Former Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Uses Christmas to Attack Trump

Failed Minneapolis mayoral candidate Tom Hoch is back in the news for calling President Donald Trump a “traitor” in a Christmas-lights display adorning his ritzy Lake of the Isles home.

“Trump is a traitor” spelled out in Christmas lights now radiates from the top of Hoch’s home, which apparently backs up to Minneapolis’ Lake of the Isles, according to The Star Tribune.

“I think it’s hard to come to any other conclusion about someone who is willing to turn against this country for his own enrichment,” Hoch explained. “I don’t view this as a big judgment call; this is a true statement.”

His holiday message is likely viewed by hundreds of passersby everyday who visit Lake of the Isles for a walk or bike ride, or pass through the downtown Minneapolis destination on their way to work. But Hoch claims that the response has been only positive, and said he’s even been asked to keep the display up year round.

“I was walking my dog and some guy pulled over and said, ‘Bravo, Bravo!’” Hoch told The Star Tribune. “A lot of people have stopped. I’ve been quite surprised.”

Fr. James Bretzke, Hoch’s cousin and a Catholic priest, celebrated the Christmas display on Twitter.

“My cousin Tom Hoch gets in the true Christmas spirit! Minneapolis home aglow with ‘Trump is a Traitor’ lights,” Bretzke wrote on Twitter.

Fifth Congressional District Republican Chair Jesse Pfliger said Hoch is “entitled to his opinion,” but noted that “nothing has been presented publicly that shows that President Trump has committed any act of treason.”

“It is irresponsible to accuse someone of such a serious offense with no actual evidence. I would hope that any public figure would be careful about that kind of accusation,” he said, but added that he’s “happy our society is free and people choose to disagree and speak out in the public arena.”

Hoch ran for Minneapolis mayor in 2017, but lost to Mayor Jacob Frey. His most notable campaign blunder came when it was revealed that he had donated upwards of $500 to the House Republican Caucus, which he said was a one-time donation intended to help support the arts.

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Photo “Tom Hoch” by Tom Hoch. 






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