Attorney: Ilhan Omar ‘Will Be Sued Next Week’ If She Doesn’t Retract Comments About Covington Catholic Incident

An attorney representing the Covington Catholic High School kids told The Minnesota Sun that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05) will “be sued next week” if she doesn’t retract the libelous statements she made about the viral incident.

In response to a tweet from President Donald Trump Tuesday night, Omar claimed that the boys at the center of the encounter “were taunting [five] black men before they surrounded Phillips and led racist chants.”

She also criticized the Catholic children for hiring “a right wing PR firm” to help represent them.

Her comments prompted widespread backlash on social media, since her claims run counter to what the nearly two-hours of video shows. The “[five] black men” mentioned by Omar were identified as members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a group that is “growing increasingly militant.”

The video shows the Black Hebrew Israelites taunting students at the March for Life, calling them “dirty ass crackers,” “dirty animals,” “racists,” “bigots,” “faggots,” “incest kids,” “white crackers,” and more. At one point, they tell an African American student that his white peers will “harvest his organs,” seemingly a reference to the movie “Get Out.”

Attorney Robert Barnes, who has offered to represent the students involved, told The Minnesota Sun that Omar, and any other media outlets, celebrities, or journalists who have made false statements about the students, have 48 hours to retract their comments.

“If she doesn’t retract what she said, she will be sued next week,” Barnes said.

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].

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13 Thoughts to “Attorney: Ilhan Omar ‘Will Be Sued Next Week’ If She Doesn’t Retract Comments About Covington Catholic Incident”

  1. Alan Scott

    She lies all the time. It’s about time liars like her and others on the left be sued. It’s the only way the truth will ever get out.The left wing press will not retract anything. Even if they half heartedly do, a lie travels twice around the world before the truth can get it’s boots on.Once people make up their minds a mea culpa on page 3 will never get the same attention.It’s planned that way.

  2. Roman

    Agree. Shes already caused the damage and made her point.. The media will not broadcast her apology they way they did her accusations.

  3. Baconator

    Where can I donate?

    1. Karen Bracken

      Sue her and set up a GO FUND ME page to pay for the lawsuit. I believe you will get a ton of contributions.

  4. Rob

    Ilhan Omar has just proved she is a racist and a liar. Additionally she defended the racist group Black Hebrew Israelites who claim black Americans are gods chosen people.

  5. Wolf Woman

    Ilhan Omar is a trojan horse. As a believer in Islam, she must accept sharia law as above the man-made laws and Constitution of the U.S. Islam is a complete civilization of culture, religion and politics, based on tribalism and not the rights of the individual, that is in total contradiction with Western civilization. The Islamic doctrinal principle of taqiyya allows her to be deceitful if it furthers Islam.

    Islamic jihad comes in many flavors, not just violence and rape. There is the jihad of migration (hijra) and that is her primary reason for being here. She along with all other Mohammedans want global submission to what they deem is the one and only ideology destined to rule the world. Check out and educate yourself on this theocratic totalitarian “religion.”

  6. Rebecca Davis

    Why are they going to this school & bothering these kids to begin with?? These kids are there for an education, & with it being a Catholic school, it’s supposed to be private property!! If they want to speak for their culture or their religion, they need to leave the kids alone, stay away from the schools, & stay on public property. OR, better yet, if they believe so strongly in THEIR religion or ways, then go back home to their people & their ways & stop trying to make other people change.

  7. Deb

    We stand with you 100%. Build the wall that will secure our boarders.

  8. Dodi

    Why are they given an out??? The damage has already been done!! If you don’t sue this will keep continuing. If this lawyer doesn’t have the stones to go after these people find one who does!!

    1. Kristie Jones

      To have a libel case , the accusers first have to show where they gave the liars an opportunity to be truthful and retract statement, or they have no libel case, from what I’ve read

      1. Genevieve Cloud

        Tte lawyer has done that, so what’s your point?
        And I am sure that he is aware of the nuances of the law.

  9. Ophelia McLean

    This is the woman who was married to her brother for how many years and her brethren enslave Blacks in their homeland, calling them nonhuman? Seems like she doing a Wholeeee lot of name calling; The President, Congressman from S.C., to name a few. Why hasn’t she been reprimanded and educated on acceptable behavior. It maybe difficult for her to accept the suggestions considering her culture continues to practice barbaric behavior; stoning, beheading, infant(3 yrs olds) marriages to adult men.

    1. William C Christofferson

      Where she really sworn in on the Koran and not the Bible she’s also a racist against whites and Jews stands up for black supremacist what’s wrong with that picture you guys voted her in your people are idiots