Letter to the Editor: PETA VP of Cruelty Investigations Responds to Cornerstone Baptist Church

Dear Tennessee Star,

Re: Chris Butler’s January 14 article

Dear Editor:

The “contest” mentioned in Chris Butler’s January 14 article is run by a front group for Outback Steakhouse, KFC, Philip Morris, and other enterprises that subject billions of animals to miserable lives and violent, painful deaths every year. This group fears PETA’s impact in educating people about the meat industry’s cruelty and changing consumers’ buying habits, so its self-professed strategy is to “shoot the messenger.”

PETA’s campaigns get people thinking and talking about the fact that the choices we make – like what we eat or how we entertain ourselves – are matters of life and death to animals.

Our work has helped people realize that using animals for “entertainment” and forcing them to perform are cruel. Hollywild Animal Park – the roadside zoo that supplied exotic animals to Cornerstone Church – has a notorious history of USDA citations, including for failure to provide animals with veterinary care, minimum space, and proper food and water; having filthy and foul-smelling enclosures; and many other issues. In 2015, Hollywild was fined nearly $19,000 for violations and more than two dozen animals were killed in a fire at the decrepit facility.

PETA works to stop animal suffering wherever it occurs – from seedy exhibitors’ compounds to the communities surrounding our Sam Simon Center headquarters in Virginia. We are proud to provide a “shelter of last resort” for animals who need euthanasia to end their suffering and to help thousands of impoverished families keep animals they were about to give up by providing free veterinary care, food, and other services.

I invite readers to visit www.PETASaves.com to learn more about our work.


Daphna Nachminovitch
Senior Vice President, Cruelty Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Norfolk, VA



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Photo “Daphna Nachminovitch ” by PETA.org.



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  1. ISIS Soldier of Allah

    I can’t believe PETA is worse than us!