House Democrats Dump Trash From National Park Service at the White House

by Molly Prince


A duo of House Democrats brought garbage to the White House as a means of protesting the ongoing government shutdown that has hampered the National Park Service’s (NPS) ability to maintain its land.

California Democratic Reps. Jared Huffman and Jackie Speier delivered bins of trash to the White House’s front gates on Tuesday donning the words “Trump’s Trash.” With the help of volunteers, the Bay Area congressmen gathered the garbage from two sites at Golden Gate National Recreation Area over the weekend and flew it across the country to Washington D.C., reported The Hill.

“Mr. Trump, here’s your trash,” Speier said in front of reporters. “We did the work of some of your employees at the National Park Service, who by the way, in our area, have a hard time making it because it’s such a high-cost area.”

The Republican-led House passed a stopgap funding bill on Dec. 20 that included appropriations to construct a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. However, with a 51-seat majority, Senate Republicans fell short of the necessary 60 votes needed to send it to President Donald Trump’s desk for signature. Consequently, a government shutdown has been in effect since funding expired Dec. 21.

Most of the land that falls under the NPS’s jurisdiction has remained open to visitors in spite of the shutdown, but maintenance and upkeep services have been suspended. As a result, sewage and rubbish have been mounting around the parks and monuments, despite volunteers assisting in the clean up.

“[The Trump shutdown] is causing trash to literally pile up in our #nationalparks. Glad to join @RepSpeier yesterday in doing our small part to pick up #trumptrash,” Huffman tweeted on Sunday. “@realDonaldTrump must end this callous shutdown now.”

“Let it never be said that I didn’t give anything to Donald Trump,” Huffman said while delivering the garbage. “Because today I am bringing boxes of trash … to provide a reality check to the president so that he understands that his political stunt in shutting down the government over the border wall has real-world consequences.”

Democratic leaders have pledged not to appropriate a single dollar towards funding a wall while Republican leaders maintain they will not advance any funding bills that omit Trump’s demand for border security.

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25 Thoughts to “House Democrats Dump Trash From National Park Service at the White House”

  1. Mack

    Arrest that freakin´ California Rep. Huffman! and put him on cleanup detail of Federal Property and then jail him…….with some hardened criminals!.

  2. Chuba

    Take the trash to Nancy Pelosi’s place, and leave it there.

  3. Bandit

    So what’d they do with the trash? Leave it there?

  4. Herb

    I hope you picked up the human waste from your own SF streets. That way you can place another feather in your a— for helping contain diease. Tell Speer too, I’m not wasting more time here.

  5. Herb Davis

    As far as I am concerned if you can afford to do something so stupid you are responsible enough to pay for the clean up out of your pockets and if you go so far as to dump trash and or garbage on the Federal property of these united States of America the Marines should just shoot you on sight for if caught in the act,

  6. I say let’s dump some illegals at their house! We have plenty. Throw in some gang members!

  7. William Hardin

    You democrats need to get your heads out of the sand, unless you want to pay for all the illegals ,

  8. […] is the effect of the partial shutdown, Democratic congressmen Jared Huffman and Jackie Speier hauled tons of trash by plane from the National Parks and dumped it in front of the White […]

    1. Glenda Topping

      I wonder if we, the taxpayers, had to pay for the trash to be flown on that airplane. What idiotic childish behavior!!

      1. Phyllis

        Glenda, I was wondering that myself. You know Dumocraps do not pay for anything if they can put it on the taxpayers. These two Dumocraps need to be made to pick up that trash at the White House.

      2. Lee

        We knew better in the 3rd grade. Too much time & money given to these privileged few. Country full of trouble & they spend time acting out this way. Shameful!

    2. Rosa Essary

      must be arrested. littering is a big fine and they should be made to clean it up or go to jail. for 60 days without a paycheck.

  9. Larry

    Why dont those idiots from California clean up the trash in their own streets left by homeless???

  10. Dawn Street

    I want to know if they used government planes to transport trash or if we the people had to pay for this stunt. Losers!! DemonRats love trash.

  11. JUDY


  12. Sharon

    They should take it to Pelosi and Schumer since they caused the shutdown.

  13. Barry Spineless

    We dealt with “trash” for 8 long painful years. Now liberals know how we felt.

  14. Teresa Douthit

    Just a shame that Democrats are such sheep! Cant think for themselves and follow their broken leaders to undermine national security! Shame on you all!
    I think a class action lawsuit is in order for Schumer and Pelosi! Crimes against the people! Putting us in inherent danger and refusing to secure our borders for our safety, injuries to all the workers not getting paid! I’ll start with a 10B suit for each of them!!

  15. Shirley Martim

    The Democrats are the real trash. It is so shameful what some people go thru to show just what ignorant imbecils they really are and what they will do to prove ot.

  16. Jan

    Shocking!! Even children know to clean up trash to be a good citizen!! Only brats take it across America to dump it on the Capitol !! Democrats are Destroying America with #OpenBorders and #SanctuaryCities #Socialism !! It’s Time to get rid of the Demokkkrats forever. They have gone too far. They are Traitors to American Citizens & our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

    1. Steve

      Very apropos, but WRONG PLACE! “The people” should collect that trash and dump it in the offices of THE CONGRESS. THESE ARE THE WORTHLESS BASTARDS THAT CAUSED AND PERPETUATE ALL OF THIS.


      D O E S N O T W O R K A N Y M O R E !
      I T ‘ S B R O K E N B E Y O N D R E P A I R !
      W E H A V E T O R E P L A C E C O N G R E S S !

  17. Dennis

    They said they transported the trash from SanFransico to Washington. I wonder how and if the tax payers paid for that.They are so stupid they could have collected the trash nearby.Thats probably what they did but lied instead and said it was from the park.BUILD THE WALL

    1. Dawn Street

      I want to know if they used government planes to transport trash or if we the people had to pay for this stunt. Losers!! DemonRats love trash.

  18. Steve Allen

    More childish behavior from liberal democrats. They would be much more effective if they grew up and worked to make life better for the (legal) citizens of America.

  19. Traditional Thinker

    Huffman and Speier are the worst trash of all. Toxic waste.