Tennessee Star Report EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter Talks About Why Donald Trump Needs to Deliver on His Campaign Promise to Build a Border Wall

In an interview on The Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast Wednesday on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Steve Gill spoke to good friend Ann Coulter about the issues facing the border wall, and why the Democrats want the illegal immigration.

She explained during the interview that this is not just about a chant but a “serious compassionate policy” and that after two years, it’s time to deliver.

Gill: As we get ready to further analyze the President’s speech and his upcoming trip to the border.  We’re pre-taping this with the woman who’s being blamed by some on the left for causing President Trump to step up, stand up, and shut down the government to fight for the wall.  She and Rush Limbaugh getting the blame. I’m sure my friend Ann will take the credit, along with the blame.  And Ann first of all, thank you, for nudging the President into doing the right thing.

Coulter: Well let’s hope (Laughter) by the time your listener’s hear this he’s still on the track to do the right thing.  I won’t believe it until I see it.  He’s had two years. But he’s certainly, I don’t know, seems to be finally getting around to keeping his campaign promises which, you know,  for one thing, it will ensure his re-election and certainly insure that he is defeated if he does not keep his promises on immigration, primarily a wall.  But more importantly I think there are really ten seconds left on the clock.  This is it for America.  If Trump betrays us as every other politician has on the question of immigration listens to the donors and the Democrats and the Washington Swamp and campaign consultants, but hopefully he gave a great speech last night.

Gill: And again in advance to this speech you wrote in Breitbart a piece that talked about a call for kind of a conservative compassion as being an argument in favor of the wall.  You know the pre-speech report seemed to indicate that once again he’s taken your advice.

Coulter: Well I hope so because this is what we’ve needed from the President since the day he came into office. The left does control most of the media, they lie incessantly, there is nothing they lie about more than the question of immigration. And they’ve turned this idea of a wall into sort of a bullying, as Nancy Pelosi said, “A macho, you know racist thing.” Look, I loved Trump’s speeches on the campaign trail.  I was at many of his rally’s, I introduced him at his rallies, soon after he announced he was running and gave that magnificent speech. But the build the wall chant, that sort of fit in with the crooked Hillary and lock her up.  That’s not what this is about.  This is a serious compassionate policy.  Americans are dying in record numbers from heroin overdoses.  That is one hundred percent a problem of not having a wall on our border. It’s the working class, the blue collar workers, the least among us who’s jobs have been undercut for thirty years now.  All these politicians swear they’ll do something about it, go to Washington and then say, “What do you need Wall Street? What do you need military industrial complex?” That’s how Trump broke through. It wasn’t that people thought he was an elegant person and we would, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have him as our President. No, it was because he was the first person who was putting the working class first.  I’m not working class, you’re not working class, this is not a self interested statement, but I care about my fellow Americans. And that is my fellow Americans of all ethnicities. In fact the one’s who have been hurt the most by our wide open borders dumping illegal alien slave labor on the country to benefit the Chamber of Commerce, to benefit the Coke brothers, to benefit the employers.  Who is hurt the most by this? African Americans. They were coming up in the world. We had just had the Civil Rights Act passed and African Americans are just poised to burst into the middle class and Teddy Kennedy’s immigration act dumps a thirty million low wage workers on the country.  Oh their so tractable, their so easy, we don’t have to worry about lawsuits and discrimination, no over time…

Gill: (Laughs) Working conditions.

Coulter: Yeah, exactly, exactly.  So yeah, t’s great for the rich! It’s great for you know the fancy ladies on Park Avenue to get cheap maids and cheap nannies.  But the wall is the compassionate policy and I think people need to hear that from the President.  I mean even (Scoffs) Fox News can’t seem to get away with their obsession from the Middle East, the Middle East.  I always know they’re covering something whenever…

Gill added that in the Middle East, they actually build walls. He sequed to Marsha Blackburn’s recent point that this doesn’t just effect the border states and that every city is a border city, every town is a border town, and that we are not just focused on where the border is.  This effects all of us. Coulter agreed by adding that  Angel moms have disappeared during the course of this time and how Trump was the only President that would ever mention Angel Moms. She was convinced that the influx of migrants was evidence of a powerful elite bias in favor of slave labor and that this would be important to note but not worth mentioning in the Oval Office speech.  Coulter added that America has seen a mass dump of third world immigrants on the country for thirty years because donors want cheap labor and the Democrats want the vote and are getting it. She stated that California gave us Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon where as now, a Republican cannot get elected in that state due to the fact that they have brought in new voters, and not because Democrats won the argument.  She concluded her thought believing that the media will blame anything but the changing demographics and referenced the last election in Florida and Texas.  “If they go it’s over, said Coulter. Forget about hard fought battles.  The Republicans don’t have much time left.  There is ten seconds on the clock.”

Gill: Ann, when we look at the semantics of this fight, the left and their lackey’s in the media are absolutely focused on a wall as if the President ran with pictures and diagrams of what the wall would actually look like.  His voters understood, he’s talking about a structure that keeps people on the other side.  And this wall versus fence versus bollard.  It is a ridiculous argument and yet the Republicans don’t seem to be able to push back on it.  The left kind of wants to paint this as a literal argument for a wall when everybody understands he’s talking about something that keeps people away.

Coulter: Yeah, I mean he did say wall but so what.  People have always said wall.  You’re right it’s in a sense. (Laughs) Some idiot that works for Trump claiming credit for the phrase “Build the Wall.” I looked it up on Nexus last night to see, huh, had anyone ever used that expression before?  Of course they had. There’s thousands of hits for it on Nexus.  It’s like claiming, you know, I copyrighted the phrase, “How you doing?” No you can’t copyright a phrase like that. (Gill chuckles) So anyway, yes, yes, this is a phrase that has been used forever to talk about a border. I think the real answer to that Trump has in general, been quite good on.  Which is we want what Israel has. Israel built a couple of walls. The first one, hundreds of miles, they have walls under water.  This nonsense about (Sarcastic tone) “Oh what about tunnels?” Just check with Israel. In fact I don’t know why Netanyahu doesn’t do a favor for his friend President Trump in his speech explaining how well Israel’s wall works.

Gill: Maybe in addition to going down to the border wall Thursday maybe President should go over to Israel and tour one of the working walls.  And the worst argument for the walls don’t work…

Coulter: That would preferable. It’s completely idiotic for him to go to the border.

Gill: Well the walls don’t work argument seems to be overcome by the fact that the caravan from South America, Central America, and Mexico stopped in Tijuana because there was a wall. They stopped on that side because there was a wall.  Clearly a wall works. Last question does a wall actually have to get built for Trump to win or is fighting for the wall and proving that the Democrats don’t want it?

Coulter: No, no, no, no.  We’ve been reading the Tweets, listening to the blather for two years.  Oh no, no, no, no, no. He’s peddle to the metal on tax cutes, let’s move the embassy.  He’s peddle to the metal on moving the embassy.  He’s spent eighteen months promising to build the wall when no other politician would.  And because of that he got more votes than any Republican in primary…

(Inaudible crosstalk) 

Gill: And then the by the way all the Republicans started talking about the wall. Nobody else was talking about the wall or immigration until he did.  How do you get the Democrats to go along with it when they are so adamantly opposed, not one dollar?

Coulter ended the segment by claiming President Trump can bomb Syria without funding from Congress and that he could build the wall…because he’s the commander and chief.  She explained that his number one job is to protect and defend America and that the first one hundred years of this country was to build walls and forts along the border and that that is the President’s job. In conclusion, Coulter advocated for getting the Democrats on the record admitting that they don’t want to protect America, end heroine deaths, and that they don’t care about your school district and your emergency rooms being over run with poor people.

Gill replied, “And let’s by the way, get some of those RINO’s or as we call them fetal position Republicans on the record as well and maybe clean out a few more of those spots in the process.”

Listen to the full segment here:

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