Steve Gill: Three Reasons We Can Turn the Country Around

On Thursday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy discussed the three reasons why there is opportunity to save America and how the Democratic party always makes conflicting promises that they can never keep, nor are accountable for.  Steve Gill went into detail about how we can save our country, and in the end pointed out that we are going to have love our country more than the left hates it.

Gill: Three reasons why I think there is an opportunity to push back against this perception controls reality.  That liberalism wins and that this mass migration that is undercutting the culture of America will destroy us from within.

Leahy: The arc of history leans towards justice.

Gill: Well yeah, that will be part of it yeah that ultimately the arc of history, somebody will emerge as a country, like the United States did worldwide.  It became that as Reagan would say, “last best hope of the world.” Somebody else will emerge, because some of will leave and go somewhere else and start a new America.  It will be tough, it will be difficult.  But there’s going to be all these vacant countries to the South that we can go refill that…(Inaudible crosstalk)

Leahy: (Chuckles) and they’re all coming up here to illegally enter…

Gill: We’ll take Venezuela over make Venezuela the new America.  Anyway, three reasons.  One, and we talked a little bit about this earlier.  Gravity and reality do trump liberal fantasy worlds.  I mean the liberals can clutch themselves and clutch their pearls and wish and hope there are unicorns.  There are no unicorns. Gravity exists.  You can jump off a building and hope that gravity doesn’t exist because some group of scientists have opined kind of like global warming that (Serious voice) “I’ve got a science degree that gravity doesn’t work.” And you can jump off the building and you will find that nine out of ten scientists are wrong.

Leahy: It still works.

Gill: Reality will trump the liberal fantasy world eventually. That may be a painful process. And you’re going to have a lot of people jumping off buildings before some people say, “you know, that jumping off buildings thing isn’t working to well, maybe because we’re having to scoop innards off the sidewalk.”

Leahy: Well you’re talking about the difference between theory and empirical evidence.

Gill: Like, global warming.  Reality trumps their fantasy world even if they get a bunch of scientists to spew nonsense based upon bad math.  Second. From a political standpoint, liberalism works when you’re out of power because you can make all these promises to all these conflicting constituency groups. You can tell illegal immigrants, “come here, we have jobs for you.”  While you’re telling the labor unions, “we’re with you.” And the illegals aren’t going to come take your jobs.

Leahy: You can make promises because you’re never called on delivering.

Gill: But when you get in power, all of sudden you’ve got to please the illegals and the labor unions who conflict.  There’s a story up on Breitbart today. An illegal alien pleads guilty to raping and murdering a Muslim teen. Ok, the left can cater to the Islamists all they want, they can cater to the illegals, but when you start having illegals raping and killing Muslim women, suddenly which group do you cater to more?

Leahy: You’ve got a problem there.

Gill: The Muslims or the Illegals. So at some point, when you get power, you’ve got to cater to conflicting groups because you can’t deliver everything to everybody. You can just promise everything to everybody.

Leahy: (Chuckling) They’re good at that.

Gill: Which is enough to fool stupid people which traditionally live in blue states and vote blue.  And finally, they’re preaching to the choir. Ultimately America we realize that the left and these stupid policies are nuts. So we still have a window of opportunity for America to have that common sense take place.  But the key is what we do. We have to love America more than they hate America.  And they hate America really really really a lot.

Leahy: They really do.

Gill: Do we love America to fight and take it back. Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, showed that all the Hollywood celebrities, all the money, all the predictions of the media, all the fake news media.  That just because they said Hillary was going to win, America went into the ballot box and with their invisible bumper stickers on their cars saying support Trump, nobody has to know, they fought to take their country back.  The question is, we’ve got to do it every day.

Leahy: I like that phrase, “Love America More Than They Hate America.”

Gill: And recognize they really really hate it. So we’re going to have to really really love it.


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