Illegal Alien in Lebanon to Serve 50 Years for Raping Child

This week an illegal immigrant in Lebanon pleaded guilty in state court to two counts of rape of a child, according to the Lebanon Police Department.

That man, Edwin Alfredo Velasquez- Curuchiche, 42, will serve 50 years for that crime. He will serve that concurrently with a 50-year federal sentence he received earlier this year for producing child pornography, Lebanon Police said on their Facebook page Tuesday.

The child porn charge, police went on to say, is related to the rape charge he pled guilty to in state court.

Lebanon Police said this case resulted from a joint investigation with the federal Department of Homeland Security.

The case goes back to October 2015 when Lebanon Police said they responded to a call of a possible attempted kidnapping in the Weatherly Estates area.

“Curuchiche had befriended a local family and used fraud to obtain a key to the victim’s home. The victims did not know he had made this key at that time,” Lebanon Police said.

“The investigation further revealed the offender had snuck in to the home after everyone was asleep on two occasions, and his actions led to the charge of rape of a child (six-year-old female), who lived at the home. He was discovered in the home by the family on his second entry, and they notified the police. Curuchiche was found to be an undocumented immigrant, and has been in custody since the date of the initial report.”

According to The Tennessean, authorities said Curuchiche snuck into the family’s home during the night in September 2015 and recorded himself sexually molesting the girl as she slept.

One month later, the paper went on to say, “Curuchiche snuck into the home a second time in October 2015, and recorded additional videos of himself sexually molesting the child as she slept, according to prosecutors.”

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One Thought to “Illegal Alien in Lebanon to Serve 50 Years for Raping Child”

  1. Kevin

    And those children will spend the rest of their years living with the pain that this monster imposed on them! Every politician who does not 110% support President Trump’s efforts to lock down our borders and impose strict immigration policy that raises up the caliber of people immigrating to America is to blame for this tragedy! And each and every one of you parents who vote for these spine-less politicians, well, next time, it could be your child.