Katrina Pierson Commentary: Reports of White House Discord are a Fairy Tale Concocted by the Media

by Katrina Pierson


President Trump’s continuing success at keeping his promises to the American people shows that media reports of discord and turmoil at the White House are just the wishful thinking of liberal activist-reporters.

The media’s obsession with rumors of White House dissonance is unparalleled — time and again, the press eagerly publishes salacious stories about President Trump that can’t be verified or confirmed independently.

The ongoing negative coverage surrounding the Chief of Staff vacancy offers an excellent example of this type of sleazy reporting. In his article for Vanity Fair, notorious Trump hater Gabe Sherman dramatically exaggerated the circumstances of John Kelly’s departure with details attributed to mysterious unnamed sources.

Like flies attracted to manure, the reporter-activists in the mainstream media swarm over every smelly rumor they can find in Washington, unrestrained by even the pretense of objectivity or commitment to accuracy.

If you write a poorly-sourced book that is critical of President Trump, you may just become a frequent guest on cable TV news programs. If you claim to be a White House official who disagrees with the administration, your anonymous letter may just end up in The New York Times.

Part of the problem with the mainstream media stems from the fact that most journalists simply don’t understand President Trump.

Donald Trump runs his team like a businessman, not a bureaucrat or establishment politician — rather than letting problems fester, he’s always willing to improve operations and eliminate inefficiencies, even if that means replacing top aides who are unsuccessful in their roles.

The American people didn’t want yet another establishment leader running this country into the ground, which is why they elected someone who promised to shake things up. The liberal journalists who have spent their entire careers marinating in the D.C. swamp, however, can only see the world through the prism of the status quo.

If the mainstream media’s portrayal of the White House were accurate, then it would be reasonable to expect that President Trump and his team would be utterly inept at pursuing their agenda. Yet, despite the alleged internal discord, the President has been remarkably effective at keeping the promises he made to the American people.

In less than two years, President Trump has repaired the broken U.S. economy, passing historic middle class tax cuts, cutting unnecessary job-killing regulations, and renegotiating unfair trade deals to make sure that American workers are competing on an even playing field.

The President has been equally effective in foreign affairs, restoring America’s reputation on the world stage while challenging Russian aggression, calling out Chinese trade manipulation, and making unprecedented progress toward denuclearization in North Korea.

This is hardly the record of an administration plagued by discord, but instead of focusing on President Trump’s many accomplishments, the media spew fake news about his administration’s imaginary travails. It’s a fairy tale, but perhaps believing in it lets liberal reporters sleep a little more soundly at night.

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Katrina Pierson is a senior adviser for Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

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One Thought to “Katrina Pierson Commentary: Reports of White House Discord are a Fairy Tale Concocted by the Media”

  1. Kypros

    I’m sorry, but you presented no evidence at all on this entire article. It is a fact that this administration has had more turnover than any other in recent memory. It is a fact that Defense Secretary Mattis just resigned in protest to the President’s policy…something that has not occurred in recent memory.

    You may not choose to describe these realities as discord, but I’m at a loss to see it as anything but discord.