Former Sen. Bob Corker Says Trump Responsible for ‘Juvenile’ Government Shutdown

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) cannot get off the Never-Trump bandwagon, this time blaming the Commander-in-Chief for the government shutdown.

Corker has long gone cuckoo over President Donald Trump and used his platform as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to criticize Trump. Twice last year he compared the president to a banana republic for removing former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance and other former officials’ clearances.

Now, the retired senator conducted a phone interview with Sergio Martínez-Beltrán OF WPLN (Nashville Public Radio) and blamed the president for the shutdown. A story and the audio clip are available here.

Corker said of the shutdown, “This is one where at the last minute the president changed his mind and so now we are sitting here shut down because – just because. This whole thing, as I’ve mentioned before, is pretty juvenile, and at some point government will open back up.”

WPLN asked Corker about his potential designs on running for president in 2020 against Trump in the Republican primary. Corker said he would be good as president but it is “not necessarily even on the front burner; it’s a possibility.”

As The Tennessee Star reported in the past, Corker has been drawing the mainstream press along on whether he plans to run.

The Star reported in December on how Corker longed for the way the Republican Party was before the Tea Party and before Trump. Corker also refused to say if he prefers Trump to a Democrat in the White House in 2020.

Last month, Corker said Trump is controlled by the opinions of talk-radio hosts, The Huffington Post said. He also likened Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter to tyrants, making reference to their opinions on the border wall situation.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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9 Thoughts to “Former Sen. Bob Corker Says Trump Responsible for ‘Juvenile’ Government Shutdown”

  1. […] As The Tennessee Star reported earlier this year, Corker, an avowed NeverTrump-er, has used his previous platform as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to criticize him. Twice last year he compared the Republican president to a banana republic for removing former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance and other former officials’ clearances.” […]

  2. […] The Tennessee Star reported earlier this year, Corker, an avowed NeverTrump-er, “has long gone cuckoo over Trump and used […]

  3. Jim works


  4. milt

    I guess that Former Senator Bob Corker agrees with Pelosi and Schumer on them telling Trump “NO” on the border wall. So instead of funding and building a wall with steel and concrete to protect fellow citizens. He thinks the that the wall should be built with tombstones of marble and granite of the many Americans who have loss their lives to an illegal immigrant.

  5. Ron W

    In the words of the chief wordsmith of the Constitution, James Madison, “the powers delegated to the United States are few and defined”. One of those is defined in Article IV, Section 4 “to protect the States against invasion” . As demonstrated through history and with many examples in the present including the dwellings of our ruling class, a wall or physical barrier is the most effective way. So our former Senator is asserting that the Congress spending a tiny fraction of the overall budget on doing that at the President’s request for this basic Constitutional mandate is “juvenile”? Such an assertion is clear evidence that it is great that Bob Corker is no longer our Senator since ALL elected officials must obey their oaths to the Constitution.

  6. Habu

    Hey Tennessee Star, why are you publishing ANYTHING corker says? He is a non-entity. His comments are about as important as yesterdays trash.

  7. Robert Smith

    At least Trump didn’t turn The Constitution upside-down to allow Iran to get nukes, like Corker did.

  8. Lee

    Jealousy and hatred have motivated so much of this rethoric. Wonder who the real juvenile is here?

  9. Traditional Thinker

    Once again we here Tattoo yelling “da plane, da plane! Coker, you’re an idiot and disgrace to this country and even more so to this state. Your election to congress was during a time that voters were unaware of the fact that a lot of politicians who ran on the Republican ticket were merely liberals dressed in Republican attire. Thanks for the education. You have opened our eyes to that hypocrisy. If you think you have a chance as president, you’re arrogance/ignorance has no bounds. Trump is 1000x the leader you’ll never be.