Ticket Prices Plummet for Bill and Hillary Clinton Tour

by Joe Simonson


Ticket prices for the Clintons’ world tour have bottomed out, with prices as low as $11 at some locations.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been trekking across the United States and Canada over the past few months and have dates set through May 2019. Audience members can pay to hear the power couple opine on current events and reflect on their legacy in American politics.

The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd paid $177 for her ticket, yet prices for future events have plummeted.

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Seeing the duo at the Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas, on Dec. 4 runs anywhere from $11 to $80 depending on the seat quality. On resale sites, some sellers are asking for as much as $531 a ticket — although it’s unclear if they’ll be able to find a buyer at that price.

In contrast, former first lady Michelle Obama is on her own speaking and book tour. Tickets for that event range anywhere from $300 to $2,500.

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One Thought to “Ticket Prices Plummet for Bill and Hillary Clinton Tour”

  1. John Bumpus

    Politics is the Clinton Family ‘business.’ Running for public office is the Clintons’ ‘business stock-in-trade.’ Look for the Clintons to ‘run for public office’ as long as they legally and physically can. Thus, don’t look for the Clintons to voluntarily ‘leave the public stage’ anytime soon.