Bedford County Rodeo Under Suspicion Cancels Event

Officials with a Bedford County arena for Mexican rodeos said they have cancelled a horse racing event this weekend because of a recent Tennessee Star article about them.

The article ran Thursday.

As reported, a few county commissioners suspect the Rancho La Herradura in Bell Buckle of allowing drug deals, prostitution, gambling, and human trafficking, among other things.

Rancho La Herradura made the announcement, in Spanish, on one of the group’s two Facebook pages.

Facebook, however, translated the announcement into English.

“They are informed that the event of this Sunday November 18 is cancelled until further notice. for causes of a note published in the tn star newspaper of Bedford County. Who is accused of rancho la herradura lane. that we mexican sell drugs, consume drugs. Weapons and prostitution with minors. And to finish putting more on the subject that makes fights of roosters.. and human trafficking,” the English translation read.

“That well everyone knows that the lane rancho la herradura only makes horse racing. That’s why it took the decision to cancel the event for the good and safety of all our race.”

Organizers then said they “are working to put a stop to all these people! Well if you can call people to this ball of racists,” they said, although it was unclear to whom they were referring.

As The Star reported, one county commissioner wrote a letter to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement describing concerns about Rancho La Herradura.

This commissioner has asked that The Star not identify him, at least not now.

The commissioner went on to say an Omar Edgar Torres-Rangel, possibly known as Edgar R. Torres, attended a rodeo there late last month.

Torres-Rangel allegedly drove drunk afterwards and killed a 29-year-old Bedford County woman. Torres-Rangel was reportedly injured. Members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol reportedly transported him to Vanderbilt.

As reported, what happened to Torres-Rangel afterwards is unknown. He is no longer a patient at Vanderbilt.

Torres-Rangel is an illegal immigrant, according to sources.

District Attorney Robert Carter, meanwhile, refused to answer when asked if he knows Torres-Rangel’s present location.

For his part, Bedford County Sheriff Austin Swing said Torres-Rangel is not in the county jail.

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