Bob Corker Says Something Stupid Again, This Time Claiming President Trump Is Hurting America

Like a dog that can’t leave a chewed-up bone alone, or a monkey with bananas, U.S. Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) can’t leave President Donald Trump be as he prepares to step down from Congress.

Corker has referred to the Trump administration as a “banana republic” more than once.

Now, he has taken his grievances with the Commander-in-Chief onto “CBS This Morning.” Host John Dickerson sat down with Corker in Chattanooga for an interview that aired Wednesday.

Dickerson said, “Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee has had a series of clashes with President Trump, most recently on the administration’s muted response to Saudi Arabia’s killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is now preparing to step down.”

Dickerson added he wanted to talk with Corker “about how Washington works – or doesn’t – and what worries him about the issues no one seems interested in addressing.”

Corker said that things are happening in communities like Chattanooga.

With a smirk on his face, Corker said, “I don’t think he (Trump) … I don’t think he knows that there are people all across this country, um, that live in communities like this one just wanting to be engaged.”

When asked “where he was at” with Trump right now, Corker said he likes the deregulations that have occurred and he “likes the animal spirits that have been released in our country.”

Say what?

Corker said he also loves the number of judges who have been approved.

“Where the president hurts himself and hurts our country is his own personal conduct. It’s unnecessary. It’s an unforced error.”

Corker said Trump is intentional in trying to divide the country, which the senator called “disappointing.”

Trump’s behavior “costs” “young people” and the ways people interact, he said.

The host asked if he could speak this way if he were running for re-election. Corker said that would be “bad for your health.” He said Republicans that ran for offices this year were not asked any policy questions but only if they supported Trump, which he called “unhealthy.”

The president’s “unorthodox” behavior has caused people on each side of the aisle to be closer because “they are in the same boat.”

The federal budget deficit is not being addressed, and that is harming the next generation, Corker said.

Corker would not confirm his future political plans but confirmed he “thinks about it sometimes” in regards to running for president.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Bob Corker” by CBS This Morning. 





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8 Thoughts to “Bob Corker Says Something Stupid Again, This Time Claiming President Trump Is Hurting America”

  1. Bev

    Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. No words, no words. Just Unbelievable.

  2. Proud Nashvillian

    Corker was booed by Tennesseans at Trump’s last rally in Nashville. I know because I was one of them.

  3. TN GOP suipporter

    Excuse me Mr. Corker, you decide not to seek re-election to avoid facing the TN Voters. As the outgoing Senator, please keep your fermented soured grapes to yourself. If you are not able to speak for the voters of TN in a positive fashion on the President, then shut up. Appearing on the CBS (Clinton BS) network was in very poor taste. Did you know that corks are good for bottling wine? They are also good for bottling whiners. Quit the whining and put a cork in it.

  4. Thomas

    I suppose being “Chairman” of the “Committee on Foreign Relations”, an organization created to direct Government from behind the scene by unelected people,

    is not a harm to the children’s future or the future of this nation???

    Corker need to be “hung” is public as a “Traitor” to this nation’s “Form of Government”.

  5. Conservative Vol

    The stupidest thing he said was he thinks about running for president. He would be like Al Gore and not carry his own state because we know who he is. A buffoon.

    1. Bill McCallie

      Typical back stabbing by little Bobby Corker. He just can’t shut up and go away with some small amount of dignity. He owes the voters of Tennessee and the Republican party who helped put him in office an apology

  6. C. McCombs

    This mentality is why he lost. No, Conservatives are not like-minded with libs against Trump- we support Trump. Corker stubbornly (and continually fails) to understand this and it’s why he could not get re-elected. Marsha openly supports Trump and she won easily because of it. Trump is doing what he promised, no thanks to Corker, Ryan and the rest of the establishment. Interesting that he seemed to love Trump when being considered for SOS, but the love-affair ended when he was not chosen. Corker is a sour-grapes rhino who failed the Conservatives who put him in office because for him, the establishment was/is more important than the people.

  7. Tim Price

    Put a fork in Corker! He is done! Corker only slams Trump because Trump called him out for being the idiot that he is.

    Hope Corker goes home and we never hear from him again.

    Hopefully he will find the Lord!