150,000 Sign Petition to Impeach Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib

A Change.org petition calling for the impeachment of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-13) already has close to 160,000 signatures.

“This woman is an anti-Semite, a war mongering hate filled Palestinian who has vowed to try and destroy our constitutional rights, hates America, hates American citizens,” the petition states. “She’s a danger to our sovereignty, a detriment to society, and to this country, and is unfit to serve in any capacity within our government.”

The petition also takes issue with Tlaib’s election, claiming that she “lied about living in Detroit” by “using her father’s house address.”

Tlaib made headlines earlier this week when she vowed to “impeach the motherf—” during a party in celebration of her being sworn in to Congress.

“I stand by impeaching the president of the United States. I ran on that,” she said in an interview discussing her comments. She called her promise to impeach President Donald Trump something she “very much” holds “dearly.”

“They love that I’m real, and that I am very much focused on getting the government back up and running, but also making sure we’ve held the president of the United States accountable,” she said.

Tlaib later apologized that her comments caused a “distraction,” but refused to apologize for the explicit remarks.

“I understand that I am a member of Congress, and I don’t want anything that I do or say to distract us. And that’s the only thing that I apologize for—that it was a distraction,” Tlaib told reporters, calling the backlash she’s faced a “teachable moment.”

As Battleground State News reported this week, Tlaib was pictured with anti-Semite and known defender of Sharia law Linda Sarsour after she was sworn in. Sarsour posted several pictures with Tlaib, calling her a “congresswoman of the people.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Rashida Tlaib” by Rashida Tlaib. 
Photo “Rashida Tlaib Petition” by Change.org. 











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753 Thoughts to “150,000 Sign Petition to Impeach Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib”

  1. garry scott


    1. Michael

      I agree 100% with you,They are very evil people they hate this country and everyone who stands levelheaded for it

  2. […] 150000 sign petition to impeach Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib […]

    1. El

      Get rid of her, she is not respectful to our country and the people above her.

  3. Craig Michael Vandertie

    How do I get in on this privilege of signing the petition to have that evil and completely ignorant individual impeached, it sounds like only people from its district or maybe it is the state of MI are eligible, I am a citizen of the 8th Congressional district of WI which is Michael Gallagher’s district.

    Now I hear that psychotic component of that terminal viral pandemic plague known as islam is blatantly endorsing a coup against Trump and his entire administration, that Civil war is getting closer at hand all the time and it will not fare well for those who adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism are based.

    1. Robert Downs

      She is evil !

  4. Pamela Barlow

    Talib Rashida is a Anti-American woman, she has not respect for anyone of anything. The Country from with she comes from are terrorist. I as a Natural Born Citizen request her removal from our Government, immediately.

  5. John Clemens

    Tliab and Omar should be impeached. They are liars, Islamist pro-terrorist, and toublemakers. They lie about Palistian history, which includes suicides bombing in Israel. send rockets and fire balloons to Israel. Murder Israeli citizens and soldiers, while Israeli government is patient against such attacks and keeps their resolve striking back only minimumly. Impesch them. They do not represent America in Congress.

    1. robert dew

      It is America vs Communism!!!!

      Wake up and vote Nov 2020!!!!

  6. donald

    if you don,t love this country leave it!they are wasting tax payers money.getting paid for doing nothing.i used to be a democrat.no morer they make me sick

    1. Robert Downs

      Never vote democrat !

  7. David

    She is a traitor to Michigan and America

  8. David

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib. She is a disgrace to Michigan. Just wants to promote socialism/Communism in Michigan and America. If you don’t like America the way it is get out.

  9. Gale Neuhalfen

    If you love Palestine so much, go back there. You are sure not wanted in the USA.

  10. Jacquelyn Cree h

    Impeach and deport out of USA

  11. William R. Delzell

    Don’t impeach her! Her only crime is disagreeing with Israel, as if having honest differences with Israel makes one an anti-Semite. Arabs and Muslims are Semites too. Many Jews like Bernie Sanders disagree with Israel on many things. Are you going to call a Jew like Sanders an anti-Semite?

    Do the people who support the MN Congresswoman’s impeachment have less loyalty to the U.S. than they do for Israel given their fanatical attachment to Israel? Zionism and Judaism are not the same! Apparently, Nancy Pelosi has less loyalty to the U.S. than she does to Isreal when she made a reckless remark at an AIPAC conference that stated, “Even if the Capitol (Washington, D.C.) crumbles to the ground,” Israel comes first. Nancy, is Wasthington, D.C.’s welfare less important to you than Jerusalem or Telaviv? Remember what country you’re in.

    These AIPAC supporters who are U.S. citizens had better remember who their real home country is. I want a peaceful solution between Israel and Palestine that would recognize both as equal sovereigns, but I my PRIME loyalty is to the U.S. If you are an American citizen, remember where your real loyalty lies. Conservatives at one time put America first, but apparently not these conservatives who yell for the MN Congresswoman’s impeachment. As I still remember, Washington, D.C., not Jerusalem or Telaviv, is still our capitol.

    1. CY

      She has had been accused of voter fraud for lying about her residency and taking campaign funds to pay herself. Research her..she is beyond shady.

    2. Brenda Starr

      She’s a traitor! Against the very fabric our was formed from!

    3. Michael Neilson

      She’s a Racist and a Bigot. She’s anti-everything American and everything America stands for. Anyone who supports her supports the complete destruction of the America as we know it. ✌️😎

    4. Charley Nevels

      hey Bill, you are a complete idiot Charley Nevels USMC

    5. Orrie

      This woman is unfit for Congress and needs to be removed immediately. She is a foul mouthed fraud who is committing treason against America.

  12. Danny Brown

    get a backbone and fight fire with fire or you will loose the race

    1. SALLY


    2. Dennis

      LOSE, it is spelled LOSE, not LOOSE!

  13. Danny Brown

    She must go now
    She is a threat to our government. She has infiltrated our congress. Stop her now

  14. les Buchmann

    Impeach her, remove the Evil from our Nation!

  15. Carolyn L. Wheelright

    She needs to be remove immediately. So do the others. This is not legal. They will never uphold our Constitution .

    1. Kathryn Burnett

      Need to also impeach Omar and Cortez

      1. Richard W. Tallman

        Yes…..And also Tlaib.

  16. Gary

    Get rid of that terrorist

  17. JoAnn R.

    This terrorist is un-American and working with a Shadow Government against our Good President. REMOVE HER FROM CONGRESS! A.S.A.P

    1. Gary Cox

      Remove her now

  18. rita Ruberto

    Impeach her very rude with no respect for our country, our people and our President!!!

  19. ken Thall

    IMpeach her

  20. Vivian Miller


  21. Murn A.J. Miller Jr.

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib. Yes, Impeach and deport her!!! Where do I sign ???

    1. K. Herburger

      She lied to get elected. She falsified documents. She is un-American and unfit to serve our people. Enough islamification of America.

  22. Penny Wagner

    i thought this was the petition to impeach her

  23. Ray

    Her inviting Linda Sansour a known jihadist along with CAIR body guards to the halls of Congress and their belligerent actions that insure, should shake all Americans to their core……IMPEACH….NOW. The islamatization of America MUST be brough to a hault before treating them like the British in the Revolutionary Wary is the only way Patriots can keep OUR country.

    1. Velma

      Impeach her, she’s anti American

  24. Rick

    Impeach her she’s a traitor theological traitor

  25. Britt

    Impeach her mfing @$$

  26. Rhonda Joseph

    Anyone who doesn’t use the Bible to be sworn into office Needs to GO; Then be deported!

  27. martin j miracle

    i vote yes!! impeach her!

  28. Natasha Yonker

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib. She is against all American policies and our Constitution .

    1. Where do I sign? Where is the site 2 sign? I am just reading an article about impeachment.

      1. Rosemarie

        I would like her to be a lover not living as a terrorist

    2. Joan Katauskas

      Impeach her!

  29. Shirley Emery

    crazy liberal left wing democrats all should be impeached. They are tring to take down our constitution and it will be a job for our president to keep on top of anything with the crap that the democrats are doing, . they are liars and should be sued for slander for them trying to accuse the president before they find a crime and they should have to have proof of a crime before they can go ito all his private life. they should not be allowed to get into anything that is his private business unless there is a crime then the court needs to order getting into his business if they have proof of a crime commited. all they want to do is get rid of Trump because he is draining the swamp and the dems is the swamp. God Bless our president.

  30. Sonja Remmen

    This woman is as UnAmerican as they come. She has no business serving in our Government ever. She believes in the Islamic Jihad & the Koran she put her hand in when she was sworn in, which n bet should have been allowed ever.
    The Koran specifies the get rid of the infidels, that’s us Christians & Jews & Americans. She does not believe in our Constitution or our Tule of Law. She means harm to us Americans & our country. Remove her from Congress & investigate her. Maybe she should also be charged with treason! She also lied about where she really lives! Her election is a Fraud! Also Omar should also be removed. She is a Somalia Terrorists supporter & she also believes in Sharia Law. Omar also is here illegally. She lied. She is a Fraud!She should be removed immediately & investigated. People who run for a Government office Should be

  31. Brigid A Cullen

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib.

  32. Gregory Montminy

    She has no respect for the electoral college who elected our great President

  33. David Maglito

    Get her out .

    1. Wanona stevens

      How do we impeach this witch? She has no business being in congress in America. Send her home where she belongs. IMPEACH HER. She’s a TRAITOR!!!


    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib.

  35. Alfred Knowles

    by law she should not have been able to, be sworn in , the law of 1953 says she as a muslim cannot hold any public office. She was not sworn in on the bible but the QUARn nothing done legaj;l

  36. Mike Bolton

    Sorry she has got to go !

  37. Melodee Sheehan

    I can’t see where the Petition is located. She is unfit and biased to serve us, the American citizens! When can we remove her, Pelosi, AOC, Harris and Omar?

  38. Genilda Jean Kinney


  39. Mike Branley

    Anti American…. full of hate…..terrorist

  40. Benny L Tranbarger

    Anyone in office that goes against America and out freedom and rights or the Constitution Has to be impeached.

    1. Lois


  41. Becky

    She does not love or respect our country it’s leaders or way of life. She lied her way in to cause havoc. Get rid of her

  42. Ronald Whitt


  43. Kenneth Kutin

    What happened to the USA?
    THIS MUST STOP………………. “NOW”!!

  44. James Carver

    she should not be in there to start with

  45. Carol

    She is Anti American, AntiSematic, she needs to be impeached.

  46. Carolyn k

    Impeach her now!

    1. Rahui Tepapa Mairi David

      Impeach her and DEPORTS her back to the GAZA Strips

      1. Shiela

        She should NOT be in any office in our UNITED STATES!!! We respect our President and that very office she shows such disdain!! Impeach her NOW

  47. Sara Rakestraw


    1. Phyllis Wilson

      Impeach her and replace her. With someone that Loves the U.S. and and plays by rrules.

  48. james ha

    certainly she should be replaced with yet another israel firster.

  49. Lois

    I don’y know if this person knows or xares about our history. We are, and always will be a christian nation, If she don’t like it here, GO HOME!!! She is a disgrace to our senate. Impeach her

    1. Stendec

      Home where? Do you mean Occupied Palestine or Apartheid IsraHell, which one schmuck?

  50. DJ

    I HAVE SIGNED YOUR REMOVAL PETITION, If allowed I Would SIGN YOUR REMOVAL PETITION All Day Long !!! I Look Forward to Attending Your REMOVAL, No Matter How Far I Have to Drive !!!
    Petition Address— https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/removal-rashida-tlaib-d-mi-office-do-inappropriate-and-unstable-actions-becoming-congresswoman

  51. Dora Morris

    Anyone who disrespects the office of the presidency does not belong in our government. She is defininately not an American. Impeach her.


    Not an American….REMOVE HER.!!!!!!!!

  53. Joe

    Impeach her NOW!!!

  54. Nancy Langhorst

    We the people will win this one! She must go now!!!!

  55. ken trew

    impeach her ! FIE her whatever you want to call it to get her out !!! she really isnt sworn in under our laws anyway ! she opted to use the karon which isnt recognized under our process of bein sworn in !!!!! so shes already not recognized as a member !! too if shes impeachable for being so disruptive ? then GET RID OF THE REST OF THE TRASH !!!!! LIKE NANCY PELOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. James

    Get her outany way you can asap

    1. Mary

      Get her out now‼️

  57. Bonnie

    Impeach, NOW!!!!!

  58. Dan Trigona

    Guys. Please, don’t waste your time. A member of Congress cannot be impeached and removed. The Constitution “technically” allows for this, however, the Constitution grants the House and Senate the authority to discipline members. The traditional actions are a written reprimand, a censure (where the member disciplined is required to stand in the Well of the House (or in front of the President of the Senate) to hear the censure and, of course, being expelled from the chamber.

    The only time that a Member of Congress was impeached was after Tennessee became a state, however, the Senate rendered the impeachment moot by denying the Senator the seat totally and the Senator resigned. Since then, it’s not been a needed process given my explanation above.

    1. Corinne Maloney

      technically she got her job illegally. she lied about her address and a few other things to get nominated in the first place. she is a fraud and needs to be expelled.

      1. Erwin l emery

        She could not put her hand on the American bible to up hold America .what in hell is she doing here. Kick her sleezy ass out.



  60. Linda Parks

    This woman does NOT have the betterment of this country in mind. I believe she would overthrow the U.S. govt. if she could. IMPEACH HER!

  61. Carol

    Where do I sign this petition? Rashida Tlaib has her own agenda and Michigan is not on it.

    1. Carol

      where do we sign the petition ?

      1. Rita Howard

        Yes she needs too go. SHE AND OTHERS LIKE HER only want to INDOCTRINATE our children and
        Change our way of life.

    2. Fay Edwards


    3. Sylvis

      This woman is a danger to this country. She lied to run for this office using her Father’s address to be unopposed, a sure win for her. This should not be accepted and therefore she should be removed from the Congress immediately.

  62. Celina

    She ran unopposed because Dems blocked the other candidate. She could have gotten one vote, and still win. She’s full of hot air. She does not deserve to be our rep; and we should not be subjected to represent us

  63. Monty Mullins sr


  64. Victoria Thompson

    This is a requirement in becoming a citizen, “to assimulate, To become American” She hates our country , that is refusing to be a citizen and she needs to return to Palistine and rejoin their “Squatters,” as we love our country and abide by our Constitution, not to change into a land foreign to us. Please leave and take those that wish to live by different laws back to where they came from.

  65. nelson

    Yes she
    needs to go now

  66. John Breuker

    They swore to uphold the US constitution. Her statement totally violates that. She is not upholding what she has swore to do, to me that is treason. Not only should she be removed from office she also should be removed for this country. Obviously she is following her Palastinian’s laws instead of the US laws.

  67. Art

    Impeach her and all muslims. They have no business in Washinton running this country into the ground.

  68. Sofie Mor

    Impeach this POS , throw her out of OURHOUSE! She doesn’t belong here in our country either!!!

  69. Janet Semones


  70. Margaret Faas

    I say impeach her

  71. DAVID sumpter

    A piece of democrats dumness

  72. Shannon B

    Rashida Tlaib, does not uphold the Constitution of the United States. She is vulgar, disrespectful and a disgrace to those who love this country and want to protect the land that we love. This is AMERICA, we need to stop the infiltration of the plaque that wants to infiltrate this county and destroy us and the principles in which this country was founded. Is this truly the type of person we want representing the people in Congress? Writing and trying to pass laws that propagate her/their agenda to destroy America? HELL NO, she needs to go.

    1. Quinn

      Who voted her ? I wonder

  73. Cynthia Attri




    2. I’m all for iimpeaching her. Does not have a heart after America.

  74. Mary

    Where is the petition? To get rid of this uneducated, and vulgar woman. She obviously is not American and now is commanding a six figure salary attempting to impeach a sitting president!!! Whis is this piece of trash who has no decorum in speaking. Who obviously has allegiance to her Palestine Country above America, and is in favor of her Dad is law? Perhaps she needs to return home so she’s more at home and work to make policy and laws for her people in the middle east. If you don’t want yo assimilate an American culture, you should leave. I did. I was a foreigner, from s communist country in fact. I am an American Citizen and would due for this country. English is my first language. I’m as American as apple pie! Nd. Takin Rashid is something else! She needs to pack up and go back to Palestine!



  76. Teresa

    President TRUMP is NOT GOING TO BE IMPEACHED!! No matter how much you wacked out iberals want it….

  77. Girolamo P.

    Jail is too good for her. Send her back to her country or hang her for treason.

  78. Carolyn Croy

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib. Disgrace to our nation.

  79. lincoln benefield

    She is an idiot. Shame on her. She is anti-America.

  80. Daniel J Mishler

    Impeach the COMMUNIST B!TCH!!!

  81. Tena Markham

    Rashid Tlaib is not fitted to be Senator..She insults our President Trump and Israel.. that is unacceptable and no excuse for her behavoir..She may be dangerous to America… Please impeach her asap..

  82. joyce kantner

    time to take back America

  83. Jim Newell

    She has no right being in politics. This is a war mongering hate filled Palestinian who has vowed to try and destroy our constitutional rights, hates America, hates American citizens,” the petition states. “She’s a danger to our sovereignty, a detriment to society, and to this country, and is unfit to serve in any capacity within our government.”. I want this woman impeached and removed from all aspects of a political capacity…!!

    1. Judith Strauss

      You have nailed it exactly right!
      She needs to go!!

    2. Judy

      Impeach not fit to serve we deserve better !

  84. Mary

    Impeach this Muslim. She is not American. She is out to destroy our President and our COUNTRY.

  85. Clyde

    Impeach then remove her citizenship

  86. Sarah

    Impeach her, this is America, not Palastine, if you loved your country so much, go back to it and stop trying to bring sharia law to America. We believe in God We Trust here!

  87. Terri Carpenter

    Get rid of her

    1. Marion Neves

      She must go now
      She is a threat to our government. She has infiltrated our congress. Stop her now

  88. Loyd Washburn

    Impeach and deport her and the idiot,s who elected her

  89. Dale Halliday



    She needs to be removed


    Impeach her not legal to be in office

  92. Stephen Grant

    Throw her the hell out.

  93. Justin duel

    I know for a fact she didn’t get my vote and I sure do not want this woman in office. She’s gotta go got my vote.

  94. Kody Wiewel

    Impeach now !!!!!

  95. Lola B Heck

    Recall/impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib. She is rude, disrespectful of our President Trump and the Office of the President… She has a filthy mouth. She does not deserve to serve in the American Congress…I haven’t signed this petition prior to this. To my knowledge I haven’t.

  96. Tammy Pruiett

    That is What is Wrong with Our Country Now, People Like her with her Nasty Mouth and Attitude , Take Her Out of Office.

  97. WILLIAM ROBERT Burnell

    get her out

  98. jeri

    She’s un-American and need to go…..she has no business in our government ….she wouldn’t even take the oath legally…..out out she needs to go and any one else like her

  99. edward l. dunn

    Impeach and censore her.

  100. Nancy Giardenelli

    IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Kenneth Coleman

    America will be destroyed from inside of it’s own borders . Build the wall. Have the American people forgotten 9-11.

  102. james Snyder

    get her out of the office she’s a real danger to us Americans

  103. Gary M Turner

    IMPEACH – Islam does not recognize any other governments or religions.

  104. Herry Gunarta


  105. Elaine Wilkinson

    Impeach NOW!

  106. Joan snyder

    Impeach her

  107. Dixie Reeves

    Just another hate filled Democrat, impeach her soon.

  108. Marty McNabb

    She is not worthy of holding one of our office to disrespect our President like she did she needs to be impeached and so do Nancy Pelpsi as well as Chuck Schumer

  109. Dale Bernard

    She is filthy and needs to GO!

  110. Linda Green

    This woman is vulgar and is not fit to be in office. She did not even live in the district she ran for. She needs to be removed from office for lying to get elected.

    1. Pilar


  111. Kimberlee Raymond

    IMPEACH- Should never have been allowed to run let alone be elected!

    1. Verda Johnson

      And Impeach.take some of the garbage with her.


  112. Dale

    She is not fit to be in office along with Linda Sarsour, Ocasio cortez and many others who entered office with radical beliefs. If you cannot remove your hijab, anger and hatred go home we do not need anymore of this kind of rhetoric in our country!

  113. Linda

    When did she teach her son to insult authority. When did she teach him what Mother-F er means. When will we teach him what impeach means??

  114. Rose Thomas

    Impeach her, If you can’t swear on the Bible God’s holy word to uphold a stand for America, then you shouldn’t be in office.

  115. John Wells

    Impeach Talib Rashida Now.

  116. Shari a Bowling


  117. Jaime Stewart

    It’s time to clean out the dreg’s of Michigan’s government. Good-Bye Rashida.

  118. C. Green

    Not being swron into a government office according to the Constitution is a direct violation of the oath of office. Impeach this domestic threat to the United States.

  119. Josephine Orozco

    we have enough garbage in our government already, GET HER OUT NOW!!!!

  120. Tone

    She makes one statement and extremists seek to impeach, but one the other end where high ranking Republicans are being indicted and crickets on impeachment… Crazy!

  121. Winnie Calcutt

    Throw her out !

  122. Stan Pinson

    She is another lawless obstructionist that doesn’t belong in this country. You politically correct people are letting them get away with anything. Close santurary cities now.

  123. lorrie ailport

    she needs to be impeached her filthy mouth in public this is America not any muslim country we are americans are children should get to speak English not muslim also you need to go bye bye cant even sign a petiotion on this page

  124. Barbara Noll

    This country will unite against haters of America.

  125. Mark Hannah

    It is illegal per constitution she wasn’t sworn in with a bible and her actions speak for them selves

    1. Ann

      Impeach her. She was not sworn in legally.

    2. Cheryl

      I wholeheartedly agree! Impeach her for failure to be sworn properly. Oh wait, she would have to understand what an oath is first! Horrific example of an American!

    3. Actually Article VI forbids that no religious test be required to take the oath, unfortunately. Here’s clause 3 of the Article: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

    4. Carlos

      She was sworn in legally using Thomas Jefferson’s Quoran. She is from Detroit. We elected her and your opinion does noy matter to us. She is our Represetative, get over it.

      1. Dale

        Our opinion does matter she is in office and is for Islam not America that alone is against the constatution. InlInly reason she won Detroit is become Dearborn has been taken over by islam. She wasn’t a league citizen she committed frond to run that alone disqaulifies h er to run for office she was not a resident. I am from michogan my opinion defiantly counts. There islam no place in America for saris law

      2. Marty

        U need to go also

      3. Shirley H Greer

        Thomas Jefferson’s Quran! Thomas Jefferson purchased his copy of the Quran not because he was interested in it for spiritual reasons, but to understand the alien threat it posed the young United States of America. President John Adams, likewise owned a copy of the Quran. He wrote an analysis of the “prophet” Mohammad; the essence of his doctrine was violence and lust: to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature. Historical accounts indicate that as many as 1.5 million people were snatched from their homeland and enslaved in Muslim nations by Barbary Pirates. Barbary Pirates were extorting tribute payments from the US. After years of dealing with broken promises and coming to an understanding of what Islam really is Thomas Jefferson settled on a different solution. The First Continental Marines were founded to conduct ship-ship fighting, provide security for American merchant ships.

  126. Cathie Ashby

    Impeach and deport her NOW!

  127. Sandra Alvarez

    Her election is not legal, so get rid of her

  128. Leigh

    Impeach her and ALL non-Americans from office NOW!!!

    1. Ellen Schaub

      Absolutely get rid of her and every other non-American in the congress as they have no legal right to be there!!

    2. Fran O Donoghue

      That would deporting anybody not of native American descent.. Not an easy job with your government shut down

  129. Bill Rhea

    she is unfit to be in office

  130. Tim Lawrence

    Welcome To America, Mother Fu$ker!

  131. Theresa

    She is not an American and needs to go.

  132. Brenda wheeler

    Impeach her now!!!!!!

  133. Stephen Serafin

    Will I might agree with your views, you all are ignorant of the process required. You can’t “impeach” her nor can you do it by signing a national petition. The people of her District have to collect signitures from within the District and file a RECALL PETITION in Superior Court. If that makes it past it’s first hurtle, then it could go onto a vote within her district. Recalls are difficult to do at best; otherwise there is the vote up or down the next time around. The national outrage doesn’t count.

  134. Ruby

    Impeach talib rashida. No room for a woman that isnt for America first.

  135. M Giles

    Where do I sign?!

    1. Earlene

      Impeach Talib Rashida no room for her, she does not put America first!

  136. L A

    Conflict of interest. Beliefs and terms of office. Cannot uphold office requirements

  137. RonH

    Why not, she’s a jihad supporting raving left wing lunatic voted in by the same.

  138. Linda


    1. Justin D Cole

      I PLEDGE to sign to get that ugley woman that is against America in aginst ISRAEL fire her asap in send her back were the little evil woman she is came from.

    2. Charlotte

      They will let things like her go on and on until we become like France.
      Someone needs to organize a protest in every city across this great country and get them both out. They go AGAINST the very grain of our country.

  139. James Thompson

    If she can’t take her oath on the bible, She don’t need to be in Congress. Impeach her NOW !

  140. Patrick

    Get rid of this disrespectful anti.semite. She is rude, vulgar, and unlady like. We do not need retards like her in officd

  141. susan brown

    impeach ASAP

  142. Jim. D

    She is not an American get rid of her

  143. Mark Craig

    Impeach her.

  144. Sherry Watts

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib She should never be allowed to hold a government position in America. She already has proven that.

    1. Linda Wylie

      My question is..how did she even get in office ? Second American duid lines to even run for office should be very strict and followed. Just fire those that are not working for the American people and that should take care of most of Washington. Investigation needs to be done on every single one. And I bet that would stop a lot of pointing fingers at others.
      Clean out the swap and make sure those coming in office have a heart for American First!!!

      1. Mary

        The Second Amendment regards the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

    2. Robin

      Impeach her now!!! We cannot have this kind of people in our law making seats remove her now she does not belong there!

  145. Alan Matysiak

    Impeach Her, we can not allow a children to think this kind of behavior is acceptablue in our country. How did we allow this to happen!!!???

  146. Courtney


  147. Charlotte Baughman

    Impeach that nut and send her back to her country. We don’t need her in America

    1. Sandi Renfro

      I totally agree, can’t find how to sign the petition on here.

    2. Rahmah Ebrahim

      Where is the petition link?

      1. Sue Jacobs

        Yes where is it

    3. AnneMarie

      It’s amazing that someone so stupid would be elected plus all the other radical BS she has behind her….what we’re people thinking or is this the beginning of a Democrat conspiracy?

  148. Gail

    It is better for America to get this Muslim radical out of our Government. Please keep America Strong. She has shown her disrespect for herself, America and the position she is suppose to hold. Get her out!!!!!!!!!

  149. Greg W

    Her Muslim tone that was heard was not a peaceful loving tone of the faith & true love of this country, but that of which took down the towers! VP Mike Pence has been mocked for his Christian belief but still wouldn’t and hadn’t called anyone an “ MFer”..!!! Remove her from office along with Chuck & Nancy!

  150. Viola

    Impeach, impeach, impeach ASAP

  151. Cynthia Showman

    She does not believe in the US Constitution (her words). She needs to find another country to hate and tear apart!
    Impeach her, Get her out of office and out of our country!

  152. Ralph Delgado

    Void her citizenship

  153. Evelyn

    S/N/H even been on a ballot

  154. L. L. M.

    If you want to live under a different countries law, by all means pack your bags. We swear to uphold our constitutional oath on the Holy Bible here in AMERICA.

    Impeach that foul mouthed person!!!!

  155. Cathy

    Impeach Rashida Tlaib,she is not. to be in office the way she said things and done our president needs no mercy

  156. Paul boeckman

    Remove now….how can a person be elected in this great country and not be able to swear to uphold and defend OUR constitution

  157. james Robert rice

    Impeach now.

  158. Jack Curry

    Impeach her.

  159. Thomas Mallon


  160. Ruth Sharp

    This woman or any person who is a Muslim, has no business in our Government. Their Quran has no business being used in our Government. America has had enough of the Muslim, American people do no believe in Sharia Law, We should not have to change our way for the Muslims. Pelosi, Needs to get this woman out of our government along with the other woman who is a Muslim. America has not forgotten 9-11 and never will. Another big mistake America made was electing Obama who is a Muslim. No Muslims in our Government.

    1. Jaculin S. Jones

      Anyone who cannot put their hand on the Bible to support and up hold our laws , should NOT be in public office of any kind. American needs to wake up…

  161. florence r melilli


  162. Laura Chittenden

    Everyone missed the real point..not only her but 3 other Muslim women would not Swear an Oath on the Bible or anything else to uphold Our constitutional rights..They don’t Represent anyone in America!

  163. James

    Impeach her now.

    1. Glenda Clark

      Impeach her.



    3. Helia Ferreira

      Get out this congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

  164. Luciana Williams

    Impeach her now!

  165. Kathie Makris

    Impeach her now! She lied to get elected. She does not hold our same values only her Palestinian values.

  166. Valerie

    Get her out!!!! Who voted for her anyway must of been fake votes! RECOUNT………

    1. Royce

      Michigan they are already an Islamic state. They move there it looks like home to them

  167. NOhemi Custer

    She’s an embarrassment

  168. Jen davis

    Impeach her

  169. Maria Padilla

    She is no different than Peter Sztrok. She called for impeachment before she was even sworn in. Before she was ever presented any evidence. She came in with bias and to disrupt our government and shes supposed to be a lawyer? She came into office with an agenda . Makes me wonder if she is doing the bidding of the muslim brotherhood under CAIR working closely with radicals like Linda Sarsour

    IMPEACH THE [email protected]@CKER!!!

    1. Melvin R. Biddle Sr.

      How in GOD’S name are these Muslims allowed to take an OATH TO OUR COUNTRY with their hand on the KORAN ???? We are NOT nor will we ever be an ISLAMIC NATION . This is a disgrace to all that is American !!!!!

    2. Carol Wright

      Yes impeach her ASAP

  170. Merideth Donnette Hicks

    All who disrespect The President of The United States of America 🇺🇸 and those who disrespect God’s Sovereignty should be put out of positions of leadership! Anyone who who goes against The Word Of God (Holy Bible) is in satans corner NOT ours! It is TIME for Americans to UNITE and take a STAND against the wickedness coming upon our nation! We MUST stop all who threaten the safety and sovereignty of our once great nation united as ONE under GOD! We MUST put GOD back 1st in ALL things to include politics! God is interested in every aspect of our lives NOT just the parts we want to let him be involved in! STOP putting GOD in a box!!! IF something isn’t done soon this country will fall! I hope and pray that The Lord God Almighty hears the cries of His people and comes quickly to our aide with Justice at His side in Christ Jesus Precious Holy ANOINTED Name Amen. John 14:13-14

    1. Bill Riley

      I agree with you 100%. No muslim should hold a political office in the united states. Especially the two muslims elected that promise to destroy our great country. They need to go back where they came from along with the illegals trying to get across the border. Obama could take credit for this and i bet he’s laughing like crazy. A quran should never be used to swear a person to uphold the constitution of this country. Impeach and deport. Now justice Roberts is jumping into the liberal pen and not doing the job he was appointed to do. All politics because Trump is president not a politician who sucks up to political action committees. As far as i’m concerned Obama was never a legitamite pres.he used a quaran. I wonder how true ut is that activist along with criminal illegals jumped pelosi’s wall and demanded that they have entry into her home. I hope it’s true maybe is will take a different stance on the wall and not play on the beach in hawaii.

      1. Barbara Smith

        what idiots you all are. And I AM from Tennessee and ashamed.

  171. Byron

    Impeach the skank!

  172. tony

    impeach the trash,next she will be wanting American flags removed.


    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib! How the hell did she get in there to begin with?!

    1. Tina

      She is in Dearborn Michigan that’s all that lives there and they try n use Sharia Law also an get by with it! Pray for our President Trump An our country United States 🇺🇸 of America AMEN 🙏

  174. jo jones

    Please impeach her she doesn’t like the American way.

  175. Deanna

    Impeach her as fast as you can

  176. Deanna McKiearnan

    Impeach her she has no love for America or Americans she does NOT need to represent us and her disrespect to our president is out of line fire her ass!!!!!

  177. Jenny Christmas

    Impeach her!!!!

  178. Jenny Christmas

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib…

  179. Laura

    Impeach this women. She is pure evil. She is an embarrassment to our great Country

  180. Gerald Szilagyi

    Impeach her now….. Her remarks doesn’t represent Americans!!!

    1. Tony

      Impeach her now!

  181. Cedar waggoner


  182. Leigh

    Impeach her NOW!!!

  183. donald morris jr

    get her out

  184. Brian K Tidball

    First off besides her language she used when making the statement. Second she refused to place her hand on a Bile when being sworn in? We’re a Judea-Christian Society. She need to adhere to our laws and customs. Not us to hers! Now Impeach her

  185. Elizabeth Moody

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib.

  186. Tina

    Please impeach this woman.
    She is a danger to the American people and the American Government.

    1. Rebecca

      Please impeach this terrible lady. She is pure hateful!!! We have enough hate in politics get rid of her. Who in their right mind voted for her??

  187. norman palmer

    Impeach please

  188. […] Sign Petition to Impeach Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib,” by Anthony Gockowski, Tennessee Star, January 12, 2019 (thanks to […]

    1. Sandra

      Impeach her. According to our constitution she is not allowed to hold any government office. Neither is Cortez.

    2. Rebecca Rowland

      Impeach her, we have enough hate in the US and don’t need anymore, it is time the everyone grows up and do what we need to do for this wonderful country and stop acting like children, and if you don’t want to be in the US, then get the hell out, we don’t need you or people who don’t want to do the right thing for the people.

  189. Leon Milton

    Impeach her now !!!

  190. Kent watkins

    This has to be done today not tomorrow.

  191. Judith A Avery

    Please please please IMPEACH this evil evil person from the office that is suppose to serve WE THE PEOPLE. ITS NOT A PLACE FOR HER EXTRÈMELY BIASED RHEDERICK.

    1. Lois

      I agree with you

  192. Laura

    Get rid of that woman now. She is a danger to all of us who love and stand up for the United States. I will definitely sign that petition

  193. Laura

    Get rid of that woman now. She is a danger to all of us who love and stand up for the United States. I will definitely sign that petition

    1. Ilse

      Has anyone found where to sign? I am looking.

  194. Emma

    Impeach her…she is nothing but a trouble maker..she’s not for america…she’s for destroying our way of life !!!!

  195. Chris Laurito

    Impeach immediately!

  196. Kerri DeLuca

    This vile, disgusting woman is a disgrace, impeach her NOW! She is not fit to have a seat in Congress. Her kind is the last thing we need! Her attitude, her twisted way of thinking, her heinous display of her ignorance towards our President is exactly what we DON’T want or need! If she was not sworn in on the Holy Bible, her right to be there is null and void. The ONLY book we use is the Holy Bible! How can anyone uphold our laws and Constitution, if she disagrees with it? Michigan, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  197. William D. Southworth

    Under the constitution , she should have never sought public office in the first place!!!!!

  198. ray guz

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib.

  199. Toby

    This is not the kind of person we want in our government. She has shown that she practices taqiyya (lies) and will continue to do so. She does not have the best interests of the USA at heart. She has no loyalty to the U.S.Her loyalty is to the muslim brotherhood and those who want “Death to America.”

  200. Amelia Durst

    Impeach her. This is disgusting behavior. We are being destroyed from within!

  201. Eric pavlack

    Get her out

  202. Genevieve Benes

    We the people want her IMPEACHED! Get rid of her now!

    1. Ted rigger

      Go to Whitehouse WEBSITE- YOU WILL FIND IT THERE.

  203. NOYB

    Oh look at all you people clutching your pearls and yet screaming in approval when it’s a white man calling football players sons of bitches, the Chinese mother f***ers. Really wish you all felt this way about him saying much much worse. Please can your faux outrage because we know it has nothing at all to do with her language, but the color of her skin.

    1. Ruth

      For me it has to do with her hate of Israeli’s, her unremarkable stint as a rep of Detroit (look it up and make a list of what she accomplished because everything I read stated she did much for the city but it doesn’t state what.) She is supposed to be a rep for all the people in her state and picks and chooses who she will represent. When you work FOR THE PEOPLE IT SHOULD BE ALL THE PEOPLE not just those you find acceptable.

    2. KD

      Your right it has everything to do with the fact she’s Muslim and doesn’t belong in the United States Government. Impeach or recall her and her traitorous verbiage.

    3. Maria

      No one gives two sh!ts she said motherf****er. However we do give a heap tone of sh!t when a so called lawyer is calling for impeachment before even being sworn in much less not having one shred of evidence of any impeachable offence. Sorry being butthurt doesnt get u an impeachment

    4. Patrice

      It has NOTHING to do with the color of her skin!! It has everything to do with her not respecting this country, her vulgarity and her disrespect toto our President and all Americans!!

  204. Rachel

    Impeach and deport

  205. connie costello

    She should be impeach,this what our President is telling us about people who shouldn’t be in the USA When they show no respect for our country or our President.

  206. Joan Brinton

    iMPEACH A S A P. She is not an American if she doesn’t believe in our Constitution and HOW did she get on the ballot in the first place???

    1. Bert

      Trump ignores the constitution every day, he is not American he is the son of immigrants. His own family outside the US have disowned him.

      1. Janette Boley

        We are all immigrants if u do your family tree,but we love America and want the best for our children an grandchildren. No people who against our constitution should ever be in our government.

      2. T L Yzag

        I agree get er outta there now ! She’s a bud of Sarsours Bad News !!!!!

  207. JANET


  208. Douglass C Richards

    Impeach her!

  209. Reginald

    Impeach her now

  210. Marilyn Morrison

    Why was this active Muslim elected to any office? This one in particular is obviously dangerous (as she threatened our President) and seems to be seriously mentally ill. If she can do what she did and be proud of it – what is she capable of? We have a Trojan Horse setup, starting with the people who will not swear on the Bible or uphold the constitution this country was founded on entering into positions of power. GET HER OUT NOW.

    1. Gwen

      How did she ever get into office? TREASON FOR HER AND HER SO CALLED PEOPLE. She has poor character and is disgusting as a person?

  211. howard buckley


  212. Bob

    how in Gods name did a woman of her background get into a government held seat of congress????? ABSOLUTE IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!! A.S.A.P.

    1. Renee

      GET HER OUT!!! Why would anybody vote for that is beyond me.

  213. Shana

    Impeach her now! She is un-American and does not represent our country’s views or values!

  214. Impeach her now. SHE’S NOT AN AMERICAN. INSIDER FOR TEROISM IMPEACH PLEASE. Let’s make America Great Again.


    She is absolutely unstable!!! Must Impeach..

  216. phillip

    I say Impeach her. If you look at past history we have had Russians be caught spying on the american people. Now it’s time to catch this Arab and send her home. Someone who isn’t even a legal citizen who lied about it has no right to be in office! She shouldn’t JUST BE IMPEACHED she must be DEPORTED. For the safety of the American people. To think this government allows someone into office just because she agree’s that Trump should be impeached. Their are many countries that would love to infiltrate the United States. This is one of them. IMPEACH Rashida Tlaib

  217. Linda

    Impeach, Impeach, Impeach ASAP

    1. Linda carter

      Yes yes yes!!! Get her OUT

  218. Kirby

    It’s going to take another significant muslim terrorist event in the United States to RE-awaken Americans to the reality of Islamic violence. Hopefully it will start right there in Detroit where there seem to be far too many people willing to “vote stupid” and put a muslim in their own government.

  219. Tena Markham

    Impeach Rashida Tlaib. Thats not appropriate behavoir.. She is possible causing troubles again..

  220. Frank A Cuda

    Dump her out of her office and put in the Republican who ran against her.

  221. Shari Kirkeeng

    IMPEACH her! She is not an American! How did she get that position?

  222. Thomas A Dunnell


  223. Shari Kirkeeng

    Impeach that un-American. How did she get that position in the first place??

    1. Gail Ward

      Very stupid voters.

    2. Kiki

      dON’T DOUBT THAT it was fake votes.

  224. […] Sign Petition to Impeach Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib,” by Anthony Gockowski, Tennessee Star, January 12, 2019 (thanks to the Geller […]

    1. Peggy jernigan

      Impeach Rashida Tlaib !


      KEEP putting them in high places.. Their main objective is to kill all Americans. They call us INFIDELS…

    3. Vilma Altamirano

      If someone hates who you are as a country, as a body who has worked hard to make it good for all the people who embrace what it represents and for future generations, how can you allow that intruder to jeopardize all of it because of what he or she represents does not conform to it and wants to change it and or destroy it?

    4. David Palmer

      Impeach her now please she disrespects our nation get rid of her she needs Jesus in her heart she needs to be born again so until she recieves Jesus as her Lord and Savior and changes she needs to go.

  225. Scott


  226. Maru Ladd

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib, We do not need people with idea’s like hers in our government

  227. Dawn


  228. Dawn

    She is dangerous to us and our country. IMPEACH TALIB RASHIDA TIAIB NOW!!!

  229. G Everest

    Please impeach her immediately.

  230. Leigh

    She needs to be removed from office immediately for such actions and attitude. NO room for her…

  231. Leigh

    Impeach her. America has no room for such ignorance…

  232. Leigh

    She needs to be Impeached NOW!!!

  233. Glenda Semifero

    How this horrible person ever got elected, I have no idea, but her disrespect and unprofessional actions and attitude are enough to prove she should never be in public office. Get rid of her now, before she does any real damage!! (and send ocasio. – whoever with her!!!)

  234. Scott criswell

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib.

  235. Yvonne Hutcheson

    She really needs to be impeached. Where is the petition ?

    1. Debra Lynn

      She’s a pathetic excuse of a human being. She has no class at all.

  236. Andrew

    Arrest her for assault and obstruction of the continuity of government. All these liberals who vow to block everything the President does means they are purposely trying to block our government from functioning at all and was deemed a traitorous act in Rome when this form of government was born. People were executed back then for this type of treason. She needs to be arrested along with Pelosi and spend some time in getmo so they can see just how terrorists treat their women. We need to stop this sort of invasion of our government of people who’s only intent is to hirt this country and give all our money to people who aren’t even citizens or even live in this country!

  237. […] Sign Petition to Impeach Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib,” by Anthony Gockowski, Tennessee Star, January 12, 2019 (because of the Geller […]

  238. Linda Little

    Impeach her

  239. Linda J Fluke

    IMPEACH or FIRE her from Congress, she evidently LIED to get in. She is ANTI-AMERICAN Working against the People and Constitution of the United States Of America! GET HER OUT OF OFFICE!

  240. Allen Fant

    Impeach this swine before she starts more trouble. We don’t want her in our country and sure don’t want her in our government

  241. Ellsworth Broyles

    Has disgraced herself and the seat held. Remove-Impeach !

  242. David G. Paz

    Impeach the wrongfully selected lady with all my respect and impeach her from everything

    1. Becky Clark

      Impeach this person immediately! She does not intend to uphold and defend our Constitution which she just swore an oath to do!!

      1. Martin

        And we just find out she was paid like over 300 thousand by Soros open border society millions more will sign now!!

  243. shirlyn henry

    Yes , get rid of her. She never should of been allowed to run for any kind of office in AMERICA.

    1. Brian Hill

      I don’t care who is the President. No one should disrespect the man in office and call him a mother f***er. It’s clear that she’s demoralizing the US. Her being in office not only condones disrespect, but teaches our children that’s it’s okay.

      1. Brian Hill

        Yes!! Impeach this woman.

      2. Irma

        But this is exactly what trump has done. You don’t worry what our children are learning from him?

        1. Barbara Carra

          And deport.her and family.i should hope my children would learn from Trump.

    2. Brian Hill

      YES! Impeach this woman. She’s out of control. She’s unethical if you ask me

  244. Yvonne Hutcheson

    She needs to be impeached.

  245. Gwen Rubidoux

    Impeach her now, nobody wants her. I don’t understand how she won. Was it because all the dead people were voting again? IMPEACH THE DIRTY MOUTHED ALIEN!!!

    1. Birdena


    2. Sand

      Impeach the socialist with maybe 2 brain cells to rub together as well. Take out traitors like Mad maxie. drain the swamp. People we can build the wall ourselves. google 3 time amputee Airman Brian Kolfage. He did what millions of us wanted to do but didn’t know where to start. in less than two months the Go Fund me Brian started called We the people will build the wall has already collected over 20 million $$$ of 1bilion we aim for. the deplorables will get er done! Let’s save our country from looking like most of Europe & other countries.

  246. Sharon Rose

    Impeach this woman for unethical behavior.

    1. Shirley J Nelson

      Impeach her NOW!!!!!!

  247. Sarah B CHISENHALL

    Yes, definitely impeach her. She should be out of Washington already.

  248. Oscar Pearson

    Impeach and kick her out of the US!



  250. Sharon DeBiase

    Get rid of her. She’s an embarrassment of everything this country stands for. She will do nothing but insight further problems. She’s got a filthy mouth. We need other countries to respect us,not laugh at us.

    1. Theresa Cannata

      I want to Impeach this Woman who is a Disgrace to our Country.

  251. John NEAL


  252. Lorrine Broyles

    O think we need to get rid of this racist. She has no business in the United States.. Impeach her now..

  253. Edward M Ramos

    Get rid of her! She needs to go back to her native country and enforce her beliefs and religion back on them… not us.. Americans! We are “One nation under God” not Islam…. so she wants her shit, she needs to go back to that part of the world where it’s all her and Islam… no place for it here in America… 1952 Congress passed a law doing away with Shari Law… it’s time for congress to pass one to get rid of the Koran and it’s belief, it is a religion of “hate and murder.”

  254. charlene kelley


  255. RonaldBrewer

    Impeach her!

  256. Betty Wells

    She is a disgrace!

  257. Brian Munday

    Disgusted with the lack of maturity coming from those serving the people.

  258. Tasara Coats

    Impeach her! 👍she is not worthy to serve the people of America! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  259. James hyland

    Impeach her

  260. Christine

    She needs to be impeached!

  261. cornelia faase

    what is happening to the US. what happened to cristianity>

  262. Jeff Marchbanks

    impeach her please.

  263. Heather Hoffman

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib, she is a disgrace to our country, and she has an evil agenda of her own!

  264. Elizabeth Hagan

    She is a disgrace to the leadership of our country and to our citizens. She is not fit for public office and has broken the code of ethics for the behavior of a leader – an elected member of the House of Representatives. She m
    must be impeached and removed from office immediately!



  266. Elizabeth Hagan

    She is a disgrace to the leadership of our country and to our citizens. She is not fit for public office and has broken the code of ethics for the behavior of a leader – an elected member of the House of Representatives. She must be impeached and removed from office immediately!



  268. J Heidi Pruett


  269. Jerry

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib

  270. Carrie

    Her religion tells its followers to lie! I would love to shove her face into a burning Quran! She is a filthy human and deserves to be tortured in the worst way possible!

    1. What Acunt

      lol there isn’t even a God.

  271. Rosella - Nichols

    She is a disgrace To America And A TRAITOR. She is Useless as Boobs on a Boar Hog. Impeach her and send her back where she came from.

  272. Jana

    This woman has no right being in this country or ever holding an office here. She does not believe or obey our laws! She is ungodly and hates America and wants Sharia law invoked here! Impeach her now! Shame on you Michigan for voting her in! Impeach, Impeach, impeach!!!

    1. Michael Kelly

      Can you show me where you see she wants sharia law?? That would put her back in a black sheet and walking 2 feet behind a her husband or assigned male guardian… I doubt that…



    2. Kathleen O'Hara

      She was born in the USA. But obviously comes from a family who has never revered living in the USA. She is vulgar, hates America & has broken a variety of laws during her campaign. If she is not prosecuted/impeached then I really have lost all faith in our Justice System.

    3. Jo Gibson

      She got the majority of her votes from the dead people

  273. Loyd Kinikin

    She need to go

  274. Susan and Rick Dowdy

    Impeach her…she is a disgrace to this country and needs to be deported. No morals, no respect and a complete unqualified lunatic.

  275. Troy Wagner

    Please take out the trash. If anyone in congress said the same thing about Obama they would probably be serving prison time!

  276. B.Boyd

    She has no integrity or respect for our government. Her language is disgraceful. Impeach her and get someone with a lot more class please.

  277. It has been disclosed that George Sores funded her campaign. I thought this was against the law. Dinesh D’Souza was imprisoned because he donated to a campaign for someone running for office. They apparently don’t have to follow the rule of law as they do the same thing and get away with it. If you don’t have your own money you shouldn’t be able to run for any office.

  278. Karen

    This thing is ant American and pro-islam. They will stop at nothing to destroy the USA and Christianity.. get rid of her, she is evil

  279. Kevin Mansfield

    So this is the mentality of the left ? WOW ! we are in trouble . She needs to go .

  280. Sun

    Must impeach! Terrible example to all, especially to the young generation!

  281. Penny L. Cronk

    Take her OUT….. not suitable to hold office in USA.

  282. Sherry Kramer

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib

  283. Drema

    We don’t need people in the public eye to say that about our President!!!We elected President Trump not everyone voted for people to cuss and call him names!!!She needs to be gone and needs to elected people who respect our President just like we had to do with Clinton Bush and Obama!!!24 yea we put up with the whore monger the cowboy and the person from another but so just us a break with a REAL PRESIDENT!!!

  284. billy burgess

    She shouldn’t be in a senate seat if she has no AMERICAN beliefs or is Christian!

  285. romann biernacki

    how do you sign

    1. Ted rigger

      Roman– google the whitehouse website, go to petitions and follow through and select the one that says “impeacc rashida Tliab. Fill ti out and they will email you a confirmation and click on it. done.

  286. Sheila Hayes

    I want to sign the to IMPEACH!!!!!!!!!

  287. Araxie

    Rashida Tlaib is what all you need for another 9/11 she feeds on the hatered for America, please America open your eyes, her victory dance was with a Palestinian Flag what does that tell you. I am from that part of the world hear me out. Look at Europe wat it was and what it is, it is the Islamic agenda occupy and conquer if you treat them as monority who is being discriminated they win. Entire Middle East is rich and empty why come here “the agenda”. Why are they offended by my FLAG or CROSS?

  288. Dolly

    Impeach the demon. She is not for the USA.

  289. Diana Roberts

    she needs imeached the disrespect she shows she has not business in any office

  290. Ron Trout

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib. Michigan voters have made a huge mistake by voting in this person. What a true unprofessional.

  291. Gladys Dupuis.


  292. Panda

    IMPEACH!!! That family incested, loud mouth, can’t put your hand on our bible, live by our laws or rules, think you can force us to live yours, not happening! She isn’t American and has NO RIGHTS in OUR GOVERNMENT PERIOD!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!!

    1. Jeanne Stroup

      Absolutely agree100%

  293. Melinda

    She should never have been elected in the first place! Impeachment should certainly be in order for any elected official who refuses to uphold the constitution of the USA

  294. kenneth brashear II

    Impeach her then kick her and her kind out of this country!!

  295. Hugh E. Walker

    Yes impeach her should never have been put in office any way. No Muslim is supposed to be in any kind of office in America

    1. Susan Harris

      Hugh E. Walker, you are correct. But unfortunately we already had a Muslim in the
      office of President of The United States for
      8 yrs.. 😐

  296. Luther

    Impeach her now!

  297. Beverly Comstock

    Where’s the Petition??? I want to sign

    1. Melissa

      click on “the petition” in 2nd paragraph of article above.

  298. Carol Rogers

    Imleach her. She is not for the good of America.

  299. Shari Pahls

    Impeach her! We don’t need people like this in our government.

  300. Charity staggs

    Impeach her

  301. Kamell Gibbon

    Please relieve her of her position. She is a great to humanity as a whole.

  302. Donald Leigh

    this terrorist needs to be impeach now high treason shes engulfing a terrorist flag pa-lie-stine flag impeach her now.

  303. Donald Johnson

    Where is the Recall paper to sign? Time to Recall The Idiot out of office now!

  304. Michael Gough


  305. Nancy Trail

    Get her out. She is evil to our country.

  306. Reba K Johnson

    Agree, impeach her!
    She is not American in the true sense of the word. She is anti American!

  307. Terry Lund

    Impeach Immediately


    Impeach her and send her back where she came from!

  309. Dennis Cicotte

    She dose not belong in office Impeach her NOW

  310. Ruth Wardlaw

    Impeach her, she does not support America.

  311. Nancy

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib!

  312. Marcia Potter

    Impeach Taking Rashida Tlaib. She is everything that is wrong with this country. Allowing her to bring her foreign opinions to confess will never help a single American.

  313. Wanda Jean Etchason

    She needs to go ASAP for the disrespect of the Office of the President.

  314. Tater Whatley

    Impeach her where do I sign

    1. meissa

      Click on “the petition” in 2nd paragraph in above article.

  315. Clark Drew

    Impeach Her Now!!!!

  316. cathy wensel

    she is evil

  317. dennis wensel

    she doesn’t belong in Washington

  318. Andrea

    Impeach her she is a traitor

    1. Caroline Sanchez

      Should be gone n 60 seconds, don’t allow her in congress 1 more day!https://www.facebook.com/idris.bahir/videos/898171643727359/

    2. Todd McMillin

      How is she a traitor you dumb f*ck? Because she wants Universal Healthcare, End to Unnecessary Wars of Terrorism and other things to actually make America Great?

      1. C

        She IS a terrorist! And a low class foul mouthed banshee. She is unfit for Congress.

    3. Paul West

      Clean her up, crate her and ship her somewhere east of Suez


      Hello from Brasil, YES she is! The leftist are doing the same they did in Brasil, same lies, same kind of bad people!
      Support patriotic military politic, use social media for win, like we did for epic Bolsonaro Victory!

    5. John

      She needs to go she is trouble that’s all washingtos got enough issues they don’t need more

  319. PAM SMITH

    IMPEACH Rashida Tlaib She is against the Constitution of the USA and for what our country stands for. . She illegal sworn in on the Qaurm.

  320. James Luna

    Susan you have no problem where she comes from? Are u crazy? Your comment is the first that has ANYTHING positive to say about this miscreant and Palestinian terrorist. Shame on you.

  321. Eddie Engel

    Impeach her



    1. Wilda cheadle

      Please impeach her now

    2. Cathy

      Please take Talib out of office..she is A Palestinian Terriorists who has lived about where she lives.. she never lived in Detroit where she ran for office..her own father has confirmed that..She also has broken the Code of Ethics for Representatives by her Vulgar language by saying..Impeach the Mother Fu****.speaking of our president! If you cannot be sworn in on our Holy Bible, Respect our laws, President, Country, Flag..then you shouldn’t be holding any govt. Office here..So WE The People Want her Removed IMMEDIATELY!

  323. Frankie correia


  324. Mark

    Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib and Deport her Dumbass

    1. Mary Barnes

      There was an article I read today saying by 2030 so many elected seats in government would be filled by Muslims and there could be a Muslim president.

      Is this what we want for America. Like some Muslim man said last week Sharia law is coming then they would marry 7 or 8 year old American girls. That lady who should be impeached for what she said about our President is from Michigan a state the Muslim have taken over.. Wake up don’t let them take over America like they have other COUNTRIES.

      1. Melibda Maloney

        We need to wake up! They’re creeping in and it’s scarry. America as we know it will be gone!

  325. Ekaterina

    Only stupid people would vote for her wonder how they are-felling now? No member of congress should use such language deport her as a traitor

  326. Deborah Cummings

    She’s insane, Impeach now.

  327. Steven Damron


  328. BEN

    LMAO!! Let it go snowflakes! SO OFFENDED!

  329. Jim Rains

    I would sign it

    1. Nancy hanson

      Go fund me has it

    2. MS

      Click on “the petition” in 2nd paragraph in above article

  330. James Harris

    Get her out of office she is not for America it’s obvious

  331. […] Sign Petition to Impeach Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib,” by Anthony Gockowski, Tennessee Star, January 12, 2019 (thanks to […]

    1. Peggy Peterson

      Impeach her, how dare she make this remark about the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES !! She needs to go the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA does not need a woman or man that has this DIRTY,DIRTY,DIRTY MOUTH!! CHRISTIAN AMERICANS do not want this DIRTY language !!!! SHE needs to be IMPEACHED NOW!!!

      1. Billy Boy

        Swearing is the least of the problem.listen to the rest of what comes from her mouth

    2. Helen Foote

      I don’t know how this NASTY CREATURE ever made it into our White House!!! Impeach this America HATING WAR MONGER NOW !!!!!!!

  332. Tammy

    They only say they will impeach her is if people throw a fit and riot. Where do you sign the petition. Impeach her she can not hold true to our constitution if she can not put her hand on the bible. This is a beginning of the Trojan Horse to come. People raise hell , so much that the people in Congress has no choice than to put her out.

    1. Nancy hanson

      Cool all the mooslims here in Minnesota the land of Mooslims, used the kuran but here they love there mooslims, we are going down fast!

    2. ron hyre

      we have to get her out of congress, she is there Big first step.

  333. Sheldon Levy

    This is a Pathetic excuse for a human being, This had been anyone on right saying anything like this to one of them cry babies on the left he or she would be in jail by now, Get her out period,

  334. Tom Edwards

    Where is the petition? Want to sign and nowhere to sign it! If we are having a petition lets get it out to the people to sign! We would have Millions of signatures!

    1. Victor Hinz

      Yep, I dont see any petition either, WTF?

      1. Larry Fyne

        What’s with the vulgarity Victor? Can’t speak without using?

        1. Sandra Troia

          How do we go about signing? Where is it??

    2. Jill Franks

      I am wondering the same thing! I would definitely sign it!!

    3. Patti

      I want to sign it also!

    4. Brian Carloss

      click on the change.org link at the bottom of the article. It will take you to the petition.

  335. Frank Resto

    She will never up hold the America’s Constitution. I don’t understand how someone can be sworn in on a Quran. And waves a Palestinian flag in her office. This is America .Not her country. And she also to me mad her agenda clear. Impeach our President . And over throw our government.

    1. Dianne Cockrell

      This vile-mouthed Muslims has NO place in this government so we need to kick her out as soon as possible!! Her behavior is despicable and intolerable!!!

  336. Marie Barre

    She never should have been voted or let her applied
    Get her out ASAP

  337. Linda Payton

    I am ashamed of the state of Michigan for electing this anti American to Congress.

  338. Clint Childress

    She needs to be fired.

  339. Mitch Norris

    She’s the one needing to be impeached

  340. Mayra Betancourt

    Impeach, remove the citizenship and deport this insane person

  341. Linda Woodruff

    Impeach her we do not need her.Nothing but trouble

  342. Cheryl Ann Fiedorczyk

    Impeach her now…she doesn’t have the USA in her best interest….she’s on a mission of her own. “Newbies” don’t get into office and start throwing their weight around like she has done. The United States people deserve better than this!

  343. Michael Gervasio


  344. Ruth Spragg

    Impeach. We don’t need this kind of hatred. .

  345. Rhonda

    Impeach her! ASAP!

  346. Patricia Mankin

    Impeach or vote her out!

    1. Alice

      yes impeach this woman

  347. Linda Barber

    Rashida Tlaib- is now a Representative for the state of Michigan- yet she disrespects the office of the President of the USA – our President and the American flag- she was given the privilege of a office that she will work for our country and its people- and she has SPIT in our country’s face and its people – she needs to be impeached and someone that loves our country and the office of the President of the USA needs to have that PRIVILEGE !!!

    1. Karla Richardson

      she does not belong in our government.

  348. Bob Adams

    Get her out.

    1. Onnie

      Yes get her out

  349. carolyn d balch

    impeach her

  350. Beverly Kindell

    Save America. Don’t allow these antiAmericans to destroy our country. Impeach her immediately!

  351. Jeff Oursler

    In her video she said to her son I’m going to Impeach that MotherF****r!
    NOW, looks like we’re going to Impeach that F***ing Mother!

  352. Andy

    Absolutely unAmerican.

  353. Christy Forry

    She definitely needs to go!!

  354. Jessica Jones

    Impeach her now! She has no business in our government. She goes against Christian values. This country was founded on Biblical values. She is not a good example for our future leaders.

  355. nayna patel

    Rashida tliab should be impeached for lying about her resident address, swearing president trump and hating America impeach her asap

  356. nayna patel

    Rashida tliab should be impeached for lying about her resident address, swearing president trump and hating America impeach her asap

  357. Lisa

    Get her out of our government! She is not suppose to be there! Sharia is not compatible with Christianity. Have people forgotten 911 for God sakes?

  358. Michele Zimmerman



    She needs to be impeached. We don’t need someone whos first words are what she had to say about our president. Impeach this kind of trash. We just don’t need this in any part of our government!!!!

  360. Katherine Tribble

    Where it says “The Petition” in the article, click on that and it will take you to the petition and you can sign it! I did!

  361. Corinne Vitale

    Impeach her! She is not worthy of our support

  362. Hal Lemoyne

    Why does tlaib have to be impeached since she was/is illegal ??elected??

    she needs to thrown out of our US Lawmaking position

    NOW and deported!!!

  363. Janet Neukirch

    She is 100% Un-American and has to go!

  364. Nicole Hutto

    Let’s get back to the American way. Make America Great Again!

  365. catherine HILL


  366. Hal Lemoyne

    Now will tlaib be impeached??

    WE’ll see!!!

    1. Goria

      Yes of course impeach her

    2. Peggy

      I doubt it. This country has gone nuts.

  367. Janet Moser

    where do i sign?

    1. Vera Chatfield

      she does not belong in this position she needs to be removed she play acted to get elected the American people won’t stand for this she needs to go I take that filthy mouth with her

    2. Patricia Mankin

      Yes, if all possible, Impeach her.

  368. jerry walls

    Absolutely!!Impeach her!!

    1. Lin

      Where do I sign. yes yes yes

  369. kaye calloway

    fire her or whatever you have to do to get her out

    1. Cindy

      we have the “Recall law”
      here in America to put her out of office -her States people can certainly put her out of office – use it !!!!!

  370. Carol Hitchcock-Rice

    She must go ASAP — Impeach her — Where do I sign?

  371. kaye calloway

    get rid of her………

  372. Impeach Her!! She’s anti-American and her Coran does not allow her to support the constitution.

  373. Darin Thompson

    Islam is the enemy, why are you morons electing the enemy ?!?!?! She needs oughta yesterday !!!

    1. Steven

      Well said, why was our enemy of freedom and the constitution elected to any office in the first place, thanks(Barack o but head)!!!

  374. Katrina Bergman

    Impeach her! She is disgraceful with her filthy mouth and unethical behavior!

  375. Cheryl Detwiler

    Impeach her…we don’t need her here in America. All Americans need to take back our country.

  376. Constance. Fritz

    She was not eligible to even run for office. She is Palestinian and hates America. She has no. Legal Right to be in our Congress. Read the Constitution.

  377. Linda Howard

    Impeach her!

  378. Pam Walker

    Impeach her

  379. James Peroni

    She must go.

  380. Peter Yanker

    Recall her! Disrespecting the institutions of this country and its duly elected leaders is unacceptable. If she had said anything even remotely close to this in a middle eastern country the resluts would not be pleasant.

  381. Mary Lavnaderos

    Impeach her and send her back to the anti american countries she seems to love.

  382. Richard

    People it’s time to stop kidding yourselves this really is outright war good versus evil!
    Some in Washington and up as suicide victims DC style.

    1. Suzi

      You are correct.

  383. Joletta Standley

    Impeach her.

  384. Jack Newman

    Pathetic example of a leader. Non American without any American founded values exemplified.

  385. JANET e HURD


  386. Aaron Schneider

    Impeach her and send her and deport her where do I sign

  387. Marcel Garanton

    Enough with those people trying to destroy Israel now they’re a troyan horse they want to destroy us from within kick them out!!!

  388. Pamela Daniel

    Hi! Pamela from BonFire Mountain! Impeach this traitor! NOW!

  389. Philip Coward

    Impeach and send her packing

  390. Vikki

    Impeach and DEPORT..WHERE DO WE SIGN

  391. Tessa Brantley

    We have laws, and voting laws, for a reason. The mere fact that she lied, and doesn’t live in her so called district, should void her position immediately without even having to impeach her!
    Nobody should get away with breaking our laws…not even illegals or even Democrats…not even just because she is female!

  392. Joseph Brill

    Pease Impeach her! She is a disgrace!

  393. Robert Gray

    Can’t impeach but you can sure as hell vote her out in 2020.

  394. Rick Story

    Rashida Tlaib a dual birthright citizen with no Allegiance to the United States of America publicly professed her loyalty to the “so-called state of Palestine” that has openly declared war against the US by saying; “I am still Palestinian today,”. Followed by a war cry, “impeach the motherf—er” in the White House as she threatened to take down a setting President of the United States of America.

    Her open destain for America illustrates why anyone of Muslim or Islamic decent who claims dual citizenship by birthright needs to be fully investigated.

    File your complaint with the House ethics hotline today. Everyone should call!


  395. Susan Vandeberghe

    I am not against where she comes from at all, but the main focus she has on impeachment is her only focus. We are Americans and this is America. Please keep America, America.

    1. James Luna

      Susan you have no problem where she comes from? Are u crazy? Your comment is the first that has ANYTHING positive to say about this miscreant and Palestinian terrorist. Shame on you.

  396. Luisa

    She’s not here for America..if anyone thinks that ..your a fool…Muslim Brotherhood have a hidden agenda, which she has ties to. It’s called “Silent Jihad”.
    They implant as many of them into our system and slowly change the laws, to increase their power and control.
    If we American Citizens don’t do something soon, we’re in trouble.

    1. Chris Gutzki

      Impeach this idiot immediately!

    2. Lisa sims

      <Impeach Her!

    3. Jean hHenson

      Impeach her!

    4. Mark Northrop

      Luisa, you could not be more right on this matter !!

  397. Rita Dunn

    Impeach her. She is a disgrace to America.

  398. Mike camden

    Impeach this idiot

  399. Janice

    Impeach her ASAP. She is only interested in destroying Anerica.

  400. josephine white

    You are Not wanted here !

  401. Wendy Nieddu

    She was also sworn in on the Quaran?!! Is this legal? Because it shouldn’t be!!She has no right in our Government!! Where do I sign?

  402. Dian Bryant

    She is a racist and promoting hate and discontent….get rid of her unintelligent dumb ass.,.send her back to her own kind

  403. Frederick Bradford

    This country wasnt formed my hateful muslims that just assume spit on you because they hate and disrespect Christian’s. She has to go! Demand it! Send her packing!

  404. Ellen Milham

    Kick this disgusting person out.

  405. S Draghi

    Impeach this disrespectful, filthy mouth liar! She’s not even worthy of cleaning toilets….

  406. bertha mae rumsey


  407. bertha mae rumsey


  408. Scott


  409. Karen

    Impeach this nasty pig

  410. Jody I Hayden

    She should have never been sworn into office! IMPEACH HER!!!

  411. Imelda vest

    She is not a professional person and an embarrassment to America.

  412. Paul Kohloff

    throw her out

  413. Audrey Drake

    Impeach her NOW She should never Have been allowed trefude to use the Bible to take the oath

  414. Tracey Weaver

    She made a promise to defend her country.. She is an enemy to our nation.. Impeach her

    1. Deborah Smith

      Yes, Absolutely Right! Impeach Her Now!

  415. Deborah

    Impeach her now!!! muslims should INEVER BE IN OUR GOVERNMENT!!!

    1. Lenora

      She has no business in our Government!! They have they’re own agenda.

  416. Yvonne

    Impeach her now

  417. Deborah Foster


  418. Larry

    load up a airplane with bacon and dump her with the bacon as far away as possible BITCH

  419. alice hunter

    This woman has no intentions of serving the people of this country. Her intentions are to serve the laws of another country IMPEACH HER NOW

  420. Maria Prince

    She is a disgrace to our Country and form of Government!
    Remove her from Office .

  421. Debra Palmisano

    impeach…… you disgrace to America…..

  422. Robin Demmerle

    We don’t need anti Americans in our office.

  423. Worryed AMERICAN !!!

    This Is How They Will Take Over-n-Make Our Country Into Their’s !!! You Know THE ONE THEY LEFT TO GET AWAY FROM THAT LIFE STYLE ___________WAKE THE F__UP AMERICA !!!

  424. Lawrence Minton

    So sad that this woman was able to get elected. Impeach and deport!

  425. Donna Ann Britt

    She is a traitor. Impeach this dangerous woman. Her heart is not America!

  426. Gene DeJesus

    The petition is up in the story. Just click on it.

  427. Jacqueline L

    Impeach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  428. Mike Bowman

    Recall her and send her back to the Miidle East

  429. P.J. Lamb


  430. Sandy Johnson

    Impeach her now… I can’t find the petition, but if I may use my comment, please do so… My name is Sandy Johnson, and I approve of this message…

  431. Karen Blackburn

    What an embarrassment? Her behavior was uncalled for and I see her as nothing more than a threat to the United States.

  432. John Mason

    She walked in with bad intentions before she started working in the office towards the country and the president

  433. Baconator

    I signed the petition. She’s nothing but a m***er f***er.

    1. Claudia A Hillar

      👍👍👍 where is the petition ???

  434. Carol Bach


  435. Mary A Clayton

    Get rid of and deport the Bitch. She is a disgrace to America. GET OUT NOW! Go back to YOUR country, because the UNITED STATES does NOT want or Need nasty people like you. And for you to be in office is or should be illegal. besides she will not uphold the constitution. which is obvious she would not swear in on the Bible and her “Bible” is all about killing and everything opposite of the Bible. And Christianity is what has and will always be what this country is and was built on. GET HER OUT all the way Out of this COUNTRY!

  436. brenda minor

    impeach. her agenda is pro palestine

    1. Tracey Weaver

      She made a promise to defend her country.. She is an enemy to our nation.. Impeach her

    2. Mary

      I sign this petition.muslins are trying to take over governments .they want to destroy Christiananit or destroy those whobare.all nations need to deport all muslins,Palestine who for centuries are destroyers of Christian nations.

  437. brenda minor

    This woman’s only interest is in promoting the Palestine anti Israel agenda. Her only reason for being in govt. She is disrespectful to the office of the president.

  438. Dan McCann

    Nice going Michigan,, we get what you voted for. SMH.

    1. Sunny

      Michigan is FULL of Muslims! They have infiltrated this country!

    2. WRTolkas

      I didn’t vote for her. She isn’t in my district. But I’m still ashamed.

  439. Jesus González


  440. Saundra Cole

    Impeach her

  441. Jeanne

    Where’s the PETITION??????

  442. Natocha Wattenbarger

    Impeach her she against Americans

  443. John

    Impeach her, check her for legality, sorry unAmerican skank

  444. Nadine V

    She needs to be removed now !

  445. Joanne salvato

    Impeach her

  446. john ogurek

    impeach her and deport her!

  447. Mary

    She is not evening American. How could she possibly be elected. Get her out of Congress NOW. And with what she has already done, why would there ever be a doubt that she needs to go.

  448. Terrye

    Impeach… if you’re not with us you’re against us this is the USA United States of America

  449. Joe N

    If America’s so bad, then why are you even here? Get rid of this dude…

  450. Robert stout

    Fire this abamanation and also lock up the idiots that voted for her!

  451. Tom

    Impeach as she has not officially taken the oath of office because a Quran was used, not a bible

    1. James E . Leist


    2. Susan Ryan

      Exactly!!! She didn’t swear on THE BIBLE, in America we use ONLY the BIBLE!!!!

  452. Tammy Bart

    She is very unstable and a danger to people. Get her out of that position!

    1. Jesse Locke

      SET HER OUT OF THE USA !!##!!!

  453. Wayne A Mooneyhan


    1. Diana

      Take her out by the hair.

  454. Don Stanfill

    We work so hard for change and get it. Finally have a President that cares about the American people and America,and someone votes these overpaid people into office!! Just think what we could have if we had peole that would work with the President! This is exactly what our opposition whats is people like this!

  455. I will Sign !! This woman thinks she HAS the POWER to Over throw or Government now. SHe was Sworn in on the Quran which states to Kill the unbelievers like Jews and Christians. “Kill them [unbelievers] wherever you find them… And fight them until there is no more unbelief and worship is for Allah alone” (Quran 2:191-193).

    1. Zai

      Wow Bruce, that was excellent. Good job on researching, it’s sad that the said, Islam is a peaceful religion but as a matter of fact. It isn’t true. It’s the people regardless of religion who wants to be peaceful and loving.

  456. Catherine Smith

    She is another disgrace to the Title of Congress Women…She is a Trogan Horse and must be Impeached She has demonstrated she is against The American People and is not a Representative of Sll Peoples. We have had enough of these radicals.

    1. Shirley Dasch

      Where is the petition???

    2. Lisa

      Get her out of our government! She is not suppose to be there! Sharia is not compatible with Christianity. Have people forgotten 911 for God sakes?



  458. Betty Zgresham

    She does not stand for America . Impeach her and any one else who would not swear on the Bible this is A Christian Nation . They need to stand for the constitution and Christian Principles if they want to help govern.

  459. Mirian Costa

    Never should be there at first place.

  460. Robert C Zunino

    How could Michigan have voted this person into the U.S. Congress???

  461. Robert C Zunino

    How could Michigan have voted for this person to the U.S. Congress???

  462. Teresa Drake

    Impeach her!!!

  463. Dede DeForest

    This country does not need, nor does it want, this type of representation in Congress. She is an ignorant, racist bigot and should never have been elected. If this is the type of candidates they want in congress then Michigan has gone over the cliff. I hope there are someone in this so called woman’s district that could better represent their constituents. Imagine what the world is thinking.

  464. Myrna


  465. Robin Wyman

    good she doesn’t stand for any ideals in my or many of the people I know lives.

  466. Brenda Garrett

    Impeach Taliib…

  467. Linda

    We don’t need people like that with no respect for the President, he’s elected and he rules.

  468. Glenn L. Riggs

    This woman is a disgrace to human dignity. Her dirty slang used against the President of The United States of America cannot go with an excuse. She must be removed from her Congressional seat immediately. Our Country can not exist much longer allowing these actions by a few. Remove her physically if need be.

  469. Lynne Johnson

    This is such a poorly constructed document, who knows? But, if this is the correct SIGNATURE AREA, then I SIGN 100% to IMPEACH this anti American, corrupt, hate filled, treasonous, woman from our government – in any shape, form or fashion! WHO IN THE WORLD elected her? God have mercy on them. If we allow this insanity, then America is GONE.
    Lynne Johnson

  470. Lisa Longo

    This is America !

  471. George McGarvey

    She is a potential terrorist to the USA

  472. Glenn Rogers

    Does not carry yourself correctly in a position that she needs to watch what she says

  473. Chris

    Her actions as a leader for future women and children is disgraceful .

    I do not want my daughters saying or acting like this!

    Besides the fact she is racist toward people without cause. Even though racism needs to be fought not encouraged!

  474. Caren

    Impeach her NOW. She has no place in our government and she’s of very poor character to represent Michigan.



  476. Tim Hamilton

    Get rid of her

  477. Lacy

    This is America, no Muslim country, so go to your Country and be voted to your evil ways!

  478. Richard bourbeau

    Where do we get to form to sign for her impeachment

  479. Cathy Acy

    Immediate impeachment!

  480. Tammy Story

    I want to sign the petition

  481. Michael E Williams

    We don’t need this garbage in our political system.

  482. Lucia Driscoll

    Impeach Rashida Tlaib! She’s an anti-semite Terrorist and should Not be in our government!

  483. Christopher Studley

    It is your civic duty to removed this individual from the office she currently occupies as she has more than demonstrated her allegiance to Palestine and not The United States of America, much less the American People. How this was ever permitted in the first place is beyond me.
    Thank you.

  484. Darla Firment

    She is a racist. She should NOT be a member of Congress!

    1. Sherri SANTOS

      Impeach her now

  485. richard p eldridge

    laws state that to be in office in america you need to abide by our laws not yours but ours

    1. Sherri SANTOS

      Impeach her nowshe needs t

  486. J wwinklee

    J. Winkler. Impeach her.

  487. Laura Crawford

    Islan has no place in our government….

  488. Steven Son

    If she was not born in the United States she should definitely not be in our government. Muslims it had against USA for as long as I can remember and I’m 60 years old she needs to be impeached. She should never have been there in the first place quote

  489. Evangelina Bowman

    We don’t need any body in office that disrespects our President.

  490. Linda Bishop

    Impeach this radical Zislamist!

  491. Rhonda VandenTop

    Disrespectful and we should not have to tolerate disrespect towards our president! If this would have been directed towards Obama the media would have blew up and probably fired her on the spot! We are fed up with double standards! Enough is enough!

  492. Jill burton

    Impeach Tlaib

  493. Lynda Milam

    Impeach Talib !

  494. D.J. Farley

    Get rid of this foul mouthed idiot!! The sooner the better!!

  495. Rick

    Throw her out and put her in jail for election fraud!

  496. Penny clymer

    If you hate America you don’t belong in our govt offices!!!! You are elected to serve our citizens not destroy us!!

  497. James Blaylock

    Impeach Talib

  498. Kathy carlson

    This so called lady has no business being a congresswoman in our great American country ! Impeach her ASAP!

    1. Concerned American Citizen

      The Democrat Socialist National Election Committee has done a terrible job at vetting their potential candidates. They have brought Muslim candidates into their party, when in fact, that should never have happened. Maybe the vetting guidelines have become way too lax… after all the Obama administration’s 8 years in office was the most relaxed, slackest, improperly managed administration in the history of America. Obama did not take responsibility, he did as he pleased without anyone able to stop him. Obama allowed all of the wrong types of people into the staff, and no one could confront him or stop his lax. He let the country go wild to ruin our country.
      But now is the time to tighten up on requirements needed to even apply for a candidacy, even at the lowest levels. We need to return to the Constitution and strip and sanitize our government of all Obama era leftovers, laws, rules and staff.

  499. Pamela Mixon

    Impeach Talib

  500. Pat High

    Where is the petition to sign.

  501. Boss Hanna

    impeach or recall her. 1952 law says no moslems in our gov. obey the law. this is a Christian founded country. lets keep it that way.

  502. Kay Carron

    EXTREMELY unprofessional! She does Not represent America’s belief system or values!
    Very sad that she exudes herself in this way.

  503. Danny

    It’s not only the woman that’s my concern is how the woman got enough votes to be elected to start with! Either it was by illegal voting is understandable but if legally Michigan has a lot of brain washed unpatriotic people!

  504. Laura

    Impeach this hateful woman!

  505. Jim and Marianne Hittler

    Impeach her, she is a fraud.

  506. Dovevoshia

    Kick her a** out! She don’t belong in Congress. She hates our country and the Americans. We don’t want her or her kind here.

  507. Darrell

    She is So anti American and sent back to her wallow!

  508. Darrell

    Impeach that American hating Muslim we don’t need that in our country!!!

  509. Sandra Levin

    Obama will have deported next day. This woman should be teach a lesson if respect,. Is she also a MOTHERF….ER.

  510. Chris Silva

    Should not be in government

  511. Dora Corn

    Impeach this piece of scum garbage..

  512. Linda Fisk

    Impeach her!!!

  513. John Stasio

    Our Constitution REQUIRES that all enemies of our representative Republic are enemies and can not be elected to our government offices!

  514. Mary

    She is not American

  515. Jonathan Swayze

    Please impeach this Palestinean who came to our Nation to destroy it!

  516. Alvaro zaragoza

    We don’t want you here you are a disgrace to🇺🇸 values so go back to the place you love the Pakistan

  517. Wanda Barzizza

    She was fraudulently elected running in Detroit but she lives in Dearborn, MI.


  518. Brenda Williams

    Impeach Talib …

    1. Johnny

      Where do I sign?

      1. Patricia Lamb

        Go to Change.org to look for it.

    2. Impeach Her!! She’s anti-American and her Coran does not allow her to support the constitution.

    3. William

      Please remove her from office

    4. Carole Modlin

      Impeach NOW!!!!!!!

    5. Rhonda VandenTop

      Disrespectful and we should not have to tolerate disrespect towards our president! If this would have been directed towards Obama the media would have blew up and probably fired her on the spot! We are fed up with double standards! Enough is enough!

    6. Ola Buntin


    7. Sheila Crisp

      She doesn’t need to hold an office in the United States Government. Impeach her ASAP. The people of Michigan should hang their heads in shame for voting for her.

    8. Diana Vacek

      Impeach these rude, unqualified woman from office.

    9. richard p eldridge

      laws state that to be in office in america you need to abide by our laws not yours but ours

    10. Thomas Swingholm

      Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib

    11. David Lewis

      Impeach her!!!

    12. Dot Overton

      Absolutely!! She is not an American.

    13. vincent vespucci

      she is running on hate and to say and act like she did there is no room for this in this Country


      Impeach this lunatic & DEPORT HER TOO!!!

      1. Adrienne Bandy

        Impeach this un-American, we don’t need her and her potty mouth in Congress

        1. Betty Davis

          Impeach and deport her!!! Where do I sign ???

          1. Judy Saragian

            She is insane! She does not hold the values of any office in the USA… Get rid of her!

          2. Emanuel

            Impeach please impeach now

          3. Adam

            Impeach Talib Rashida Tlaib.

          4. Gilford Lord

            not legal to be in office just like many others