Dr. Carol M. Swain Commentary: Trump’s Heroic Efforts to Fulfill His ‘Make America Great Again’ Promises

by Dr. Carol M. Swain


With President Donald Trump about to begin his third year in office, it’s fitting to discuss what he has accomplished since his election.

Although the news is currently dominated by the federal government shutdown and the conflict between Trump and Democratic leaders over the funding of a wall on the Mexican border, it’s worthwhile to look beyond the headlines. What you will find will be shocking for any person unfortunate enough to get their news exclusively from America’s mainstream media.

Despite unprecedented levels of opposition from national and international sources, Trump has been enormously successful at accomplishing his goals. He has been quietly checking items off a list of promises he made as candidate Trump, all part of his overriding goal to “Make America Great Again.” Note that wearing anything bearing that phrase is considered hate speech by the political left and an act of great bravery by the rest of America.

Frustrated with media bias, the president’s supporters have kept their own running list of accomplishments. In October 2018, Washington Examiner reporter Paul Bedard reported 289 presidential accomplishments over the 20 months Trump had served in office.

There is a website called MAGAPILL that has a running list of the president’s accomplishments in the categories of government, economy, trade deals, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Veterans Administration, and the State Department.

Criminal justice reform, the USMCA trade agreement that replaced NAFTA, moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, and securing the release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson from a Turkish prison are among the notable accomplishments, as is the record level of Americans who now have jobs.

MAGAPILL is a reaction to documented reports that more than 90 percent of the news media’s coverage of the Trump presidency is negative. Each of the website’s articles offers documentation from mainstream media sources or government sites.

Contrary to “Chicken Little” predictions, Trump is reaching his goals, despite the nonstop opposition he faces on almost every issue.

Public Opinion

I took an informal poll of people in my network and asked them what they considered to be the president’s greatest accomplishments. There were hundreds of responses, including a fair number praising him for not giving up in the face of opposition.

After citing tax reform and his two Supreme Court appointments, a woman named Kelly said there are many intangibles. Trump has “re-established the United States as a stalwart, unwavering global power and defender of what is right,” she argued.

“[Trump] has made it clear that he cares little how well he is ‘liked’ by the media, or Hollywood, or other global leaders, and that he will not blink when threatened or in the face of character assassinations. I pose it to people this way: Trump is the first president in the history of this country for whom living in the White House was a step down, for whom flying on Air Force One was a step down. After his presidency, he doesn’t need to write a book or give speeches or make celebrity appearances, so he doesn’t really give a rip what people think of him—and that allows him to do exactly what needs to be done!” Kelly said.

This “puts him in line to be the most impactful president in modern history,” she added. Many Americans would agree wholeheartedly with Kelly’s bold assessment of the president and what he has sacrificed to serve our nation.

Trump has placed his life under a magnifying glass. He tries to be a man of his word. A few months ago, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) shared this at a private conference I attended last year: The president keeps a whiteboard in the Oval Office of campaign promises, and where each promise was made. As each promise is accomplished, he checks it off.

The president is currently under enormous pressure to give up on building the wall and to allow the Democrats to continue their foot-dragging on immigration reform. There are some leaders who, under pressure, would back away from such a promise, in light of the vicious, ill-conceived opposition that Trump faces. He digs his heels in and fights harder.

– – –

Dr. Carol M. Swain is a former tenured professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton universities. Her Be The People News blog and podcast empower individuals to think independently, understand their responsibility, and make a difference in the world. This article was previously published in The Epoch Times.






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9 Thoughts to “Dr. Carol M. Swain Commentary: Trump’s Heroic Efforts to Fulfill His ‘Make America Great Again’ Promises”

  1. Bob Cantore

    If destroying the economy with trade wars and the environment with coal and gas and giving big tax breaks to corporations and the rich while running up the deficit in are accomplishments, then he has accomplished a lot.

    1. Mary

      Destroying the economy? Grow up, don’t be jealous

    2. You, Sir, are blinded by the light!

    3. William Wilhelm

      Clearly you are suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. Every nation agrees that China is a criminal when stealing intellectual property. As far as your environment comments, why did 1500 fly private Jets to a climate conference if they were concerned? Tax breaks to taxpayers. Why would anyone with a brain want to give their money to someone who has shown to be unable to follow a budget and is corrupted to the highest levels of our justice system?

  2. Juanita Rosario Angel

    Thank you so much President Donald J Trump also for helping the people of Guam from the scare that North Korea’s missle launch was gonna hit the island of Guam. I’m so grateful that you were able to sit down with Kin Hong Un.

  3. Brenda

    Totally agree with everything you say Carole Swain!! Thank you President Trump for standing for the people that actually love this country! As a Christian. I can see we are living in the last days on this Earth before the Rapture. Some Democrats are brainwashed to believe it to be Global warming maybe they need to pick up s Bible. God Bless you all and our great country and President Trump!

  4. Linda M. Lukas

    I would like to listen to Dr. Swain’s podcasts but don’t know where to find them….can you help.