Sen. Mike Lee Says Mueller Protection Bill Would Create A ‘De Facto Fourth Branch of Government’

by Nick Givas


Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said Thursday he does not support the Senate bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller because it would create a “de facto fourth branch of government” unanswerable to the Constitution.

Lee was discussing Michael Cohen’s guilty plea for making false statements to Congress regarding the Russia probe and said it’s time for Mueller to wrap things up.

“I hope that it is wrapping soon. This has been going on for the better part of two years and I want him to finish his work and I think he ought to wrap it up soon,” Lee said on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom” Thursday.

Lee said Cohen’s plea shouldn’t change anything about the Russia probe and criticized the proposed Senate bill to protect Mueller as the special counsel.

“I don’t think it changes anything about how I look at the probes,” he replied. “I certainly don’t think it changes anything about how I look at the Flake/Coons bill, that would try to create a de facto fourth branch of government … unanswerable to the president of the United States, operating outside of the separation of powers system established by our Constitution.”

“I still oppose that and nothing about that changes,” Lee continued. “I don’t think anything about this latest development with Cohen also necessarily indicates that the Mueller probe has to last much longer.”

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One Thought to “Sen. Mike Lee Says Mueller Protection Bill Would Create A ‘De Facto Fourth Branch of Government’”

  1. Kenneth M Sears

    It’s time to stop characterizing Robert Mueller’s methods as “McCarthyism” and, instead, enshrine Mr. Mueller himself for future generations as an icon of pernicious, unbridled state persecution.
    “MUELLERISM” means roping in any random schlemiel, demanding he produce dirt (“testi-lie”) on the Big Cheese you’re after, and if he doesn’t you drill him on every thought, word, deed and communication of his for the past ten years, on all of which you’ve got the crib notes in hand—and the first thing the poor schlemiel gets wrong lands him with an indictment for perjury.
    The sin of MUELLERISM is compounded when the inquisitors themselves set up the phony sting to begin with to entrap the schlemiel.
    MUELLERISM is evil. It’s the Inquisition, it’s the Salem Witch Trials, it’s, yes, McCarthyism, it’s all of them in 21st-century guise. And the perjury indictment is today’s blacklist, gallows, auto-da-fé.