong no matter which side it comes from. The extremists who took over the democrat party are dangerous to civility.