Kid Rock Is Out As Grand Marshal of Nashville Christmas Parade After Calling Joy Behar Derogatory Word

Kid Rock is out as the grand marshal of the Nashville Christmas Parade after he called Joy Behar a word that starts with “b,” according to ABC News.

The colorful singer appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, live from Nashville, and made the remark about Behar of “The View.”

Parade organizers instead invited James Shaw Jr., the hero who wrestled a gun away from the Waffle House shooter in April.

Nashville Mayor David Briley and Councilman Freddie O’Connell had threatened to boycott the parade over Kid Rock, according to Fox 17 News.

“If Kid Rock is still the grand marshal tomorrow, the mayor is inclined not to participate,” the mayor’s office said in a statement Friday.

O’Connell said, “I will not be participating in tomorrow’s Nashville Christmas parade. The choice of Grand Marshal evokes neither the spirit of Christmas nor the inclusivity I think represents the best of Nashville.”

In the “Fox & Friends” interview, Kid Rock also bemoaned political correctness, Townhall said.

Rock said everyone deserves love, minus one person in particular – Behar. He then used the derogative term.

“No, no, no, no,” host Steve Doocy interrupted. “You cannot say that. We apologize for that.”

“I mean lady,” Kid Rock then said.

Kid Rock said he was joking, Huffington Post said.

“Aside from joking, which I was,” Rock said. “Go out and hash it out with people and have your thoughts and ideas, but be able to still go have a beer with somebody.”

He also suggested he and Behar could “hash it out.”

At the end of the day, he said, we’re all Americans.

Kid Rock previously upset some Detroit citizens when he performed at the opening of Little Caesars Arena, Rolling Stone said. What was their beef? His long-time use of the Confederate flag and support of President Donald Trump. A group of about 200 protested outside the arena, while about 200 bikers revved their engines to drown them out.

Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Kid Rock” by Kid Rock. 

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19 Thoughts to “Kid Rock Is Out As Grand Marshal of Nashville Christmas Parade After Calling Joy Behar Derogatory Word”

  1. […] Kid Rock was disinvited as the grand marshal of the Dec. 1 Nashville Christmas Parade after he called Joy Behar of ultra-liberal show “The View” a word that starts with “b,” The Tennessee Star reported. […]

  2. Terri Lawrence

    KId Rock…YOU ROCK!!!! Thank you once again for reminding us that we are real people with REAL OPINIONS…The American way the American Dream for us All. DEMS ..STOP acting like you are HOLIER than thou!! Freedom of speech seems to only matter when you (DEMs ) open your ruthless trap! SIC of it SIC of you thinking Conservative AMERICANS need schooling!!! No spankings here…no apologies…Behar is a B!tch, thats why she still has her job, everyone knows it and no one cares if we express our opinions like she does!! Screw your double standard !!!

  3. Personally, nothing comes to mind except derogatory words thinking about Joy Behar …I’d say he nailed her down.

  4. Mary Montagnani

    This is so stupid. The View for the most part is a nast vile show that hates our President and hates our First Lady. They constantly berate Melania and the choice word Kid Rock used is actually too nice in describing Behar. Personally I think Lucifer thinks she’s great!! My opinion

  5. Angelito

    Thanks to Briley, I will never attend the parade again. I hope the parade gets sued.

  6. Greg

    I think Megan Briley is a fine mayor!

  7. Proud Nashvillian

    I’ll boycott the parade if Briley shows up. PC dork.

  8. Rick

    Maybe Taylor Swift will endorse Mayor Snowflake.
    We have had two losers in a row with Barry and now Briley. Both liberal Democrats

    1. Wayne Forkum

      Briley’s father was just as bad, even when he was sober.

    2. joyce bender

      kid rock do not back down and kiss their asses /you are right

  9. Sandy

    A double standard from the Dems again. The View has women on it that basically are allowed to say any nasty thing they want about our president and First Lady ANYTHING! Shame on Nashville. So much for freedom of speech.

  10. Albert Moore

    Mayor Briley is weak. Parade organizers should have told him to stay home, kept Kid Rock as the Grand Marshall and had the parade as planned. The whole thing is ridiculous and we should never allow a politician to force us to accept his wishes over our own.

  11. Morgan

    But, you know, old Joy can say whatever she wants and the libs are like crickets.

  12. Abraham Hands

    Kid Rock don’t GAF you pansy as snowflakes, F your Florida/Georgia Line loving arses. Cash, Merle and Waylon would tell you all where to stick it too!

  13. Randolph Jay

    How incompetent does a mayor have to be to politicize and screw up a freakin’ Christmas parade?

  14. Habu

    So it’s “OK” for Behar to make demeaning comments towards the First Lady & the President but not “OK” for someone to call her out. Kid Rock, I’m with you. Briley & O’Connell stay home, you won’t be missed.

  15. Randall

    Let Joy “B”har be the Grand Marshal.

  16. Shirley H Greer

    We have a Democrat mayor and he probably likes the fact that Joy Behar and the rest of the nasty crew on the View have called our President and his family every dirty name in the book! Not once but every day since he was Constitutionally elected.