Rep. Steve Cohen Announces Re-election Bids for 2020, 2022

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) said he is planning to run for re-election in 2020 and 2022.

Cohen made the announcement at a New Year’s Day prayer breakfast Tuesday, WMC said.

WMC’s Kendall Downing also tweeted the news, saying, “Congressman Steve Cohen @RepCohen told reporters he’s running for re-election in 2020 and 2022… moments before he told the crowd at the Lowery prayer breakfast. Some pundits had speculated he would step aside in elections to come. Cohen says that’s not the case. @WMCActionNews5.”

In response, Cohen tweeted, “Always good to put false rumors aside. Republicans who haven’t been able to  beat me started rumor I would retire due to health concerns. No such luck!”

Cohen is not the first Tennessee Democratic representative to announce future re-election plans before even being sworn in for his 2019-2020 term that starts today.

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN-05) announced his re-election bid for 2020 last month, The Tennessee Star reported on Dec. 19.

One political observer questioned Cooper’s and Cohen’s motives in making such early announcements.

Steve Gill, Political Editor of The Star, said, “With the competition from new Democrats in Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who live to draw attention to themselves, veteran members like Steve Cohen who love the limelight and are willing to say anything just to get a few moments of attention are clearly having to step up their level of bizarre crazy talk to outdo the ‘newbies’. The bar of looney Left commentary needed to get the cameras to turn from Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, and the Democrats’ cast of crazies is being set so high that even Cohen may find it hard to rise to the level of nutty needed to satisfy his lust for quotability. But we will certainly see him do his best to show himself and Memphis at its worst.”

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Steve Cohen” by Steve Cohen. 
Background Photo “U.S. Capital” by Ron Cogswell. CC BY 2.0.

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4 Thoughts to “Rep. Steve Cohen Announces Re-election Bids for 2020, 2022”

  1. John Bumpus

    Today (1-4-19) on the Breitbart website is an article by John Nolte about the latest from Steve Cohen. The following is the first paragraph of that article:
    “Desperate to bring the Tyranny of the Majority to our representative democracy, on the first day Democrats assumed control of the House of Representatives, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) submitted a bill to kill the electoral college.”

    I commend this article to your reading. Apparently the Dems have ‘big plans’ for our country if given the chance to ‘work their magic.’

    I have always said (for decades) that the Standard Operating Procedure of the Dems is that if they cannot win under the rules, they will try to change the rules so that they win under their new rules. The Dems always call this activity ‘reform’ (the word has a nice ‘ring’ to it, don’t you think?).

    In other words, the Dems really think that there should be no rules. The rules (ever changing) should only be what they say that they are, at any particular time, to allow them to gain and retain political power. Which is also to say, that for them there is really no such thing as democracy. Thus, these people are just Totalitarians. Our Founding Fathers called all of this Tyranny.

  2. Randall

    Democrat SCUM!

  3. It’s like cancer announcing it doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

  4. Bill

    We’ve had enough sequels of the movie “It”in Tennessee