Controversial Thompson’s Station Mayor Napier Re-Elected by 11 Votes After Provisional Ballots Counted


Williamson County Election Administrator Chad Gray says that all provisional and contested ballots in the November 6 election for Thompson’s Station Mayor have been tabulated and that current Mayor Corey Napier has won by 11 votes. Napier defeated challenger Mike Roberts by receiving 1,283 total votes to Roberts’ 1,272 votes.

Napier had a 12 vote margin when votes were counted on Election Day and until provisional votes were included, after which Roberts picked up one additional vote. Of six provisional ballots cast in Thompson’s Station, only one counted in the final tally. That vote went to Roberts.

Napier’s time as Mayor has been surrounded by controversy, including ongoing lawsuits and contentious Board of Mayor and Alderman meetings.  Napier has also seen his wages as Mayor garnished due to unpaid personal taxes.  His extremely narrow margin of victory is unlikely to diminish the conflicts that his leadership has created.

One of Napier’s allies on the Board of Mayor and Alderman was re-elected on November 6, Brandon Bell. Shaun Alexander will replace Ben Dilks, who did not seek reelection. Alexander ran his race in close cooperation with the Roberts’ campaign.

One of the critical issues the City must address immediately is the ongoing threat of a sewage disaster involving the wastewater disposal system.  Issues surrounding the sewage system were raised during the election and now Napier and the BOMA must find a way to address it.

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Photo “Corey Napier” by Corey Napier.

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