Minneapolis’ ‘Little Mogadishu’ Sees 56 Percent Increase in Violent Crimes Caused by Somali Gangs


Violent crimes increased by more than 50 percent in 2018 in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, nicknamed “little Mogadishu,” which authorities attribute to Somali gang activity in the area.

Buried in a recent Star Tribune article was the fact that violent crimes jumped from 54 in 2010 to 84 in 2018, an increase in roughly 56 percent. Authorities attribute the violence to rivalries between Somali gangs, such as the Somali Mafia, the Somali Outlaws, the Hot Boyz, and Madhibaan with Attitude, Alpha News reports.

According to a 2014 Southside Pride article, the Outlaws and Madhibaan with Attitude have a rivalry that stretches back years, and likely resulted in the murder of two Somali men in April 2014. That article notes that the summer of 2013 was a particularly bloody season for gang warfare, which produced at least 4 killings.

A 2013 CBS article detailed the involvement of the Outlaws, the Mafia, and another gang called the Lady Outlaws in a sex-trafficking ring that recruited and prostituted young girls, some of whom were under the age of 14, between 2000 and 2010. The ring was operated out of Minneapolis, Columbus, and Nashville, and resulted in the indictment of 30 individuals involved.

In 2008, the Minneapolis Police Department created a Somali liaison position to focus solely on addressing the issue. The department currently has 5 Somali-speaking officers to assist in outreach to the immigrant community. According an MPR report from the time, officers began to notice that Somali gangs were dividing themselves along the same clan lines of their war-torn country.

The issue first garnered national attention after a 2009 CBS News report titled “Rise of Somali Gangs Plagues Minneapolis,” though officers were still hesitant at the time to pin the crimes on Somali gang activity.

“It was all gang activity, totally, 100 percent,” Shukri Adan, a Somali community organizer, said of the murders of seven Somali men in a 10-month period. Adan was tasked with drafting a report for the City of Minneapolis in which he estimated that between 400 and 500 Somali men were involved in gangs.

“The police don’t want to say that but everybody else knows that,” he added.

The latest rise in violent crimes in the Cedar-Riverside area comes as a concern to many, considering that city leaders have started to invest in security upgrades and community-outreach programs. In May, for instance, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced that a high-rise apartment complex at the center of little Mogadishu would be receiving an $825,000 security upgrade, including fencing, key fobs, and numerous security cameras.

In December, the Minneapolis City Council voted to divert $43,000 from the Minneapolis Police Department to create a youth outreach team for the area, Minnesota Daily reports.

“Everybody’s gotten to the point where, hey, you know, we don’t need more police, we need more intervention,” one organizer in attendance said. Several businesses in the area have joined together to hire off-duty police officers to patrol the area, while others are donating food and beverages to hand out to youth roaming the streets.

The Star Tribune reports that the latest uptick in violent crimes is mostly due to a surge in robberies and assaults.

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Little Mogadishu” by Fibonacci Blue. CC BY 2.0.






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149 Thoughts to “Minneapolis’ ‘Little Mogadishu’ Sees 56 Percent Increase in Violent Crimes Caused by Somali Gangs”

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  2. Tascosa

    This story is true. I live between Little Mogadishu to the west of me and Glendale Housing Project on the east side of the U of M, with many Somali-inhabited apartments in between. After Somalis moved here I recall being awakened at night by gunshots on Friday and Saturday nights. One night the shots moved around, and a few days later a story appeared about a young Somali man running for his life between buildings in the University/Franklin area chased by a car of armed Somali teens seeking to kill him. My area was once safe and quiet, but no more. A Somali youth was found – twice – in my underground garage with a stolen door opener. Later, it was discovered that he and friends had stolen a car from the garage and replaced it with another stolen car. It’s all a funny game. Back home the Somalis, Eritreans and Ethiopians were at war, and refugees from each group came here. They still don’t mingle. The most important point is that Eritreans and Ethiopians have caused no problems, but Somalis seem to relish conflict. It’s clear why there was (and is) war back home, and which group has no intention to change their unproductive ways. Ilhan Omar has given the impression that it’s fun to cause unnecessary and unproductive conflict in Washington, so perhaps it’s logical to wonder if this is part of the Somali culture, i.e., a destructive game. Oddly, they travel home to visit, get married, bury family members, so clearly it’s safe enough for them to return home to live.

    1. ken wilmes

      Unemployment for male Somalis is 40 percent perhaps if they had a job they wouldn’t have time to shoot up the streets. Meanwhile thousands of jobs go unfilled ?

    2. Rick

      As long as those folks keep voting the likes of Ilhan Omar into office it will never get better. The must like the high crime rate!!

    3. Benjamin Miller

      Marry their brother like Rep. Omar. Traditional Somali values.

  3. Christian Rosenkruz

    You can bet all of those gangs have handlers or planted members from at least one 3 letter agencies. Reminds me of the Ventura story. First day of being Governor his secretary told him someone wanted to see him. In the basement were 21 federal.agents who wanted to know how he got elected so that someone like an independent “could never happen again.” Minnesota is compromised.

    1. Boyd Herrst

      s**t happens !

    2. bob

      I do not disbelieve you however I would certainly like facts to back this up. It was no secret that the establishment hated Jessie and would not work with him, something like Trump being unwelcome to the club. That is the reason Jessie choose to not run for a second term. This is what we have folks, politics and they own it and we will never have anything to say about it. The only thing we do have to say is what they feed the masses to say and so goes the division created by “Them” to suit only their purpose.

    3. Spartan

      What you see is an event called tribalism, as a Ranger and later an SF Team leader I deployed to Somalia multiple times, it is really no different than when the Hmong were brought to the five state area, they gather in force (Tribe) to make a home that suits them, this is what happens when there is no motivation to assimilate, the churches who sponsor these moves get their Federal money and move on leaving the community to deal with the issues that result, the only compromise that exists lies within the Democratic mindset that states act out of your moral consciousness rather than out of a planned gradual influx of immigration, Somalia has been destroyed by tribalism and will never recover from it in this century, Citizens need to act now, the only hope is to use your power to vote and remove those who have allowed this to occur regardless of party lines.

      1. Bob

        I’m Retired EOD. Maybe we should have never let a group of violent thugs move here in the first damn place!

  4. Jeff Pendleton

    So what was the increase in violent crime in the whole city during this period? What is your definition of a “violent crime”? Do you have evidence that the violent crimes were comitted by gangs? I live in MN and I can tell you this story is pure propaganda.

    1. Harrison

      Nope. These people are evil. They all move to one area, elect their people into office, then try to change laws to fit their agenda. It’s pathetic that we allow that to openly happen here.

    2. Reign

      Consider the source; totally biased right wing “baby Breitbart”. Ho hum.

      1. Michael Fulghum

        True!! but somewhere along the line You’d have thought we were smart enough not to import this kind of “Sh!t”???

        1. Ken Bouas

          Thank Former President Obama.

      2. Marv

        Are you on drugs, you do know you can look up those same stats, are you that naive or blind, this isn’t politics it’s facts.

    3. Larry

      You must be one of the proud voters who put those “fine” citizens to be members of Congress.

    4. John T. Mood

      Get yourself a copy if, or browse to the FBI’S uniform crime report.


      Somali gangvactivity seems to traditionally happen in Somali neighborhoods, sobyou’re NOT going to see it.

    5. Hardrockminer

      And I lived on the former West Bank for 22 years. Now known as Little Mogadishu. I fled 16 years ago. The story is true.

    6. Sandra Wightman

      Then you are completely deaf dumb and blind I too live in Minnesota try coming out of your safe space

    7. Larry

      I live in MN also, and I’ll tell you the story is true.

    8. Ray Guiducci

      I thought so, it’s written like propaganda, thank you for confirming my suspicions were correct

    9. Gene

      actually if you read the whole article the statistics were put together by a professional who deals with gangs

    10. madeline mardigan

      There are doj reports. Try looking at them

  5. Dee s

    They have been here longer then Obama was in office. There was problems 32 years ago with them.

  6. RickMcHale

    Odd, isn’t it. Obama lets these savages into your great state, with so many free benefits that the rest of you had to work for, destroying your traditional community, while he and his ungrateful wife move to a 15 million dollar home on an Island in the Atlantic Ocean populated by @ 93 % white people. Big of him.

    1. Larry

      Excellent point!

  7. BEETA

    Obama brought these Somali’s here plus other muslims and gave them life time citizenship so the next administration could not deport them. He gave them life time benefits also off of the taxpayers. So they have citizen ship so they could vote and get in the Gov. also. If they can take down our Gov. with numbers america is gone and they know it. We must not vote them in ever . any of them. Like obama they will be faithful to jihad and the muslim cause to conquer America for Islam like they do and have all other countries of the world. Wake up america. It is an invasion to conquer America .

  8. Steve

    Islam brings bigoted thinking and more cruel and unusual punishment that the liberals claim to be against. What do they think will happen to the alphabet people as they continue to inject the pedophile worshipers into our free society?

  9. Barbara Lofquist

    The Somalis have occupied 600 units of section 8 for over 25 years in Little Mogadishu. Time to put time limits on Section 8 for able-bodied adults.

    1. Susan

      No KIDDING!!!! They see America as a free ticket for everything!!!! And then when their children start to-“AGE OUT”- they just have more kids to stay in the system and to continue collecting… they need to set limits especially with these people they know how to play the game and people that are living in their apartments that don’t belong there need to be evicted immediately as well no extended families allowed to move in and benefit as well!!!!!! I know people that have been waiting as up to 10 years to try to get a place to live that are US citizens that have some have served in the military that still can’t get in!!!!

    2. Carolyn Patterson

      Amen…. Why are they allowed to be on aide to begin with? We have elderly people and veterans on the streets living and these people are living the life of Riley!!! We need to put a stop to all this every where in the U.S.

    3. JdV

      Who are the “pedophile worshipers” ?

    4. Kevin Lorusso

      Yes it’s past time for that

  10. Dawn T

    The Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis is also referred to as Minnesomlia!!! And guess who represents that area in Congress??? The American hating Omar!!! I work in that area in a hospital and that area is literally crawling with them!! I wish they would send them all back to where they came from!! A local news station did a story about a year ago and asked Somalis in the area if they had the choice where would they want to live. They all said somewhere in Somali!! I yelled at the TV and said, then leave!! No one is keeping you here!!

    1. Barbara Lofquist

      The proper name is ‘Little Mogadishu. I fled my much loved home of 25 years, 16 years ago. It is almost a ‘no go’ zone now😢

      1. JdV

        I had a friend driven out of her home in Lewiston, Me & my son has a friend in Sweden that told them the Somolis were let into her country & they have been nothing but despicable. She said they made Sweden hate black ppl. But African Americans, not Somolis, would not tolerate or put up with the Somolis brutality anymore than white Americans do.

  11. Janna Anderson

    I live in a first tier suburb outside of Minneapolis. It has been bad for a long time. They have been taught to vote multiple times in multiple cities. Lots of voter fraud. Lots of them are running for city council seats, and the democrats are blind to their agenda. The Star Tribune & local media hide most of what crimes their people are committing. Multiple attacks on the average person in the Twin Cities.

  12. LaRock

    Good job liberals keep destroying cities.

  13. shelty

    it time to take that privileged away and send them back to the country we except them from, they do not want to live in peace or do what we ask to become american.. there fore they must go back…

  14. libsick

    We lived in the Cedar Riverside area years ago, when it was populated mainly by university students, young families and retirees. It was middle class, safe, and fun to live there. There were restaurants and entertainment. Now it is dominated by somali stores and gangs, and we don’t even dare to drive through the area any more.

    1. Ksw

      Same here. U grad mid 70s. I actually looked at apartments in the new Cedar Riverside complex but parking was a hassle. I moved away twice from the Twin Cities and have no intention of moving back.

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  16. Ltpar

    I am guessing Minneapolis is just another Democrat run, arm pit city. When citizens have had enough of the violence, bloodshed and gangs, they will vote out the liberals on the City Council and bring in some ass kicking conservatives. First step to cleaning up the mess is for the Police to identify the 400-500 members of the gangs. Bring in ICE, work cooperatively with them to round up gang members and start deportation proceedings on them. In addition, start a high profile Police “Selective Enforcement” Program in Little Mogadishu, with a zero tolerance for violating any law. A the same time, work with the decent citizens of the community to develop a “partnership” for keeping them safe. As with all liberal cities, I will not hold my breath waiting for these things to happen. Moral of the story is, “The quality of government is in direct ration to the people you elect to run it for you.”

    1. Desiree RedBird

      while corruption is at the root, including positions such as omar’s BEING BOUGHT, there is no hope if ppl think like my sister. she is in the area, and i have considered moving there so have tried to talk to her about situations. she has done NO research whatsover, while i have done A LOT on many areas, including this one.
      in her ignorance, and listening to liberal BS although purportedly being republican, i get accused of RACISM.
      MILLIONS in govt program fraud goes to TERRORIST orgs., the last many politicos have had their positions BOUGHT, they get assistance of every kind imaginable, and on and on and on. but i am a racist who knows nothing because i don’t read the Bible and only read the internet (according to her).
      anyone who thinks like that has sold out their community in favor of being “caring” without having a clue (or wanting one) of what is actually being done right under their noses.

      1. sawmill sam

        what desiree describes is called “virtue signaling,” and is the newest secular version of “good works” – Christians need to see through this – Minnesota believers of all things Christian – indeed, Scandinavian culture – tends to be soft-headed toward evil – they confuse that with soft-hearted forgiveness, compassion and redemption – a corollary to “easy believism” with no real commitment to Christian living other than virtue-signaling

        1. sawmill sam

          certainly, God is most concerned with our position in terms of spiritual battles and not temporal/earthly ones, per se, but one is not exclusive of the other

    2. Thomas Jr

      No they just move away and then mess up the new city they moved to by still voting the same way.. Sad. Please stay in your sh!t hole city and away from my awesome city that votes red..

    3. brek

      Vote out the liberals? Get real. The conservatives, white people have fled. Once an area is destroyed it takes a lot to get good people to come back. Soon the federal gov and state gov will be broke, as in no money. The welfare to these arm pit cities will cease and then the shtf.

  17. Ruth

    Read the Article in THE STAR about how OMAR’S group BOASTED about getting articles Removed

  18. […] nicknamed “little Mogadishu,” violent crime has risen more than 50 percent in 2018. Authorities attribute this spike to violent Somali gangs in the area. Many of these gangs run sex-trafficking rings of young girls, […]

    1. Desiree RedBird

      and those rings operate under the guise of childcare, while receiving MILLIONS in fraudulent grants (taxpayer paid), and sending the $$$$ on to terrorist orgs.

  19. Bruce Johnson

    I am sending this news article to all our senators and representatives. Plus we are giving these people free college?
    While taking our Granddaughter to the park, I met and talked to some of the Somali mothers and they were very pleasant. Several hod honest, decent husband who were working two jobs to provide for their families. I did the same to save up money to buy a house in 1982. I felt sorry for them in war torn Somalia where many had family members killed. We need to appeal to the parents to get their kids in line.

  20. Tim

    I doubt you’ll find many Minnesotans that can cite a positive contribution that Somali culture has brought to the State.

    1. Tim W

      I live in Saint Paul and will verify that you are spot on. Thank you Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services!

  21. William R Roach

    Jonna Connely is either a troll or just plain ignorant, probably both. Send these idiot somalis back where they came from and anyone who thinks they are a good thing to bring here along with them.

  22. Peter Waldo

    You…we…the taxpayers are paying to erect these sh!t holes in our midst that will destroy us, because of the confiscation enabled by the 16th Amendment and through the misplaced compassion enabled by the 19th.

  23. Danny Almquist

    Being a counrty boy from Mn. I’m pissed at the government in my state for bringing this to my beautiful state. 😠 also lived in Tennessee for 9 years and helped build and create “NEXT TO HEAVEN” riding stables in Wears Valley. Go VOLS!!!!

  24. Duane

    Time to have the Marines run them back to Tripoli again,,,,

    1. JC

      Maybe some in boxes… know what I mean?

  25. No intelligence, laziness = somali pirates, somali gangs.

  26. Dennis Wall

    Barack Obama made “Lawlessness” Popular during his reign of death & destruction Worldwide! He MUST be made an example of what happens to this kind of tyranny in the World!

  27. It is sad to see such violence no matter where it takes place. Very sad for the many good people who are impacted by it. I feel for them.

  28. Derrick Elliott

    Lol this article 6 years old, just stop it🤦🏾‍♂️ And also lol at Little Mogadishu😂

    1. Scott

      Does that mean it is much better now?

      1. Desiree RedBird

        you should research what has happened since.
        more recent was the child sex ring, under the guise of “childcare,” that was exposed. they committed grant fraud (US tax $$$) to obtain MILLIONS, much of which went to terrorist orgs.
        oh yeah — since this article, little mogadishu was identified as the terrorist recruiting capitol of the US.
        the above idiot can laugh all he wants. but it makes him part of the problem.
        btw, this was a purposely manufactured problem and it is being done in MANY places. MN was just unfortunate to get hundreds of thousands in one place.

        1. Desiree RedBird

          i didn’t see comments about this being recent, v what the above jerk stated. it doesn’t change the items i brought up that are fairly recent. it absolutely is NOT better. and not going to. the horses have left the barn.

    2. Don Elliott

      The problem has been getting worse year after year, nothing has improved . Very few of them work and just collect government handouts. Not a good situation .

    3. Marlene

      It is even worse now. You should go visit it is getting as bad as San Fran. and LA. How could it get better they have no voter ID and illegal voters brag about voting on tv. Even kids voted the last time not to mention bus loads of people going from one polling place to the next.

    4. K.R

      Look at the date! The huge increase in crime was released in 2018!!! 😎

    5. GyMack

      You’re a fool if you believe that things in Mpls and throughout the State, have gotten better.

    6. Thomas B

      It isn’t 6 years old it was published Jan 2 2019

      1. Robert Shepherd

        Thank you Thomas. I was just about to comment.

    7. John Willis

      2018 is not 6 years ago…did you read the entire article ?

    8. John Willis

      January 2, 2019

    9. nunya

      How can the article be SIX years old if the statistics cited are from LAST year??? durrr

    10. Paul

      This article was written Jan. 2019. How is it six years old? It’s giving statistics from 2018. How is it six years old?

      1. Desiree RedBird

        it’s not, but that commenter sounds 6 yrs old.

    11. Steve McHone

      Look again – It’s not 6 years old, but only 6 months old; quite a difference!

    12. CYNTHIA


    13. Chris Salberg

      Lets drop ur ass off in the area at 2am and then we will LMFAO

  29. AB

    If you import the third world, you will become the third world. Demographics is destiny.

    1. Bob

      Fact not fiction. Just look at what Europe has become. Welfare for all immigrants at natives expense.

    2. Roni Stoker

      @AB It is not just immigration that change demographics. The most dangerous of all is the import of mentality that does not stand up to any standard of a civilized country. This can put a country in great danger. There is nothing wrong with the immigration of qualified people from western countries. They can contribute to science, technology, CT, medicine, etc. and rock you to a new height. This is what had happened in the US when German scientists had fled Nazi Germany in the ’30. Many of them had worked later on the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos and gave the States the nuclear bomb. They were also active in other fields than physics and math. But what had Clinton and Obama expected by bringing a whole bunch of thousands of ultra-primitive Muslim Africans into America? Judging both presidents the outcome puts red alarm lights. Clinton was a lousy GO-GETTER who’s motivation for presidentship was Getting rich. He had played the nice looking play-boy and had done nothing to combat terror threats: not after the Twin-Tower terror attack of 1993, not after the terror-attack on USS Cole and nothing against the growing power of Al Qaida and the Taliban. What he did was: importing black terrorists and criminals from Somalia & Eritrea to the USA. Why had he done that? Was he afraid that otherwise will America live without domestic terror attacks? Obama is even worse. The man is the son of a foreign Muslim African. He himself grew up as a Muslim. There were a lot of problems concerning his birth certificate. Nobody can prove whether he was born in the States. The first thing he did after his nomination to president, is declaring in an Islamic convention in Cairo: I am one of yours!. With more presidents like both and the States will fall apart. There is also no reason to nominate to Congres or Senat people like Ilhan Omar and the other Muslim one. They are simply not suitable to represent Americans.

      1. Sharing

        Well written based on the reality of facts. Few people remember all the “movement” because of the roller coaster economies. Both administrations were striving to get rich for their efforts and pay a support system. Our govt needs to purge the kill based Muslims from the executive branch and senate. Weed them out of foreign matter depts. Or we are long range in a doom battle without the experienced Boomers to keep things in check.

      2. Paul

        You are so right.
        You bring up voting.
        Actual legal Minnesota voters did Not vote for Omar or Ellison.
        The illegals go8ng from pole to pole got them in office.
        The libs no they can never win an election and enact their agenda unless they can stuff the ballot box with fraudulent votes

        1. Paul

          how can an illegal vote? you need ssn and voter card to vote…stop this nonsense.

          1. Desiree RedBird

            simply not true, Paul (on illegals not being able to vote.)
            illegal voting is rampant — illegal being the operative word. dead ppl, ppl not of legal age, and the above example of ppl being bused around to vote innumerable times DOES happen, and not in insignificant number.
            another way is providing illegals with Driver’s Licenses, then passing a law that allows ONLY a DL to vote. both things illegal, btw, bub it is going on all over the country, with colorado doing so just recently. it is “announced” on the news as if a new flower shop opened up and as a fait accompli, with no prior knowledge of what our legislature is up to. one chink in the armor at a time.
            it is easy to see which states are highest in priority of being taken over. MN is a done deal, and colorado is circling the drain,

      3. All the gang members should be rounded up with their families and back they go.
        Nearly a Million tax payer dollars for security. Could buy alot of air line tickets for that.
        They had their chance here and they blew it.

      4. Desiree RedBird

        none of it was coincidental. where do you think a lot of their $$$$ came from?
        omar’s seat was BOUGHT for her, and her way (to cultivate a ppl who will accept the unacceptable out of ignorance) was paved with the loonies that preceded her, their positions also bought. not to mention same for all Presidents in my lifetime, and much much further back — until Trump.

  30. Clare

    The trouble makers need to be sent BACK TO SOMILIA. Let them see what real problems are and how lucky they are. If we do that, maybe the libs will change thelareir mind??????
    the cartels just shot journalists and threatened to blow up some newspaper offices if they continued printing any negative articles against the cartels.
    IT refuses to run columns and gives it to the Tenn. Newapaper, there is something rad.ically wrong. I am now down in Texas and the same thing here. I thought that Mexico was getting safe to travel because we had NO INFORMATIION on the cartels.The Brownsville paper was threatened if they kept reporting

    1. Barbara

      Sad that so many look in the wrong places for information. Of course you were misled. Google hides the information people need to be safe, so no help there. Censorship abounds under the guise of “hate speech”. You’ll have to dig deeper.

  31. Gary Clark

    The democrats have lost their way,they are so radical,they are by their own words demosocialist,progressives and proud of it.So lets educate ourselves on what that means.I was a union man for 37 yrs. Most working class people were sold out and did’t idenifiy with new DEMOSOCIALIST PARTY OF NEW.Most AMERICANS want the same thing,stzble goverment who protects and defends the NATION.THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS WHERE MOST ACERAGE AMERICANS FEEL MOST REPRESENTED.

  32. maineiacgirl

    My home town of Lewiston, Maine is also facing this same problem. The “news” doesn’t report the crimes, the police don’t even document because the political agenda doesn’t want to see this uptick of crime in the area that would prove that brining these “refugees” into our country is a very bad idea. This is happening everywhere in the western world that has so ignorantly thought they could invite these people into their lives and they would somehow cease their lifestyle and live in peace among others.
    Look at every Muslim (or even Muslim majority) countries in the world – they’re ALL violent, cesspools where all others are treated as “less than” citizens.
    Wake up people. Our kids will be living in a world where there are more Muslims in the world than all others. What does that look like with no safe havens because we’ve allowed them to infiltrate and multiply in every country ? Why don’t Muslim countries welcome these “refugees” ? Because it’s not about escaping so much as it’s about spreading.
    We’re at a serious place right now.
    We need to remove this from our country before it’s too late and sadly have the population thinks WE are the haters for daring to speak about it.They don’t bother to look at the conditions in Muslim countries, they just eat up the nonsense claims that Muslims are the victims.
    Ignorance is going to rot us from the inside out 🙁

    1. Joe A.

      I’m from Lewiston as well. The Donald Giusti case says it all. Here was a man beaten to death by a gang of savage Somali thugs in Kennedy Park and the police have done next to nothing to try and apprehend his murderer, despite the fact that they have a very good idea who was responsible. Why? Because neither the LPD or the mayor wants to be perceived as being “anti-immigrant” or “racist”. They’re simply hoping the case will go away, but it won’t.

      Just a few weeks ago, Don Giuisti’s family and friends renewed their calls for justice, and even attempted to conduct a vigil on Knox st. where Giusti was murdered. A gang of Somalis promptly drove up and attacked them. Once again, the police have made no arrests. Coincidence?

      We need to start holding our politicians and police accountable. They’re supposed to be the ones protecting all if us from lawlessness, but they’ve not. Rest assured that if it had been a Somali beaten to death by a gang of whites this case would’ve been solved months ago. It’s a disgrace.

    2. Mary Stevens

      Part of the problem is letting the United Nations place these refugees in our country. Then, we suffer.

      1. Robert Janosevic

        United Nations cannot do anything without traitors inside your own country letting them. UN can’t push a single Muslim into Hungary, Poland or Japan. You let globalist nation wreckers in a long time ago and they repay you by turning your homeland into another shhithole.

        1. Paul

          You’re right 100%

        2. Desiree RedBird

          “we” didn’t let them in, they they were brought in without our knowledge and consent, and using our tax $$$.
          there is nothing coincidental about this happening in nearly if not every state. pre-2016, they were basically BOUGHT and brought here by the hundreds of thousands. that’s just the somalis. they are doing the same at our borders — organized efforts to force ppl in that have NO business being in this country, and not having to qualify in the normal legal process that lets those who qualify in.

    3. Weeisme

      Maineiacgirl is informed, educated, and right on. Read “Why I Left Jihad” by Walik Shoebat.

      1. Desiree RedBird

        Walid is amazing, and yes, there is NO coincidence about how and why this is being done. there are many factions, but even this push of and by islam fills THEIR need, they, too, are pawns in the overall agenda.

  33. […] Somali gangs in Minneapolis’ little Mogadishu increase crime 56%. […]

  34. Martha Geselle

    We have “rapugees” here in Idaho now, too. Some “youths” raped a five year old girl in a laundry room in Twin Falls, ID, and then urinated on her. They were so proud of themselves they filmed it. She is learning disabled. They hid their names and identities claiming they were “youths.” There is no defense for this type of sick behavior, and they need to be tossed over the edge of the gorge right in town where Evel Knievel tried his rocket jump. I guess politicians and cops families have to get hurt to get something done about these thugees…….

    1. Hardrockminer

      Somalian youth are often 30 year old men with heavy beards pretending to be 13. Their family gets welfare for many more years then if they told the truth. Somalians lie. It is their religious right to lie to infidels.

      1. Lerxst

        It’s called “Taqiyya”

  35. Fred

    Can “technicals” use the carpool lane there?

  36. Morey

    We spend MILLIONS to bring over denizens from a “nation” known only for Sea Piracy, Blackhawk Down and avg 70 IQ scores. Then MN requested another million to discourage the from being “radicalized” -to stop killing us, presumably out of their gratitude for the invite.

    1. Desiree RedBird

      over 100,000 in minneaplis area alone. MN was sold out some time ago, those “requestors” would be the corrupt govt, getting paid to ruin the state.
      another 1mm will simply make the rigged “elections” look legit.

  37. Les

    So how do average Americans fight against this problem?

    1. Sledge omalley

      Vote republican

    2. Nobama

      Take matters into our own hands!

      1. GC

        Hey Nobama:

    3. Nancy

      These Muslims, somalis, whatever have their no go zones where Americans are not allowed, so American police along with all other Americans should stay out of there and let them all kill each other. That’s Muslims do. Maybe surround them with a wall to keep them contained and away from civilized society.

    4. Reaper7

      They are borderline savages barely out of the 1st century. The only thing they understand is force.

  38. Maga

    So Jonna,
    You voted for a abuser with police reports because he was a Democrat. I bet you were furious when Kavanaugh was nominated since some nutjob with NO evidence or anyone to corroborate her story (even though she claimed they would) said he molested her. You are a shining example of just how hypocritical and idiotic the left has become. Build a wall around little Mogadishu and make Minnesota great again!

    1. Jonna Connelly

      Maga, are you insane or just stupid? Maybe both?

      1. Homeboy

        Build a wall around little Mogadishu and make Minnesota great again!

      2. jucey bananas

        Mamagagamaga is correct in his remark. Minnesota needs to deport all Samalis. What good has any of them done?

  39. Indnruss

    Why is this in a Tennessee newspaper you ask? Maybe it’s because the Democrats in Minnesota won’t allow it to be published in a local newspaper there to let the rest of the state know what’s actually happening in their state! This way out of state newspapers can’t be censored by the Minnesota Democrats!

    1. Nancy

      Boy Indnruss – you hit the nail on the head!! I am reading of this just now and finding out about the 2009 report which we never knew about. We know there is trouble in that area – we NEVER go over there, day or night!

      1. JEMC

        I’m white, I live in Minneapolis and I go there.

        You people realize, don’t you, that all the hateful things you say are exactly the same as what good Americans said about your ancestors when they first came here. Well, except for the English who were here first and just came in and wiped out the natives. Otherwise, immigrant groups have been hysterically decried as lazy, violent, murdering good Americans etc etc. Spending your life both scared and ignorant can’t be fun.

        1. Where did you go to school?

        2. Tzipporah

          My ancestors didn’t form gangs, rape, kill or urinate on anyone. What is wrong with you?

        3. Brandon

          Hey moron, get your facts straight. 1st you say our ancestors were here 1st then you say the English were and they wiped out the natives. Theres your answer. The native American people were here 1st. This was their land. And it wasn’t only the English who committed acts of genocide on the native American people.
          It’s not racism if your stating facts about the topic. Racism would be to blame, demean, criticize,berate an entire ethnicity for fun.

        4. Christopher Plante

          I’ve got a whole dictionary of words I could use to describe you. (Sniveling comes to mind. Cowardly comes to mind), but I won’t use any of them because you have already betrayed yourself with your own words. You side with evil in the hope that, if evil prevails, it will leave you alone. Sorry, guy. It won’t. If this evil prevails you are just another infidel. Have you already bought your prayer rug, just in case? Been practicing “Allah is Great!”, just in case? Yeah, the dictionary is full of words that describe you.

        5. LaRock

          You forgot to add retarded to your list of things you are.

    2. Desiree RedBird

      when i visit family in MN, i get news about my area (denver co area) that is NOT broadcast here.
      it’s no coincidence.

  40. Dr. M.B.Johnson

    Racism? You just lost!

  41. john m ewas

    How many of them are on welfare ?

    1. Homeboy

      I would say that all of them get some sort of federal or state assistance.

  42. Minnesota is a f’n joke. They are starting to rival California as the most whacked out bastion of liberal lunacy in the US. Look at the looney Muslim they just elected to their Congress, Tlaib, dancing around yelling “ we’re going to impeach the motherfu**er”. Yikes. This country is doomed if we keep putting clowns like her in charge of the country

    1. MN Jim

      Talib is Michigan’s Muslim. In Minnesota, we have Omar, who committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother.

  43. Jack Gold

    The same is happening in European countries. It is now Policy not to mention ethnicity in crime reports. Why not we may ask? Answer: to protect the reputation of the so called religion of peace and prevent any public backlash.

    Here in the UK we have had sex gang scandals with groups of mostly Pakistani Muslims targeting young, vulnerable white, non-Muslim, girls whom they regarded as fair game, raping and drugging them exchanging them with friends up and down the country like sex slaves.

    Took a long time for the authorities to pursue, arrest and charge them because they were afraid of ‘racism’ accusations. When they were finally caught, and there were many gangs, the word MUSLIM, or even Pakistani hardly appeared.

    This is shameful behaviour, but it’s worse in Continental Europe where attacks upon adult women have rocketed and the authorities partly blame some victims because of their dress choice in unbelievable denial if what is actually going on.

  44. Janna Anderson

    Thank you for reporting on this. Our local Star Tribune & government are hiding most of these facts from us. The saddest thing is this Cedar-Riverside neighborhood is only blocks from the University of MN campus. Crime has risen dramatically against the students in both theft and attacks against women. The city of Minneapolis (Democrats) will not let the local news report on what the suspects look like, but we all know who they are. No one here trusts Keith Ellison, and we know he got into office based on the voters from this area.

    1. David

      Augsburg college and dorms are in the riverside neighborhood as well.

    2. Jonna Connelly

      84 crimes in a year in an area of how many thousands of people? And the city government is controlling what the media can report? And what does Keith Ellison have to do with it? He was just elected. (I trust him.) And OF COURSE “he got into office based on the voters from this area.” Who’s should vote for him? Tennessans? (I did.)

      And why is this in a Tennessee paper anyway? What does Tennessee care about Cedar Riverside. Can’t find enough support for your racism in your own state?

      Good grief. The world has gone mad.

      1. Sue

        Thank you Jonna.

        1. Ben Smith

          Thanks a lot, Catholic and Lutheran Social Services. Do your “virtue signaling” at your own expense. Deportation works for me.

      2. Mike

        “And why is this in a Tennessee paper anyway? What does Tennessee care about Cedar Riverside.”

        Note that in the article it is mentioned that the sex trafficking done by this gang reached as far as Nashville which, if I remember my geography correctly, is in Tennessee.

      3. Randy

        They reported on it because your Left Wing rags in Minnesota won’t

      4. Jim

        If you trust Keith Ellison you are part of our country’s problem.

      5. Barbara

        Good lord. People are finding out the truth. The word is getting out, despite the denials and cover ups. They just told you why it’s in a TN paper and why so many don’t speak out (threats). Better keep an eye on your loved ones. MN puts a band-aid on the cancer, instead of excising it. All that tax payer money going to protect those people from their own children? Passing out snacks to them in the street? Pathetic. You can’t pet a rabid animal. Send them back to where they came from until they become civilized.