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14 Thoughts to “Is There a 10-Foot Wall Outside Former President Obama’s House?”

  1. Gene & Karen Lasher

    Put government housing in Chappaquiddick and send bus loads of illegals there. See how the lovely liberals will willingly accept them as neighbors. Liberals, in general, are a “Do as I say, not as I do” group. Bernie Sanders is a typical example. He is a millionaire who owns 3 homes, but he wants the average taxpayer to fund free education, free housing, free medical care and never explains how it will be funded.

  2. George

    Anyone who tries to go see whether there is any wall could get shot before getting close enough to see.

  3. Ron W

    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and SHALL protect each of them against Invasion; …(Article IV, Section 4, U.S. constitution)

    What has been done and is being done has not and is NOT protecting the States against invasion. Build a wall, a security barrier or whatever is necessary to do what is mandated for our national government to do one of its “few and defined” duties! Our Border Patrol, the expert “boots on the ground” have stated that it is needed for them to accomplish their jobs. And manage “ports of entry” where people may enter LEGALLY.

    The cost of a wall is far less than the government is spending to appease and accommodate illegal invaders!

  4. Ron W

    He’s also protected by hired guns, actual “assault weapons” (full-auto) , while he wants us disarmed. Those who want to take from others what they have and keep for themselves are evil hypocrites.


    1. Christina Norris

      No one is trying to take everyone’s guns away. Proposals for common sense background checks before all gun sales are NOT the same as taking your guns. Don’t forget that a lot of the NRA’s funding was from Russia – they’re trying to cause disruption and discord. Let’s work together on this.

      1. Jacob Bertson

        If anyone thinks the Democrats are not trying to take peoples guns away then you need to read S.66 Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 that’s on congress dot gov. It is literally banning virtually all semi-automatic firearms including semi-automatic pistols.

  5. Jeff Gordon

    A personal residence 20 feet from the property border is NOT the same thing as country border. Furthermore, people trying to scale a wall to get into a house are clearly nefarious. People crossing our border to get into our country are looking for work. Big differences. Nice try.

    1. Richard Alcantar

      “A personal residence 20 feet from the property border is NOT the same thing as country border.” Can you be specific? What is the difference?

    2. Traditional Thinker

      Nice to see your empathy for illegals. How about we relinquish all of the social security benefits we, our parents, and grandparents have paid in to fund those who haven’t paid in a dime. Don’t stop there, lets increase taxes on American citizens so that millions more crossing the border illegally can receive welfare and medical services. You’re right, it’s not the same. It’s actually a lot worse to not build a walk at the border due to the bankruptcy of America for votes. How about you send a signed blank check to mexico and get on the charity train you support so passionately, or am I being too nefarious?

    3. Darla

      If you already live inside this country’s borders then why do you need a large fence around your resudence to keep people out? Property owners along the border have been shot and killed by illegals because of drug activities, etc. Nice try. I want the wall!!!

    4. Alice Yoerger

      Do you think for one minute your made a point. How pathetic!

  6. Mary

    He’s important, ya know…

  7. Denise

    Use a helicopter…

    1. Paul

      Probably a no fly zone over ther. Might be able from a distance with high power cameras to catch a glimpse, but I bet they woukd still want to talk to you.